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Blue Chip Combo #12

Blue Chip indeed!

These brands are rockstars in the industry, little doubt about that. In fact it's a veritable dream team. And when you toss the insane 77% savings hat into the ring, that's like pouring accelerant on the bonfire. See, not only do you grapple these 20 lip-smacking cigars but also a 35-50 capacity Yukon humidor. For grins I even 'tro in a 4oz jar of Humi-Care Crystal Humidity control.

Blue Chip Combo #12 includes:
5 - Cohiba Red Dot Robusto (5" x 49)
5 - Gurkha Centurian (6" x 60)
5 - Ave Maria Barbarossa (7" x 48)
5 - Macanudo Cafe Hyde Park (5.5" x 49)
1 - Yukon Humidor (35-50 capacity)
1 - Humi-Care Crystal Humidification Jar (4oz)

MSRP: $341.45

Type In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
20 CIGARS & HUMIDOR Out of Stock $341.45 $79.99    

Customer Reviews of “Blue Chip Combo #12”

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These are ALL incredible cigars. It's a bargain even without the humidor and gel.
Sent this to my mother for her birthday, she loved it. Not only the cigar selection, but the humidor. The gel is not her preference, she prefers the tubes, but that is a matter of taste only.
Got this for my father for his birthday. Cigars alone are well worth the deal!!! CI is on another level!
This is my first Humidor and I must say I couldn't be happier. It is sitting at a comfortable 70/70. I had an issue with a cracked gel jar and CI immediately remedied the situation. It was a breath of fresh air to see a company who takes its customer service so seriously. CI has earned a customer for years to come. Now back to the Humidor. It is the perfect stater Humi. It was easy to set up using the Cigar 101 videos on here. The quality is surprisingly good considering the price. The cigars are wonderful. If you are new to cigars and looking for a beginners package this is great, and if you are looking for a gift for a new smoker I highly recommend this package. The cigars have nice range to them and will allow you to start to develop your palate. Happy smoking fellows.
I got this little gem in the mail last week. I was looking for a small humidor to keep in my living room and I ran across this deal. Seemed like a good deal coming with 20 cigars and the crystal jar. The humidor is good for the price. Good construction with a fine outer finish. It looks really nice sitting in the bookcase in my living room. My house has been extremely dry this winter (keeping my 300 cigar humidor healthy has been a challenge). Anyways, since my house is so dry, it took be about 4 days to season this little guy. After that it has been holding steady at about 69% humidity. The cigars themselves. What can I say? You are getting some quality brands at a steal of a price. Even if you didn't need a humidor, this would still be a heck of a deal. I am seriously thinking about ordering another one of these just for the Cohibas and Centurians. And finally, they throw in a crystal jar. I've used these in the past and they work well. So that is just the cherry on the top of this nice package. So to recap. This is a good package for newbies and veterans alike. It will give newbies a decent little starter humidor and some good cigars to get started with. And veterans will appreciate getting a second (or third) humidor with some nice smokes.
I had been wanting to get a humidor for a while and wasn't sure where to start and I ran across this deal and I am glad I picked it up. For my first time buying a humidor and not sure how to set one up or season it one quick call to CI and they had me pointed in the right direction. If you are looking for a great gift or just starting out with your first one I recommend this the price is right and the cigars are just icing on cake. Kudos to CI you have a costumer for life
One of the best deals on the net! Every cigar in this combo is top notch. Thinking of buying another one because I need more humidor space and this deal already has very good smokes to boot.
Perfect for starting up. Great price for an excellent selection of cigars by them selves. But you also get a good quality humidor and the humi-care gel. Definitely can't go wrong with this purchase.
Good sticks and a great humidor, perfect for the novice smoker.
Oh yeah. This is the real deal right here! You cant go wrong.
Decent humidor with a good sampler at a good cost. Two of the five Ave Maria have cracking wrappers however. Other than that, all my others from this are resting. I did sneak one of the Macanudos... Very nice even if mild.
Novice smoker and first humidor. Great deal and loved the variety!
Really enjoying all of these cigars except the Macanudo, a little mild for my taste. The humidor is great. Beautiful exterior finish and good construction. Great starter sampler.
I would like to say this is amazing deal, as some others have stated. The cigars smell amazing, I'm smoking one tomorrow. The only thing I have against this package is the humidor is not %100 like I was hoping. No whoosh. Over all 8/10
An awesome bargain to resume my love of cigars!
THE BEST! I was so excited to get this kit! Humidor is perfect! Really good quality. Its got that swish sound when you drop the lid a little bit. Real good! Smells amazing and seems like I seasoned it just fine. The Cigars seem top notch! Cant wait to smoke some. I don't think this humidor could fit up to 50 cigars though. I already have the 20 it came with and it looks pretty full. I have 10 Gurkha's coming in and a 13 cigars sampler coming in as well and I don't think it will fit 43 cigars.
Didn't love the Macanudo's but theres not much better value for what you get, highly recommend!
This is hands down one of the best deals I've come across online. All this for under a hundred bucks is an astounding find, I'm still astounded and it's almost been a week since I ran up to the mail lady to snatch it and bring it home! I love Macanudos and Cohiba Red Dots, ever since I first started my cigar smoking journey. Cohibas aren't cheap, almost twenty one to twenty two dollars at the cigar lounge out near me. All I can say is CI you guys are crazy for the price of this sampler! But I love ya for it! I couldn't be more happy than I am with this sampler all the cigars are stellar!
A superb combo deal for a beginner or someone looking to upgrade to a larger humidor. I didn't think twice about buying this combo because it is such a deal! I was able to try a Macanudo, Ave Maria, Gurkha and Cohiba without dishing out a load of money. The humidor is well made and does its job keeping the smokes fresh.
Nice selection for the "Newbee"...Humidor is holding up well. I followed the "breaking in" instructions and it is holding at 73%... I noticed that it will need replenished soon, so I'm currently shopping (again)!
Great little set up kit. Great value.
I just got this combo in the mail a few days ago. I love it, it's perfect for my first humidor and the cigar selection is great. I am currently writing this as i sit on my porch and smoke the first cigar out of the selection. I am smoking one of the Gurkha cigars and I love it. The only problem is that it is VERY dry and the cigar has a pretty decent crack in it and the wrapper has some small cracking all around it. But i am able to use the band to hold it together and just have to be careful smoking it. I'm hoping that this is the only cigar that has these issues. But despite that I am still VERY happy with this purchase and I love CI.
Great combo for the money! Absolutely loved the Cohibas and the Macanudos! A+
This offer is phenomenal! Great sticks with a very nice humidor! Enjoyed it all!
Awesome deal! I ordered the 92+ 10 cigar sampler alongside this combo. Now I have a humidor full of great cigars for an unbeatable price. Thanks CI.
This is the best deal CI has. The cigars alone are worth the asking price. The humidor is fine, just your basic bare bones humidor but does the job and is holding steady with a couple of Boveda packs.
Received this as a gift from my wife and dang, was I surprised; unbelievable quality for this price. The collection of cigars in the sampler were all top notch and smoked very well. Everything came in perfect condition. I was like a little kid; I couldn't wait to light one up. Thanks for the great products.
Great deal with a very nice humidor for the beginner.
Awesome deal! Great sicks, great price. Everything you need to get the hobby goin. Few dings in the humidor but nothing major, still does the job. Humi-care beads are amazing and help season the humidor much faster. Might buy another BCC soon.
Very satisfied, love it, perfect for my desk at work, great cigar selection included.
5 stars and two thumbs up. This humidor works great and the cigars were awesome.
This is the perfect starter combo, I have loved every stick and the humidor looks great!
Fellas, it does not get any better than this. The cigars alone, are worth the money. throw in a back up cedar box and a $100 lighter and you have a deal that, you cannot refuse.
Fantastic buy here, if you can catch it before it's backordered! Super nice mix here guys!
Im currently in Afghanistan and Im looking forward to hearing my father voice after he recieves his Blue Chip Combo! He is a man of "Great taste and smoke flavor". Thank you Cigars International for the wide selection and relaxation!
Other than the humidor having two dings on the lid, I have no complaints. The humi is up and running a steady 70/70! Can't comment on the smokes. Haven't burned one yet. The Humi-Gel is awesome!
Extremely nice humidor!! Came with humidifier and crystals. Really nice, except it didn't have a hygrometer. I know it didn't have it in the description, but didn't realize until I placed all my cigars in it, but GREAT BOX!!
The shipping was fast and you can tell it was packed with care. The cigars are absolutely awesome and you can not beat the price for such exceptional cigars and humidor! I will be getting another before this awesome deal goes away.
Amazing deal. Humidor has a good seal and all the cigars are high quality
Once you recieve this in the mail, the cigars and the humidor speek for themselves. I am a man that loves value and has a taste for good cigars, this combo satisfies both criteria.
10 of 10 on the combo all great cigars 90+
Loved all the cigars and what a wonderful deal with the humidor!Great value!
Incredible Sampler! Incredible Deal....
“This was a great deal for the price" Every cigar in this combo was outstanding. Many of my friends bought one because of the great deal. I am also buying another one as I need more humidor space and for the price.
If you are just getting into cigars (I was getting back into them after a long hiatus) I can't recommend this deal enough. First off a halfway decent humidor would cost you at least 50 bucks and just for giggles look up the price on the Red dots alone. Enough said. The hardest part is letting these sticks rest just a little while before you enjoy each single one to the nub.
Cant complain, everything in this combo (the Cohibas alone) are worth the price and value! A++
I am new to cigars and this was the perfect starter kit for me! Awesome set of sticks and a really impressive humidor for the price. I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase, I highly recommend it!