Strength: Full

Cu-Avana Intensus Hammerhead 20 Cigars

Wait no more because the Cu-Avana Intensus is here. This is a powerfully full-bodied and extraordinarily flavorful beaut rising from the cigar capital of Nicaragua: Esteli, specifically Nestor Plasencia. The blend begins with a dark and redolent Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper grown from Habano-seed. Thick and oily, this leaf is a marvel to look at and bubbles over with flavor. The true power of this cigar is derived from its long-leaf combination: an extensively aged, all-ligero mixture of tobaccos from Peru and Nicaragua. Cu-Avana Intensus erupts on the palate leaving a hearty, spicy core with an underpinning of dense, oaky, earthy notes and a long, satisfying finish. Full-bodied from start to finish, the flavors evolve throughout the slow burn, becoming increasingly intense right down to the nub.

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Strength: Full
Filler:Nicaraguan, Peruvian
Cu-Avana Intensus Hammerhead (6.0"x56) MAZO OF 20 In Stock$160.00$37.48
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Customer Reviews of “Cu-Avana Intensus Hammerhead 20 Cigars”
“One word: delicious. If you like a full-bodied smoke, this is simply excellent. I'm on my second bundle of 20. Nice construction, and love the shape!”
KM of Ridgefield, WA
“I was shocked how good these Big Boys were for the price. Great full bodied smoke but not overwhelming. Nice stick!”
BA of Huntington, WV
“I always wanted to try Cu-Avana Intensus but these prices I couldn't resist any longer. After smoking through my first bundle I realized my mistake, I should have bought them long ago and to hell with the price. The Cu-Avana Intensus Hammerhead is very good. Since my first bundle I bought two more and after I finish this review I'll buy two more again. A piece of advice. Buy as much or as often of this cigar before the deal ends. The taste reminds me of good coffee and the smell is rich tobacco with a hint of leather. My only complaint is that it is so thick that my cutters have a difficult time fitting it. So just plug these Hammerheads, strike up a match, and smoke a cigar. BTW... It takes me about 1.5 hours to smoke one cigar, so you need time to enjoy them. Don't expect a 30 - 45 minute smoke. You've been warned.”
MN of San Jose, CA
“A great cigar. Burns well, easy draw,very pleasant taste, not offensively strong, but just strong enough. I am on my fourth bundle.”
“As described, full bodied flavor, and you'll need time to smoke it. I can't give it a 10 for two reasons. One, of my first 5 smokes, 2 have burned unevenly, one just died on me and had to be relit...which I hate. Two, the end taste is uneven and flat, which disturbed me because up until then, the full bodied flavor I enjoy is there. Bottom line, consistency is uneven but price is right!”
“The Hammerhead is a good puro especially at less than $2 a stick. It is full-bodied and not one that you want to experiment with; if you want to test drive a full-bodied cigar this one is high octane and not for the faint of heart. That said, the cigar is smooth, the draw is perfect and it does mellow slightly towards the middle but not much. It is a true, honest to God, full bodied cigar that has many of the positive attributes of the top-tier cigars at a great price. No complaints from a grizzled veteran, this a great smoke.”
CF of Worcester, MA