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CI's Gourmet Infused 'Brown Bag' Sampler

Brown Bag, now in INFUSED!

Our ‘Brown Bag’ Sampler has been a hit for years. It’s a great deal – one that always delivers much more value than the modest asking price. For obvious reasons, we only include ‘traditional’ cigars in this sampler. But over the years, we’ve been accumulating open boxes of infused cigars too. They’re in perfect condition but I can’t sell them as is with opened packaging, so I’ve packed ‘em up into infused-only Brown Bag samplers. CI’s Infused Brown Bag Samplers are chock full o’ ten different gourmet infused, long-filler brands. Selection always varies, but you can expect some really nice cigars in there, including a variety of blends, flavors, and brand names you know and love.

*limit of two per customer, please.
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CI's Gourmet Infused Brown Bag Sampler
Limit 2 per customer
10 CIGARS In Stock $25.00
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Customer Reviews of “CI's Gourmet Infused 'Brown Bag' Sampler”
$20.00 for 10 cigars that allows you the adventure of sampling all types of smokes that are in a category that is hit or miss anyhow. What's the question? Jump on it great deal.
KG of Acton, ME
I was looking to discover some new and inexpensive daily smokes.. I went ahead and pulled the trigger on this one, mainly because I thought I was going to get an ACID and a NATURAL, (they are on the photo), and for $20, I can try out some other brands as well and see what the flavored cigars thing is all about. What I found was this type of cigar is not for me. Acid Liquid was good, but I really didnt care for any of the others.Mostly all well made. I didnt get to try the NATURAL though.
DC of Beverly, MA
Nice sampler....however, helped me to realize that the Acid brand is the only brand of infused for me. Sampler contained one other brands were rather ordinary, but ok. Two were unsmokeable due to an almost medicinal flavor. For an infused smoke, it is worth the extra money to buy Acid brand.
EV of Brooklyn, NY
Pretty good variety. Always worth a shot, 10 smokes for 20 bucks, you definitely get your money worth and cant beat a deal like this is you do not know what you want or just feel like trying some different things. Worth the money, just keep in mind it is a grab bag.
CC of Hinesville, GA
Have bought 3 samplers so far. Overall this set up is perfect for me. I get to try so many without the commitment of a whole box. The selection is not all that varied (got the same a couple a times). Love the Erin go bragh, Acid, Ion. Found out I hate anything honey but love coffee... Oliveros is hit or miss for me. The packaging for the sampler is more than adequate....Will order again.
MN of North Little Rock, AR
If you like Infused cigars this is a great deal. Good variety. Got to smoke a couple of cigar I would not have bought separately but was actually impressed with
JM of Lakeland, FL
Worth picking up. My assortment included some Acid, CAO, and Oliveros flavors. A good selection for not a lot of money. Not just junky stuff.
SS of Apo, AE
Picked one of these up recently for my birthday (because I wanted to try something other than my favorite Tabak Especials) & what a great deal this is! CI was definitely not cheap on this deal, that's for sure! CI is the BEST!!!
LM of Laguna Hills, CA
Just got my sampler in, and it already paid for itself with an Acid Kuba Kuba, Tatiana Mocha Caramely, some Oliveros flavors, CAO, I could go on. The bag in the box smelled amazing and I knew I was in for a treat. Definitely pick this up if you're interested in trying out flavored and infused cigars, its like Christmas.
KK of Rialto, CA
My first purchase from CI and I was very impressed. Gave me a chance to try a variety of different cigars and for a novice cigar guy it was the perfect purchase.
BA of Cuba, IL
I loved this sampler. Each time you get it you have no idea what you may get, but I have never been let down with this one. For only $20 you can get quite a few good cigars. The last one I got paid for itself in the money I saved on 4 cigars. Awesome deal will buy many times over.
DA of Key West, FL
I'm not going to lie, I'm new to the world of different cigars and I'm loving it. I usually stick with Tatiana's, Black and Mild (Wood Tips) and every once in awhile a Acid. So right off the bat I loved this sampler because I received a Tatiana (Rum) which was very smooth and tastier then the Cherry and Vanilla ones I usually smoke. I also got a ACID which I know I like already. So I was happy that I received some cigars that I already liked but after smoking a couple of the new cigars my mind was blown away because the ones I've smoke so far were all tasty and smooth. I will be buying this Sampler over and over and I don't know if that'a a good thing because the flavors make me want to smoke more and more. Thank You CI, I can't wait to see what I receive next time.
JC of Philadelphia, PA
I ordered 2 of this sampler at the same time. What I ended up with was 2 Brown Bags that were EXACTLY the same. Not what I was expecting at all. If you overlook this point, this is really a good deal. One cigar alone was worth almost $10 so all in all I am pretty happy with these. I will however not order 2 Brown Bags at the same time again.
Good selection. I got some brands that I have smoked before and some I have never seen. It's a good sampler for the price.
Went ahead and ordered one of these for our weekly get together (deployed) and was pleasantly surprised at the cigars I recieved. Recieved what the picture shows minus a tatiana and plus a CAO. I couldnt be happier for $20. Acid and CAO are great! I can't wait to get another BB sampler.
DM of Colorado Springs, CO
Being a beginner, I really enjoyed all but one. Now I have a great idea of what I will try next.
Man, what a deal! I ordered this to stock up on my "infused-flavored" humidor since it was getting low in cigars. I couldn't of been happier with the brown bag sampler. Just 3 of the cigars would add up to $20. I love acid cigars and well, I got 2 with it. The Kuba Kuba and Toast. Also got a Drew Estate Dirt which are good. Also included were 4 CAO flavored, Cuban Honey, Irish whiskey and a cherry flavored. Will be ordering this again on my next CI order. Looking forward to enjoying these. Highly recommend this if you like flavored cigars or something like Acids.
RN of Williamstown, PA
How can you go wrong with 10 cigars for $20! I ordered them monday and got them today! (tuesday) thats fast shipping for basic shipping cost. As for the cigars i got a ton of goodies! CAO,Naturals,Acid,Cuban Honeys,Tatiana. just to name a few! Worth every penny to try some new flaovors! Thanks CI!
You'll get some really good cigars in this deal. I got an Acid Kuba Kuba, and that made it remarkable to me. Alone that cigar sells for over $10. I also got some real tasty flavored CAO's as well. I'd recommend this ALL day long.
JN of Coon Rapids, MN
What a steal of a deal! Great change of pace from my normal smokes, and for $20 you cant beat it. CAO Flavours and Acids are great smokes with pleasant flavors and aromas.
MZ of Battle Creek, MI
If you're thinking of adding this to your cart, do so now! Great deal! Acid, Natural, CAO, and lots of others in my sampler. I just don't know how you could beat this for the price! GET SOME!
PC of Martinsville, IN
Great deal, some cigars I hated, others I really loved. I got lucky with 3 Drew Estates, 3 CAO's, an Acid and 3 smaller cigars I gave away. Great deal, be sure to keep these humid and away from your other cigars.
TP of Cleveland, OH
I received my sampler and am very VERY pleased with the assortment. I am happy that Cigars International has such an item available for its customers to stock their humidors with.
MD of South Vienna, OH
BUY THIS SAMPLER! YOU WILL BE PLEASED!! Like many of you, I'm rather new to cigar smoking. But, I noticed early on that I liked infused cigars (I mean, who doesn't like an Acid Blondie, right? - traditional cigar smokers say what you want about infused cigars, you know they're delicious!) I bought this sampler for the shear value of it. Mine went: 1 Dirt Torpedo, 1 Acid Kuba Kuba, 4 CAO Flavours (1 Moontrance, 1 Cherrybomb, 1 Bella Vanilla, 1 Honey Gold--All the big coronas, not petite or cigarillo like in most smoke shop humidors I've found), 1 Erin Go Bragh Irish Whiskey, 1 Cafe Domincan Breakfast Blend (that smells amazingly like chocolate and I'm super excited to try!), 1 Tatiana Vanilla (tried it already, delicious!), and 1 Cuban Honey that I'm thinking probably comes with most samplers. Out of 10 cigars that Cuban Honey is the only cheap one! And they're all big cigars, no cigarillos and no petites! Do the math! I just saved a ton of money on these things! I just hope I get a Tabak or an Ion in my next order! Quit thinking about it an BUY IT!! YOU'LL BE HAPPY!!! I CERTAINLY AM - THANKS CI!!!!!!!
JM of New Berlin, IL
Received this the other day and I was surprised at the level of cigars in this sampler. I tried the CAO cherry bomb and put that one out. Yuck. Like smoking cough syrup. The Anganese Cafe Dominicana was okay but only ok. The Acid Kuba Kuba will be good as well as the Natural. The rest i'm not very excited about now. Im going to give best effort to all but Ill stick with my Isla del sol, Tabak and Java for my flavor infused. It is worth the buy to try some and get some good ones in the bunch!
DS of Cedar Falls, IA
If you want to try out some infused cigars, this is the way to do it. You're most likely not going to like every flavor, which is not necessarily a bad thing! I've learned a lot about what I do and don't like about infused cigars. I personally wouldn't order this again, but I'm happy that I got to understand my preferences better. I enjoy less sweet flavors if they are infused, but I determined that I'm more of a pure (non-infused) cigar smoker. -Charlie
CC of Chicago, IL
Great deal! Some oddballs in the mix but well worth it.
This ten Cigar Sampler was outstanding the ACID and CAO's were a homerun. I couldn’t have asked for a better Sampler. My hat goes off to the people at CI’s for putting the grab-bag together. Thank you CI
AM of Blythewood, SC
Very nice sampler for the money, some very nice cigars. 3 of the 4 CAO's I received were plugged and very hard to smoke, CAO flavors were good flavor but very difficult draw.
JS of Cloverdale, CA
Overall, I was pretty satisfied with this purchase. If you like infused cigars, this is a pretty good deal. I got a Drew Estate Natural, 5 various Cao's, and 4 off brand cigars. I consider it like paying $4 a stick because I don't really plan on smoking the non-brand name ones. I don't think I'll buy them again, not because they're bad but because I really don't like infused cigars.
PV of Carlsbad, CA
Great selection and several wonderful flavours.
HB of Houston, TX
Great buy, great selection. I've received several of these over time and will continue to do so. I have a few things I wish they would add but nothing that would stop me from getting another pack of these without thinking....
GW of Stafford, VA
This is a very nice deal. Got some acid, cao, and natural. Can not beat the price!
MS of Doylestown, OH
Great sampler! I found some new likes in the sampler. 10 cigars for $25 dollars can't lose all win! Pull the trigger!
ZS of forest park, GA
As with the original Brown Bag Sampler, amazing deal. Some of the cigars were disappointing, but the rest were amazing and some were worth what you paid for the entire sampler! Great way to either get some variety or find a few cigars you like if you are new to smoking.
Great pack of cigars. I really enjoy the brown bag sampler. I will be ordering again!
GM of Honolulu, HI
These were a great combo of cigars. It makes it harder to choose which one is good cause they were all delicious. I will probably order again. Thanks.
JE of Perris, CA
I was not sure what flavor cigars to buy so I bought two of the Gourmet Infused "Brown Bag" samplers. I am very pleased with the sampler and will buy again!
DC of Cypress, TX
Got one Acid and one Drew Estate Natural. Both very good. Other eight were not at all to my liking. A few were unfinishable. Got four CAO flavors....Lots of better samplers for the same money offered by CI. Will be going back to them.
RS of Catonsville, MD
Great sampler great cigars
AO of Hicksville, NY
The box price on the 10 I received would have been about 25 dollars for the 10 if valued out as a single by the box, which is probably an unfair way of valuing them, but there mostly so cheap that it's almost impossible to get a single cigar price on any of them. So was it still worth it? For me, yes. While I wouldn't ever do it again, as I was new at the time to cigar smoking, it was a cheap way to try some cheap cigars. Did I get the one I really wanted, the Puros Indios? No. But I did get a Indian Tabac Ltd. Reserve which was delicious and made me want to order a bundle more of them right away. I also got a 5 vegas Classic Churchill that was wonderful, a G2 and Gurkha Park Avenue that smoked so well I would be willing to purchase a box of each some time in the future. A CAO La Traviata and Nica Libre that both smoked really well, and a Bahia Maduro and a Carlos Torano Dominico that were tasty too. I finally got a Cu Avana Connecticut that I threw about 65 percent away. Clearly not for me for some reason. Over all, 9 out of 10 made this a winner for the money. Like I said, I wouldn't get it again as there are better deals on CI for the money, but if your new, I feel it's a good buy, but only if your new. In my opinion.
RK of Dallas, TX
Nice selection of cigars for those who like to taste test. It was well worth the $25.00 price. Actually there was a ACID Cold Infustion and an Erin Go Bragh that were both very good.
KP of Blacklick, OH
This is a fantastic sampler, unbelievable value for the $!
VD of greenwood, DE
Not too bad for flavored cigars, but still not my choice. Prefer natural cigars.
CC of East Hartford, CT
A good selection of infused cigars. Several CAO's, Drew Estate Natural Root, Tatiana, Classico Amaretto and a Cuban Honey. What more could you ask for? I have enjoyed all that I've tried. If you like flavored cigars, it's definitely worth a try.
JS of Mill Creek, OK
Well worth the money. If you want to try some infused cigars I would recommend this sampler. I got multiple cigars that I enjoyed smoking including an Acid and a Drew Estate Natural.
DO of Fort Worth, TX
Recieved these yesterday and I got 2 different Acid's (1 of them being kuba kuba, my favorite!), a sweet lookin drew estate, cubano honey, some amerreto, several CAO flavor infused ones, and a couple other off brand's. I'm really excited to try these babies out! My only disapointment was that when I ordered, I ordered 2 of these samplers and I got 2 of the same bags of cigars... I was hoping to recieve a whole bunch of randome infused cigars and instead I just got all doubles of what I recieved in the first sampler. None the less I will still enjoy every one of these cigars period. Thanks CI. I am definietly anxious to buy more of these to see what I will get!
VO of Port Wentworth, GA
Excellent deal! I got a Drew Estate Natural, Acid Kuba Kuba, Acid Cold Tea Infusion, CAO Cherrybomb, CAO Bella Vanilla, CAO Moontrance, Erin Go Bragh Irish Whisky, Tatiana, Classico Ameretto, and a Cuban Honey. Will definitely order again!
AM of Orlando, FL
This sampler is very good, but, I do get the feeling that the variety of cigars that come in this sampler is quite limited. Such as CAO Flavours, Natural, and ACID to name a few. But all in all a great deal for a good smoke.
AG of Saline, MI
Nice sampler to try different infused cigars if you don't want to take a chance ordering a higher quantity of a certain cigar, I would give this a try if you are only looking for a cigar that you want to smoke regularly. Had a nice selection of higher, mid, and lower end(priced) cigars
DL of Factoryville, PA
These are some of the best cigars C.I. offers in a sampler. I thought for sure I would have found at least one I wouldn't like but hey guess what, I was wrong. I enjoyed each and every one . So if your in the mood for a flavored smoke you really can't go wrong with this one. So smoke up guys. Thanks again C.I. for yet another wonderful offering of great cigars for our smoking pleasure.
CH of manhattan, KS
What a nice combinations of flavors. This was my first brown bag and I was very pleased with the variety of selections. Will be ordering more.
MJ of Chisago City, MN
This sampler is worth the price. If you like mild and flavored cigars these are a great buy and good to smoke.
WM of Lincoln Park, MI
Not bad for the price. If you want to try infused type cigars, order this up. I received 3 Acids, 3 CAO Flavours, and some off brand cigars, the Acid and CAO are worth the price to try. I am a traditional cigar guy, but the occasional infused cigar is nice. I bought two of these and have been happy both times.
MI of Winterville, GA
My favorite sampler; I get 2 a month.
MS of Muncie, IN
I absolutely love this sampler and it will be a staple in every order I make. Very good selection. Out of flavored cigars, Acid is my favorite and there is always several of them. However this sampler is packed with such a variety of sticks from other brands. Without a doubt I get my monies worth.
DL of Wilmington, NC
Great sampler. I was impressed with the selection. There we're 4 CAO brand and 3 ACID brand cigars, with a few other brands mixed in. Very happy with this sampler & will purchase again.
PJ of Fairport, NY
Overall, GREAT choice. Being new to the cigar world this sampler has certainly shown me the differences in wrapper and style as well as helped me to develop a taste for certain infused. Not all of the cigars have turned out to be my favorite, but the Kuba Kuba, Tatiana, and CAO cigars alone, to me, made this purchase well worthwhile. If your looking for a new flavor, you can't go wrong with this grab bag type sampler.
RH of Las Vegas, NV
Outstanding selection for the price. I recieved a very extensive selection on cigars, can not complain for $20.
Finally pulled the trigger one of the "samplers" from CI (Gourmet Infused 'Brown Bag'). I am very impressed with the selection I recieved! Over $40 worth of cigars for just $20 is not bad at all. I ordered 2 samplers at the same time and both contained the same exact cigars. So as long as that does not bother you, go for it; it's a great deal!
RW of Ruffs Dale, PA
This is a great way to get a feel for what you might like in the infused market. Most were great, some not, but a good way to start your adventure.
BT of Federal Way, WA
So happy with this purchase....price was just right for some incredible cigars.
Excellent brown bag of flavored cigars! Sampled cigars that I may have never tried and they all were nice.
TY of Saint Louis, MO
I've ordered this twice now and am never disappointed. Both times have included a couple smokes I'm not fond of, but that just encourages sharing, and the ones I like are more than my money's worth. Buy it, buy 2, you won't regret it.
BL of goodman, MO
I got an Acid Kuba Kuba and Drew Estate Dirt..That made it worth it. The other 8...not my style, but my friends enjoyed them.
RR of Toms River, NJ
What a deal!! Love it!
GP of Batavia, NY
A decent infused sampler....was hoping for a different variety in the second bag ordered, but all the same mix. Would like to see more Kuba Kuba's in this mix. Even still, you can't beat it for the price, especially if you are a big handmade flavored cigar fan, like I am.
Pretty great deal if you like Infused cigars! I had one Acid, 5 CAO Flavours, a Natural by Drew Estate, one Tatiana and various other infused flavors. I prefer natural cigars so while I probably won't buy another, I would definitely recommend this to someone who likes flavored cigars.
FT of Perrysburg, OH
I'm an aficionado who has had a life change returning to the cigar hobby after a 10 year sabbatical...a long time lover of fine food, wine & cigars. Re-developing my cigar pallet...have set up my traditional cigar rotation thanks to CI's different samplers, so I figured this 10 cigars for $20 'Gourmet Infused 'Brown Bag' Sampler' gave me the chance to experience an area of premium cigars that had always intrigued me. WOW WOW WOW!! The Acid Kuba Kuba...Cuban Honey...4 different CAO Flavours...they all were very extra pleasant surprises. All were truly enjoyable, but the star of this infused sampler (IMHO) was Drew Estate's Natural 'Dirt Torpedo'. Putting that between my lips was an OMG cigar moment. I swear I heard that "Ahhhhhhh Haaaaaaaa" music...didn't need my cigar cutter as I chewed it's sweetened cap right off, heck, I've already placed an order for a 'DE Naturals Sampler', of course. LOL!! Now flavored/infused cigars aren't for everyone, but seeing how CI is offering a wonderful sampling for $2 bucks a stix...plung in, giv'em a try'em, you just might LOV'EM like I DID!! CI's 5 packs, special offerings, daily deals and overall discounted prices keep premium cigars & accessories within a price point for all us little guys! THANK YOU CI THANK YOU!
SB of Fontana, CA
A new cigar smoker and was very surprised and delighted with the assortment of flavors in my sampler. Will reorder.
VB of Hatboro, PA
They're very good. I'll give it a ten. I hope I get an ION this time.
....for only 20 bucks, the 4 in the sampler I got that were awesome were worth the price tag alone. 6 of the sticks I received where some form of honey. Cigars that are "honey infused" just smell musty or moldy to me, but the 4 I received that I have had and really enjoyed before this bag, they, as always, were great! My advice, take the chance, because even if you only get a few you like and give away the rest, the price is right to make you happy, and make you look like a nice guy to the people you give them away to.
JS of New Kensington, PA
For the price, it's a good little bag of flavored smokes. There were just couple I didn't care for, but at that price it is worth a try. It did give you a selection, so if you found one you liked, you might just order that one.
Only one thing to say: if you like infused cigars, this is the biggest bang for your buck.
Not my cup of tea. I guess if you like flavored cigars, it'd be a great way to try a wide range of 'em.... Unless you like flavored cigars, stay away.
SM of Brooklyn, NY
Recommend only if you are a big flavor fan...all cigars were flavored.
AT of Arlington, VA
Got this in the mail couple days ago and so far it's hit or miss on the brands. But that is why you should pick up this sampler so you can try out a bunch of brands and see what's out there. I haven't priced out the total of each cigar in the bag, but the 3 I have pulled and put in my later day humidor were worth the price of the grab bag.
RA of Rapid City, SD
can't go wrong here!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SB of eldora, IA
Great Deal Lots of stuff to try and see if it's worth buy a box .Thank You
DM of wylie, TX
Hit or miss with the sampler I received. I truly enjoyed the Cuban Honey which I later purchased a box. Love the concept of brown bag and great deal.
JE of Des Plaines, IL
If you've never tried infused cigars then this is the deal for you. Most of what you get are quality smokes with a variety and differing levels of infused flavors and aromas. My little wife loves these, and this sampler is more than reasonably priced.
SP of joshua, TX
Great buy.... Highly recommend
Great variety to keep the humidor stocked. Haven't smoked one yet because the guests keep going for the cigars from this brown bag!
This is a fantastic sampler for anyone interested in trying "infused" cigars. Great way to find out if infused is for you and for a low price to boot. I am on my third order and have not been disappointed yet. Keep the great deals coming. Thanks CI!
this sampler included an Acid Kuba Kuba, An Acid Natural, and the 8 flavored cigars that I had never tried before. I definately got my money's worth, however a person needs to take into consideration that there will be some flavored cigars in there that he/she won't like, such as was the case with me, I like the acids and the 2 coffee infused cigars as well, the rest just weren't my cup of tea. I like infused but not fruit flavors. On the other hand though, anyone who loves and/or enjoys flavored cigars, this is a bag full of tasty goodness at a bargain price just for you.
BT of Bozeman, MT
2, maybe 3 of the 'bag' were brands I had not had before (but have seen in my local shop). The rest were top shelf smokes. Pull the trigger, you won't be disappointed...
SR of Dallas, GA
Nice sampler got some good sticks and some just nasty but over all good I will buy again.
Wow. This was a gamble for me, as I don't usually prefer flavored or infused cigars. This one grab bag opened my eyes to the delight that infused cigars hold. Great Deal!
MM of Coarsegold, CA
I recently relocated from the east coast to the midwest. Back east there was a top notch cigar lounge 10 mins from my home, out here the nearest decent cigar shop is 3 hours away. After reading up and comparing the various sites I decided to the order the infused grab bag from CI. Wow, you can't beat the price and all the cigars came to me in great shape. I got several I already like and was introduced to several I'll try again including the Erin Go Bragh. Great value for the price, would definitely order again.
DD of Sharon, OK
Great sampler for the price. Ordered 2 at same time and got duplicate bags.(not a bad thing) And only had one cigar I didn't care for, (Tatiana) and only because it was to sweet for my taste. And found a couple new brands that I will keep on hand. Of coarse the Drew Estates and CAO were great. Will buy again.
SM of Kokomo, IN
Fantastic set, especially for newcomers. Smooth smokes with some big names in there.
CP of Greensboro, NC
Excellent love it had some high dollar cigars can't wait to smoke them all I already had one and it was tasty
JP of Lexington, MI
Most cigars in this bag are worth $5 each. couple where cheap. Great way to find your flavor. Thanks CI
DW of Mulvane, KS
Awesome product great value highly recommended
I really enjoyed this Sampler. I am still new to smoking hand made cigars. I bought a 75 count humidor and trying different samplers to see what I like. I haven't had one out of this bag that I didn't like.
EM of Haverhill, MA
Try it out!!! you never know what you'll get
NJ of Avondale, AZ
Simply the best bang for the buck. I fully enjoyed each cigar.
If you like infused cigars then this is a great sampler to get. Mine had a nice selection of sticks. Ranging from the wonderful personal favorite "Acid Kuba Kuba" to the good selection of "CAO Flavors" and even a few I hadn't smoked that turned out to be pretty good.
PS of Oklahoma City, OK
I got a good assortment of cigars to sample out of this bag that I have been thinking about trying, but was afraid to pay for multiples. Now I get to try them! Only one that I have smoked before, the Kuba Kuba. I may buy this again to use as my "find my favorites" routine. THANKS CI FOR PROVIDING A GOOD SAMPLER!!!!! Kind of like taste testing wine!
This is a wonderful sampler package for the price. The quality of the cigars are amazing!
TA of Calera, AL