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5 Vegas Hex-Press Toro Sampler

Hexes are usually a bad thing. Spells, Voodoo, curses, that whole scene. But in this case it's a very good thing. 

This 5 Vegas Hex-Press Toro Sampler showcases five of the brand's tastiest blends, in every range of flavor. A little somethin'-somethin' for everyone. But the key here is the shape. Each of these 6"x50 Toros has been pressed into a 6-sided hexagon (you gotta see it to truly appreciate it). The first of its kind, this unique press delivers a scrumptiously deep and concentrated level of flavor unlike any you've experienced to date. From the mild-bodied Gold Series to the full-flavored Cask-Strength and High Primings....this juicy sampler is ready to please and satisfy the masses.

The 5 Vegas Hex-Press Toro Sampler includes:
3 - 5 Vegas Cask-Strength Hex-Press Toro (6" x 50)
3 - 5 Vegas Classic Hex-Press Toro (6" x 50)
3- 5 Vegas Gold Series Hex-Press Toro (6" x 50)
3 - 5 Vegas Gold Maduro Hex-Press Toro (6" x 50)
3 - 5 Vegas High Primings Hex-Press Toro (6" x 50)

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  5 Vegas Hex-Press Toro Sampler 15 CIGARS Out of Stock $87.50 $39.99    
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Customer Reviews of “5 Vegas Hex-Press Toro Sampler”'s a good deal for a 5 Vegas sampler. The press is irregular between cigars, with some pressed into nice, tight hexagonal creases, others with a firm press on one portion, while almost wholly unpressed on the other. Some are pretty much indiscernible from an unpressed stick. Even across a single cigar, with the tightest and most defined point of the press at distinctly at the center of the stick. The area of a regular hexagon to a circle is ~2.59:3.14, but you don't cut off the whole cap anyways, so don't expect any massive change in flavour or experience.
LF of New Orleans, LA
Received my pack of 15 that I ordered and most of the sticks have very little hex pressed shape if any. From what I've noticed so far the shape does not add nor retract anything, so these are just great cigars at a great price
KB of Chicago, IL
Love, Love, Love this sampler everything from A to Z in flavor, burn, and aroma.
RS of Warren, MA
The shape is unique, quaint, nice to hold and roll around in the fingers, but the really important point is that the smaller ring gauge is advantageous for all 5 blends. The flavor for each is more pronounced and enjoyable. Each blend is smooth and tasty!
LF of Tempe, AZ
5 Vegas are becoming one of my favorite smokes, especially the Gold Maduro. The Cask Strength was nice but will revisit it in a month to let it mellow abit.
CF of Corona, CA