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El Gordo #42: ACID Kuba Kuba + Herf-a-Dor

Bursting at the seams with awesomeness.

I’ve combined ACID Kuba Kuba with the best travel humidor on the market and a Xikar torch lighter worth $40. And honestly, I could have just stopped there. But I’ve taken it to the next level and applied a generous 63% discount. You’re welcome.

The El Gordo Combo #42 includes:
5 - ACD Kuba Kuba (5" x 54)
1 - Herf-a-Dor X5 5-Capacity Travel Humidor
1 - Xikar CI Inpress Torch Lighter

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El Gordo #42: ACID Kuba Kuba + Herf-a-Dor (5.0"x54) 5 CIGARS + ACCESSORIES In Stock $108.00 $39.99
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Customer Reviews of “El Gordo #42: ACID Kuba Kuba + Herf-a-Dor”
Dude you can't beat a bargain like this. They are so freakin' yummy. Very good chance I will buy this as gifts for coworkers and friends.
This set is very convenient it comes with everything you need. The X5 case protects the sticks well, which is what I need for my work area. Acid did an outstanding job with the kuba kuba they're smooth and smell great. The torch is a nice bonus especially with the built in cutter.
JJ of Honolulu, HI
I like the smoke and the smooth draw. By far an all time favorite
JF of Pascoag, RI
Epic. Seriously, it is. This is not only a terrific deal, but I felt so good carrying my cigars in a durable caddy. The Bugatti lighter is a wonderful torch lighter to not only look at, but to use. Kuba Kuba. What can I say? Wonderful flavor. Aromatic. This is an excellent cigar for aficionados and me. I will be getting more.
JS of Brooklyn, NY
Love the Bugatti torch, love the case; the cigar, however... I guess I should have read up on the Kuba Kuba before opting for this smoke. Granted, the cigar and the smoke are quite aromatic and attract a whole lot of attention from fellow smokers catching a brief whiff. If only Acid had not drowned the wrapper in their special cocktail of herbs and spices I could describe for you the flavorful nuances of the smoke. Alas, the saccharin-sweet taste infused in the wrapper bombards and overwhelms the lips, tongue, and palate until long after the exhale and the subsequent three swigs of scotch required to knock it back a smidgen.
TS of New Orleans, LA
This is a steal. That's why I bought 2. Best deal your going to find.
PG of Sunset, LA
This is a great deal and a great combo. I'm not too sure about the Kuba Kuba smoke though. I just had my first one and the aroma was pleasant but it needed a lot of touch ups and the smoke was quite harsh. I still have a few more and will give it another chance.
BH of Ballwin, MO
Was very happy with this. Got for a gift. The lighter works grate & the herf a dor is perfect. The sticks were a perfect loved it thanks
WM of Houston, TX
Good Deal
WM of Houston, TX
Deal of the century, you get the herf an awesome lighter and my favorite cigar the impeccable KUBA KUBA. You would have to be a brain dead zombie to pass up this deal!!!!!!
CM of Austin, TX
I am a Goddess who loves my cigars... Though I don't consider myself a "True Cigar Aficionado" but I do understand my desire for a nice smooth cigar. I have had many many cigars from the Top of the 'Manly List' to the most 'preferred by the riches' and have paid a high price for what i turned out disliking...Strong, leaving my clothes and hair stinky, and too bold and out of character for me. I ran into a guy many years ago smoking a cigar that had a heavenly aroma... I had to ask... He said ACID (in my head I said heck no ACID? !) Kuba Kuba by Drew Estates. However, it smelled so yummy, I had I tried one... After trying, I Never smoked anything else again, but Drew Estates. I would spend my last on a box of Drew Estates Kubas... Their Tobacco is TRULY Heavenly, Sweet, Savoring, Medium Bodied (even the bolds are amazing)... the scent is beautiful... Most cigars I've had to clear the room of the air, however all of Drew Estates Tabaccos are nicely blended and well aged and worth every heavenly smoke and penny. I also judge my tabacco by my ashes when burned, Kubas... Held the ash for almost 2 inches before I've had to drop, which let me know the leafs are quality and nicely, tightly rolled. Tobacco has a nice smooth slow mellow burn... Kuba Kuba is my FAVORITE !!!! but the Naturals have been a nice addition to my collection. I am excited about the Bugatti Lighter because its probably the closest I will get to a real Bugatti (lol) but im ok with that... as long as I can light my Kubas... Thank you cigar International....
SA of Houston, TX
I was happy to receive this amazing deal. However, I understand the essence of a nice smoke from my Kuba Kuba... but the cigars I have received started cracking upon the removal from taking it out of the package. The draw was complicated and not what I expected from my Kuba Kuba... the tobacco unraveled quickly and was not smooth as my usual. I have ordered from CI before and have enjoyed the cigars. Maybe I just ended up with a bad batch... but I am disappointed with the cigars sent to me. I love the lighter and the humidor, though I already have a few... I was just looking forward to my cigars and an enjoyable smoke... but, I guess i got a deal on a bad batch.
SA of Houston, TX
Thank you for making an unbelievable combo!!! 76% off WOOOW!!! Amazing!!!
PL of Staten Island, NY
I have always heard that ACID does the best with flavored cigars. First let me get started saying the pull is great and it burned very evenly for the inch I smoked. The minute I put these in the humidor with the rest of my cigars it stunk up my humidor with a strange smell. So I decided I would have to smoke it so I wouldn't have to smell that overwhelming smell anymore. I cut it and dragged and the strange smell was almost leaving a numbing feeling in the back of my throat. I'm not new to cigars but this cigar was grossing me out and half an inch through it I had to throw it out and the other 4 with it!! Very strange tasting, not a fan. But I do like ACID blondies for a boredom smoke.
WW of Saint Johns, FL
Good deal on Kuba Kuba's and Herf-a-dor. My herf-a-dor came in blue which was a plus for me. The only problem I had was that when packaged the cigars on the sides got pinched in the case. Still smoke-able but it was a shame to damage such tasty cigars. The Xikar lighter that came with this deal works very well too. Overall I was pretty impressed by the value.
NB of Auburn, AL
Such a great combo, but it's always on back order!
CM of Columbia, MO
Loved the cigars and the cigar caddy. The lighter leaves something to be desired but at this price I'm not about to complain. Great starter kit. Overall very satisfied with the purchase and I believe that CI may just have the best customer service that I've ever dealt with. Great package. Great price. Thank you CI.
DB of Brunswick, OH
Great ítem, love the taste. For a rookie "I'm hooked".
Tasty cigar. Slight burn issues though. The water proff Herf-a-Dor found to leak via the bath tub 1 year old test.
SL of Horseheads, NY
Great Deal! Favorite Cigars!
JC of Philadelphia, PA
Can you go wrong with a Kuba Kuba?
BW of Longview, WA
The cigars are great. The lighter works great for me, although I have seen other reviews having it as troublesome. The latch on the Herf-a-Dor keeps falling off. I was told they snap on and off so that they don't break...but it snaps off every time I open it.
GT of Hayes, VA
First off the Herf-a-Dor is bullet proof. I believe you could drive a tank over it and it would survive. Second this was my first Acid Kuba Kuba and it was a very. Pleasant. Smoke that I will be buying more of. Third the free Xikar Inpress lighter is an awesome addition...a lifetime warranty, how can you beat that. I love this package, try it you'll like it.
DC of Sharpsburg, GA
DAMN WHAT A DEAL!!! Herf-A-Dor, Cigars and Lighter! Herf-a-dor - very nice case to protect your smokes - recommend a Boveda 8 gram pack when storing in the car or truck all day under the seat. Acid Cigars - Did not know what the hype was all about until I tried one...Wow!! It was like you were a kid again, watching your Father smoke and you where pretending to puff on a candy cigar. Xikar CI Inpress Lighter - Classy/Fancy and Heavy Duty with a lot of weight behind it. Overall Best Damn Kit I Have Seen Yet! Hope they keep them around for stocking stuffers, birthday gifts, wedding presents and etc.
PB of High Springs, FL
This by far is well worth the price. At any local shop around here, just the cigars alone would be over $50. The herf is just the right size to travel with any where, especially if your on a motorcycle, and it comes with a free lighter!? SOLD! Thanks you CI!
VO of Port Wentworth, GA
Absolutely amazing deal! The Herf-A-Dor is a great idea for travel, and I love the lighter. And let's not forget the Acid Kuba Kuba. One of the best infused cigars around!
MJ of Tulsa, OK
Amazing cigars! I've smoked my fair share but for the price ACID can't be beaten.
VO of Windsor, KY
I bought this Kuba Kuba combo and absolutely got a great deal. The single cigar alone costs me $9.50 by itself. To get this combo for $39.00 was a no brainier. Get the combo; it doesn't disappoint.
FF of Warsaw, NC
Great cigars, tuff travel humidor, and a sweet lighter. This was an easy choice and I am very happy with my purchase. The quality of all three products totally exceeded my expectations. I will be buying more as gifts for my friends.
GK of West Hills, CA
Wonderful buy, great price!
CB of Bethpage, NY
This has become my go-to favorite! All I can say is BUY IT!
TT of Bentonville, AR
I give this deal 5 stars! First impression of the Herf-a-Dor was wow that's bigger then I expected.. But that's ok. Though even with it's size the 5 Acid's that came with it were kinda squeezed inside. So I broke out some other cigars out of my humi and the Herf-a-Dor will fit 5 cigars of 50 ring gauge and smaller comfortably. Anything bigger than 50 ring gauge and your looking at 4 cigars comfortably. Even with that I'm still ok with this case. It sure as hell is rugged and closes nice and tight. For me that's what matters. I do alot of camping and boating and if I don't have to worry about my beauties getting ruined then it's worth it! The Xikar lighter it comes with is excellent. Has a great flame. And obviously if your buying this combo with the Kuba Kuba's then you already know that they are a good smoke. All around great buy and would make a awesome gift!!
JO of Brick, NJ
Great deal!!!!
JJ of Cape Coral, FL
Great deal
HH of Fort Drum, NY
Excellent choice for smokers looking for flavor without the overkill. Wrappers are done well and cigar doesn't come apart due to poor construction as a result.
Great cigars, and GREAT DEAL!!!
JB of Revere, MA
I love this smoke. It is my new favorite cigar and the herfador was exactly what I needed for when I travel. As a woman I usually do not like the larger ringed cigars but this one can not be denied. Excellent job Drew Estate yet again.
Terrific bundle at an incredible value. The Herf-a-Dor is very solid and great for traveling or even if you just want to keep a few cigars in the car or office. The lighter has a built in hold punch so you can enjoy your favorite cigar on the go.
What an incredible deal! I will now be able to enjoy quality cigars when I eventually transit out of this place!
The ACID Kuba Kuba is a great cigar. With the Herf-a-door and Bugatti lighter included this was an absolute steal for $40.
WG of Royal Oak, MI
Now I am NOT a fan of infused cigars, but I must say, this puppy is like smoking a candy bar! But dont get me wrong, this is a REAL cigar with Real body. The aroma is a real crowd pleaser as well. Dont make the same mistake I made, and pick this puppy up and give it a ride. You wont be sorry. I sure wasn't.
JB of westbury, NY
Love this package deal! Acid Kuba Kuba cigars are amazing! The lighter and case were worth the price I paid alone. The five Kuba Kuba cigars were icing on the cake! Thanks CI!
JL of Peyton, CO
All that needs to be said is this is an amazing deal. Very tasty cigars, top of the line lighter, and a herf-a-dor. Hmmm, how much better can it get?
RD of Carver, MN
Great deal. You get the Acid Kuba Kubas plus a travel case. Love the flavor and richness of the Acid brand.
BT of Federal Way, WA
This combo is the bomb!
DN of Chula Vista, CA
Great gift for a friend! These cigars are very tasty and smooth. The lighter works fine and the humidor is water proof.
A great mild/medium smoke with an eye-opening, flavored bite.
ST of Athens, AL
First time ordering cigars. Showed in stock but was actually back ordered. So took awhile. Very very very sweet tasting cigar. Second one was better knowing what to expect.
AH of Wilmington, OH
Kuba Kuba is by far my favorite cigar. The aroma is very pleasant and it doesn't leave a bad taste in your mouth. The Herf-a-Dor is awesome for traveling. It only holds 4 (comfortably) of the very large Kuba Kuba. Thank you CI for your great prices... Keep up the great work!!
Nice case. Well worth the price. The Kuba Kuba's are awesome.
JH of Charlotte, NC
Well worth it!
JN of Kensington, CT
I got this special in the mail in Afghanistan last week. I had tried the Acid Toast through a co-worker and couldn't wait to try more of the Acids. The flavor was great. The only complaint I have is the burn wasn't consistent. It seemed they burned faster on one side than the other.... The lighter and Herf-a-dor both work great. Thanks CI.
JQ of Amarillo, TX
The shipping was fast and the packing was exceptional! The cigars were absolutely awesome.
BH of Jacksonville, FL
An excellent deal.
AB of Seattle, WA
What an excellent package and the price is great. Love the Kuba Kuba's and the travel Herf-a-Dor is great.
BB of Palmerton, PA
Great flavored cigars, was not sure what to expect, But they are great. and the Herf-a-dor is an awesome bonus.
DB of Abilene, KS
Fantastic Smokes, the case and lighter were icing on the cake. Fantastic deal, do yourself a favor and pick this up.
TC of lawrenceville, GA
I love the Kuba-Kuba, the size, the taste, the aroma, all in all a great burning flavorful experience. The herf-a-dor has made traveling and storing sticks in the vehicle a carefree experience. Great price and smokes.
JB of Ogden, UT
Poor quality lighter and the herf-a-dor was warped at the corners so it didn't seal. Cigars were in good shape. Customer service was great.
DT of Toms River, NJ
Sweet deal, awesome cigars, entire bundle cheaper than just the cigars at the local shop!
AO of Simpsonville, SC
Really great cigar. One of the best of all the ACID cigars.
JS of Tucson, AZ
Great, neat little kit for beginners. Highly recommend it for future buyers and/or to be used as gifts!!
AA of Deridder, LA
The cigars and Herf-a-Dor are great! The Bugatti Lighter (M-BUGLIT2) that came with it does not work well. It only seems to hold enough fuel to light one cigar even though ad claims "large butane tanks". Package is great, but lighter is disappointing.
JF of Winter Park, FL
Awesome deal I love acid Kuba Kuba. Goes in my back pack and off to work with me every day..
BB of Mesa, AZ
great cigar!
RF of New Milford, CT
One of my favorite smokes, nice and smooth!!!!!!
AR of Quincy, WA
I love the Kuba Kuba Cigars
GC of Germantown, MD
Great all around deal and package
MM of Belleville, NJ
Can't believe this deal! Local cigar shop has the herfador priced at 30 bucks kuba kubas at 7.50 each and torch lighters not half as nice as this Bugatti are 39. Love acids so the other stuff as freebies was the the cherry on top. A no brainer
JM of Clovis, NM
I ordered this package after smoking a Java because I wanted to get a travel case to start off with as a beginner. Was not disappointed with speed of shipping, as I am on deployment. The case is a little tight for a 5x54, but it left enough room lengthwise to drop in the Boveda 75% packet for humidity maintenance. Thanks CI..... The lighter was a nice addition on top of everything else!
Simply awesome. I am a fan of these cigars and anything by drew estate
LC of Fresno, CA
The ACID Kuba Kuba is a truly unique cigar. You can taste the flavors on your lips and smell herbs and spices in the smoke. It may not be my favorite cigar but anytime that you are wanting a unique flavor, kuba kuba is the way to go. The Herf-a-Dor works very well and seems very sturdy to me.
SW of abingdon, VA
Great cigar well worth the money
NH of Grand Rapids, MI
Awesome cigar. Really smooth and bold, with wonderful flavor
BA of Calhan, CO