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Top-Shelf Glass Top Humidor Sampler #2

Introductory offer for new customers!

If you like handmade cigars, you’re gonna love Cigars International! To prove it, I’ve compiled a sampler with 10 of the finest cigars in the world plus a FREE glasstop humidor for one super-low introductory price: instead of the normal retail of $157, I'm offering you a massive discount that's hard to overlook! I’m betting once you receive these outstanding cigars, together with our full 108-page cigar catalog, you’ll become a lifetime customer. Now that’s an offer you can’t refuse!

Sampler includes 1 each of:
- Cohiba Red Dot Robusto (5x49)
- Hoyo Excalibur Epicure (5.2x50)
- La Gloria Cubana Serie R #5 (5.5x54)
- Macanudo Hyde Park (5.5x49)
- CAO Black Bengal (6x50)
- Punch Pita (6.1x50)
- Gurkha Beauty (6.5x56)
- Torano Exodus Silver Robusto  (4.7x52)
- Garo Double Habano (7.0x48)
- Graycliff ‘G2’ PGX Toro (6x50)
- Whitetail Glasstop Humidor (50 Capacity)

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SAMPLER OF 10 In Stock $157.00
Overall Rating 5 out of 5 Based on 12 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Top-Shelf Glass Top Humidor Sampler #2”

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5 out of 5
5 out of 5
great Item
5 out of 5
Great Cigars and Great Humidor
This humidor has been serving me well for 4 years now. Obviously, the cigars are long gone by now, but they were a great broad spectrum sampler to get me started.
5 out of 5
Great deal and great stick cant beat 19.99
Very nice humidor. Used it to get started. Of course now i have upgraded to a bigger humi since then but great price and not a bad selection of cigars with it. Would recommend to anybody looking to get into cigars
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Top Shelf
Very Good Humidor!!!
5 out of 5
Great value.
Awesome would love get more for gifts.
5 out of 5
Good Deal
You can't beat this deal.
5 out of 5
Great cigars and great Humi
Great cigars and great Humi
5 out of 5
Fantastic Deal
Buy this! You will not regret it!!
5 out of 5
just buy it and thank me later
5 out of 5
Just great!
Can't beat the price! The Garo really surprised me! Great deal!
Customer Testimonials
I bought this as a gift for my uncle. He loved it. Very classy and a good assortment of cigars.
As someone completely new to cigars, this deal was perfect! The humidor looks and works great and the cigars are amazing, especially the Cohiba. I've only a couple of these cigars left, so I've ordered another, different sampler, but this was perfect as my first!
Everything arrived on time and in perfect condition. I'll now season my humidor and start enjoying this amazing selection of sticks! Thanks CI!!!
Nobody else has a deal like this anywhere, end of story!
What a great deal! Some great cigars and a good humidor. Don't pass this up!
My favorite deal whenever it's on sale. I have two of these now; they are a great starter humidor.
I just received my order today. This is an amazing value for $30!
I am new to cigar smoking and this is my first online purchase. I am very happy with this deal! The humidor or the cigars alone are worth the total price in my opinion.
I could not be happier with the humidor. It holds humidity perfectly. Unfortunately, about half of the cigars were damaged beyond being able to smoke them, but overall, the deal was so worth it.
Very nice assortment of cigars, and the humidor is top-notch. Keeps my cigars humidified very well and is attractive with the built-in window and hygrometer.
This is without a doubt worth the introductory price. This is the first thing I bought from CI and am now a customer for life! The humidor took some work to level out, but it is now keeping consistent RH with a digital hygrometer and larger humidifier.
I have always been loyal to CI, and this is exactly why. This is a great deal for the money. The humidor is great and you really do get 10 top shelf cigars. They have all been smooth and tasty so far. Well worth the money
Great starter humidor for anyone looking to get into the hobby. I got it about a half a week ago, and it came in perfect condition. The cigars inside came perfect inside an air sealed bag, and the humidor was well packed as well as double boxed. You can't beat this deal. The humidor by itself was the same price I paid for the combo, and the cigars alone are more than this deal. Still in the seasoning process and it seems to be holding humidity well. The brass hinges are a nice touch, and the felt bottom is nice as well that way your not scratching furniture. I'd jump on this deal if I were you.
Awesome selection of cigars. The glass top humidor is kind of cheap, but seals great and will keep your cigars in good shape. I really recommend this sampler when it's on sale price.
Received this today!! What a great deal! Humidor alone was worth the price and then some, but the cigars inside made it a great deal I couldn't pass up. Smoked the Graycliff ‘G2’ PGX Toro tonight and might just have my next new favorite. What a great mild cigar; perfect stick to relax by the outdoor fire pit with. Can't wait to try the rest of them. You won't be disappointed if you get this at this price!
The cigar selection was fantastic, great for any beginner, or even someone who wants to try various types of cigars. I did have a problem with humidor, it suddenly became warped, and therefore the humidity would not be kept constant. Cigars International helped me out, but I am disappointed with the humidor manufacturer itself. Other than that hiccup, this is a fantastic deal.
I enjoyed the cigar sampler pack and glass top humidor. I would recommend this for anyone looking to get a friend or relative a gift.
This was a great deal. You can't beat a glass top humidor. It looks great and was worth more than the price. The cigars have been very good also. I would definitely do this deal again and recommend it to a friend.
Best deal I have found anywhere. I am getting this as gifts for my groomsmen in a few months.
This was a no brainer. Always wanted a humidor with cigars to display and smoke. Saw this in an add in a magazine and jumped right on it. Friend of mine saw it and said he wouldn't mind having one. So I just ordered him one for a Christmas gift. Very nice.
Makes a great gift. Excellent cigars. Most starter kits out there are inferior to this. Unbeatable price. Well done, C.I.
Great deal if you break down the humidor price and cigars individually! Humidor was just what I needed as I am just getting into cigars, holds at around 72%. Looks great and seals shut. All cigars came in one piece and were still soft. Just buy it, its well worth it.
Can't beat this price! Great service! Going to continue business and spread the word if they keep it up!
Great deal...I'm enjoying everything! I'm totally happy with my purchase. Everything came as ordered!
Great deal! Very happy! 5 Stars.
Awesome deal! Humi and smokes arrived in 3 days. The unit is really nice looking and has been holding a steady 70% humidity since seasoning completed and cigars added. The cigars arrived in the humidor packaged with care and not one had a single blemish. The humidor itself was WELL WORTH the $30 introductory price tag and the smokes are a huge bonus(Cohiba, Punch, Macanudo among others). Well Done CI and Thanks!
I'm just getting into cigars and figured this would be a good way to get started without breaking the budget. Haven't gotten to sample any of them yet as they're still resting from shipping, but they all came well in tact and the humidor was well packaged and undamaged. Seasoned with wipes once and its been holding around 69-71. Only noticed one substitution which was a Gurkha Beauty instead of the other Gurkha Master Select which actually looks like I got a free upgrade just going by price but it also rounds out the selection. All in all very pleased will definitely be ordering more to fill the humidor...or maybe another humidor and then fill them both. :D
Best deal out there. If your just getting started this is the one. Great selection of smokes and a decent humidor. The Hydrometer was accurate (according to internet based testing methods) and the Humi holds moisture well and is easy to keep at the right level. I might have to try out a different Humidity disc to open up some space.
I have to say that I am quite pleased with the quality of this humidor. As a novice I truly appreciate this deal. While I would have preferred more Mild, and Mild-Medium cigars in this box set, I have been pleased with a few of these choices and I probably would not have tried them on my own. I do wish this set came with a coupon for 3 cigars of my choosing so that I could feel free to expand my selections without having to purchase 20 or even 5 of a cigar that I may not enjoy. Regardless, I would recommend this to anyone interested in starting a relationship with cigars. I am certainly happy with the purchase.
I received my sampler #2 today. It arrived in good shape and I am very pleased with it. I would recommend it to any one who is starting out for the fist time. All of my cigars arrived in good shape. I will definitely be ordering more.
I love my new humidor and the wife is even happy with how classy it looks. The sample cigars are all great and the whole thing was shipped within the week. I am ordering more cigars through CI and if this shipment is at all as quick and satisfactory, it is safe to say that CI has a customer for life!
Absolutely fantastic deal. Great looking humidor, awesome selection of cigars. You now have a new customer.
Managed to catch this in a "pop-up" on my e-mail page for $29 and I jumped on it! How you gonna beat this deal? Including shipping, you're getting ten premium cigars for $3.40 a stick- AND they GIVE you a fine humidor to boot!
Received my order last night. The humidor looks great and feels solid. The sticks arrived in perfect condition as well. Can't wait to fire them up.
Awesome, nice humidor. Spacious. I couldn't figure out where to place the humidifier so I put it on the side (hoping that works without spilling the liquid after it absorbs.) I highly recommend this as a first product purchase!
Great package of cigars. I enjoyed every one of them. The humidor was nicer than I anticipated. Overall, this was a great value.
I ordered this item and it is perfect for the new to average Cigar smoker. I would highly recommend it.
AWESOME DEAL! Box is solid and the cigars were all in great shape. Very satisfied customer.
This deal was just too good to pass up. I needed the humidor, and the sampler included cigars that I hadn't tried before. The humidor is a classy little unit that holds 50 sticks. The smokes were all good quality and very enjoyable. I am very pleased with the entire package.
Great humidor and cigar sampler. Best of all, the incredible price.
Top notch for the money. If you haven't done this yet, just do it. Definitely a newbi must.
A+ deal for a newbie like me. Also CI is fantastic, they are replacing two cigars that were damaged.
Good cigars, great humidor, well made.
Amazing lot. Arrived in great condition, with only a few days to prep humi I was lighting up my cigars within a week. And boy, am I not disappointed. So happy to have found this deal and website! GREAT stater kit!
The box was packed to protect the 10 cigars and the humidor. I'm very pleased with the purchase.
AWESOME DEAL!...great humidor...great cigars!
Great service and deal!
Awesome, could not believe the humidor & cigars that are included for the sampler for the price of the intro offer of $29.99 what a **STEAL**...
Amazing deal! I'm a cigar novice. I stumbled upon this offer as a promo on a motorcycle forum and I had to get it. And the sampler assortment hasn't let me down so far. My favorite is the Hoyo Excalibur. You won't be disappointed!
Amazing deal. The cigars alone for $30 are a great value, then toss in the humidor. Great way to snag new customers! Thanks.
The best value I've ever seen. Great value on quality smokes and the humidor far exceeded my expectations. They've earned a customer for life.
This deal is awesome. The Humidor is nice with a good seal, although mine came slightly damaged. My hygrometer was spot on after salt tested but I had trouble getting it seasoned, its now holding steady though. The sticks that came are very tasty but not the exact ones in the picture. This is a great deal for rookies and veteran smokers alike.
Um. Pretty awesome for the price I paid. The Cigars were pretty damn good. I like mild to medium and most of them did it for me. The Whitetail Humidor is awesome. I just started smoking cigars and CI just got themselves a loyal customer.
Very nice humidor!
Saw this advertised in Time as an intro offer and couldn't resist. I saw the included humidor (or one that looks just like this one) online for the price of this whole offer, so basically all the cigars were free. Great value there, and it will keep me entertained for a while. I couldn't resist and added a Mild and Mellow sampler because this one is more in the medium range, with a couple cigars on the full side. Got the shipment a couple of days ago and was very happy. The humi is better quality than expected, and the cigars are exactly what's listed, no substitutions (the listing said substitutions possible). Some people complained about the packaging, but I had no issues there. The cigars were kind of loose in the humi, but with some air bags so they all survived intact. Count me a happy customer.
This is a great, no... This is the best cigar deal ever! If this is your first time ordering from CI and you purchase this at the under thirty dollar price, then you will be a CI customer for life. The humidor is very good quality and worth the price alone. The cigars are classics and would cost you a bundle if you were to buy them at the local smoke shop. Buy Buy Buy!
This is a GREAT little humidor for the price. In fact, they should be charging more for it. I bought it as a gift for my son (his first humidor) and he loves it. The fact that the glass lid allows him to lust after his cigars without having to lift the lid is even better. If you're thinking of buying this little gem, do yourself a favor and pull the trigger. You won't regret it. Only do it before they take my advice and raise the price.
Great Humidor - Glass top makes it easy to view cigar stock inside and also came with some nice cigars.
Great cigars and great elegant humidor fast shiping and awesome service this really is a o.k.
Good value, nice variety of cigars with humidor which was suitable for my vacation home.
I can't believe this deal, I've bought several of these sticks at my local shop. I coulda spent 80/90 bucks for the stogies and the humidor is $59.00 at the Wharf in Beavercreek, Ohio. Thanks C.I. for watching out for the little guy. I will be ordering more mark my words.
Needed another humidor and saw this deal. Got some cigars I wouldn't mind trying and some others which will likely be given away. For the price its not a bad deal. I did have 2 issues with the humidor though. Usually when I get a humidor and open it I'm greeted with a pleasant cedar aroma; with this one it more like a smell of varnish or wood stain. Hoping it will not effect the cigars. The other problem is the mounting of the humidifier. Normally I would affix it to the top of the case but this looks pretty bad on the glass lid. So I was going to place it along the walls but if you do this the lid does not close properly. So unless you want to have to look at the big white sticker on the lid plan on buying some other humidifier options. Regardless of the issues it still seems like a fairly good deal.
What a deal! My spouse saw the ad for this deal and showed it to me. I could not resist. Arrived on time and in great shape. As a newbie, I'm delighted. Have a great humidor (with instructions) and some smokes to get me started. Would not hesitate to recommend CI.
Unbeatable deal. Humidor alone was worth the price. The cigars that came with it were outstanding. This was one of the best purchases I've ever made.
Excellent deal! Ordered for myself, then ordered a second for a friend. The only problem is that it isn't a standing item. Great for someone looking to get into the cigar world. The 10 sticks that come with it are outstanding.
great gift for my husband!!!!!
I've always been a casual cigar smoker, but never really took the plunge into being a collector until I saw this deal. As a general newbie to the cigar world I must say that I am impressed. The humidor is constructed beautifully and I was able to stabilize the humidity at 70% with little trouble. I have been able to try 3 of the cigars and I must say, they were delicious. CI has definitely gained a lifelong customer with this deal. Thank you!!
Absolutely incredible deal. Thank you.
Got it today and am very happy with the quality of the humidor. Good solid construction and plenty of space for someone thats not an expert 50 is good enough. The cigars were great, smoked the Gurkha right away. Overall for the price of 30 bucks this is a steal.
Great starter humidor. Seasoned without a hitch. Looks and works great. Cigars all came in good condition and the price is amazing!
A great way to invite cigar enthusiasts to try a variety of good cigars at a great introductory price. The entry level humidor makes a great gift. Five out of Five stars!
To be honest, the cigars themselves were worth the price, the humidor was a nice freebie. If you already have a humidor, keep the cigars and give it as a gift to get someone else started in this wonderful world.
Just got the Sampler. The cigars that came with the humidor so far are in great shape and a great selection. Only problem so far is that the Humidor took 2-3 days to season properly to the 68-72% humidity range before use.
Very nice selection of 10 premium cigars. Well worth the $30 I spent. The humidor was a bonus. Pleasantly surprised and it keeps at a constant 70%!
Great deal and a nice starter humidor. The cigars so far were good. I wasn't a big fan of the Punch and Cohiba Red Dot though. I guess they weren't for my taste. Still have to try the Gurkha, La Gloria and the Garo. The Torano Exodus was great!
I've had my humidor for several months now and it's holding great! Keeps a steady humidity level and holds plenty of sticks. The sampler of cigars that came with it was great, I was able to try new brands and see what I liked and didn't like without breaking the bank.
Great Offer & nice assortment!
It is great! My man loved it and the cigars that were in the sampler!
Mine just came in a few days ago. The humidor is amazing. Looks great, surface cleans easily. Seasons quickly and seals tightly, the humidity levels stay level much easier than other humidors I have previously owned. The cigar sampler I received was not exactly as described, which was slightly disappointing. But, I would highly recommend this as a gift or someone who is just starting out as a cigar smoker
Very pleased with this, great buy and some real good smokes.
Top quality and excellent buy.
Humidor is nice and worth every penny.... I tried smoking the Cohiba this weekend and it split open. I am upset because this is my favorite cigar! I will let the rest of the cigars sit a few weeks before smoking them. This sampler is well worth the price. Just let the cigars sit in the humidor a few weeks before smoking!
Very satisfied. Ordered on Wednesday AM, Arrived Thursday afternoon via regular UPS, exactly as advertised.
I couldn't pass on this deal. I was looking for an affordable way to rekindle my love of good cigars, and this Sampler was perfect. I have three sticks left, and I haven't had a bad one yet. This is an excellent deal, and I look forward to ordering fine cigars at fantastic prices.
First off, great deal! I did receive the red dot and g2 damaged, but contacted ci and they replaced them! Humidor is pretty decent, cant complain, and th cigars were a great deal.
Great looking humidor plus starter pack of cigars. I got this pack when it was on sale and it was a great grab. Finally have somewhere to place my babies. I'm just getting into cigars and this is a great size for me. It hold plenty of cigars and the build quality is nice. Holds humidity very well and the sampler that it came with is awesome. Good chance to taste a little bit of everything.
What a great deal! 10 awesome sticks and a nice little humidor for $30, cant go wrong. This was first order from CI and my first humidor but it wont be the last. You guys rock! You now have a customer for life!
I would suggest this humidor compared to other smaller humidors. The humidor has been holding up well. I have had it for almost a year now. Once it was seasoned it has maintained the appropriate humidity. I add propelyne glycol / distilled water mix to it quarterly to maintain the humidity. Many cigars purchased on line need to humidified for a week or so to allow the moistness return to them, but this humidor does a great job. The glass top is nice because I can see what's in it without having to open and it looks sleek. I am looking to upgrade to a larger one now but will maintain a glass top or glass on the humidor somewhere. I enjoy the humidor as a display case so it works well for that.
This is an amazing beginners kit, and for the price you can't beat it. This is the best present I have bought for myself...
When I ordered this sampler combo it was backordered and CI said (very quick email response) it would be about 2-3 weeks. I received the order with in a week and in perfect condition. After seasoning and adding the glycol mixture to the humidifier the humidor stabilized and holds solid. I did adjust the hygrometer about 5 points after the salt test. This is my first humidor and it was very simple to set up with the CI 101 posts. Thanks for a great product and you made me a life-long customer!
Cigars where great not a bad one in the lot . So far humidor is working just fine .Would get another
love it its a great humidor only bad thing is the humidifier keeps falling of the top where i stick it but holds a great amount of cigars i love it and i would recommand it to all my cigars friends
This has to be the best value on the cigar market 10 top quality smokes and a glass top humidor at this price is awesome the humidor is very nice well made don't hesitate on this one gents
Beautiful humidor. Thank you for the great offer of ten cigars and this humidor. It seems worth well more than the $29.00 for the humidor: solidly built and almost hard to open as it is so air tight. Again, thank you. CI all the way.
For around a total of $40 dollars, this deal is almost impossible to beat. The cigars all came undamaged and the humidor itself was in my opinion well protected for shipping.
Great deal, I love it! If you are just getting into cigars remember to get the extra items you will need for your humidor, i.e. the humidor seasoning wipes and the solution for your humidifier. It's cheaper on shipping if you order everything together and your humidor will be ready for storing cigars before you know it!
Cigars = excellent selection! Humidor = nicely crafted, exquisite look and shape. Thank you.
A fantastic start to the Cigar world begins with this amazing deal from CI. I could not be happier! As a long time pipe smoker and some-time cigar smoker I had decided to join the masses in the cigar world after developing a love for cigars. I started looking for a humidor as a next step in my persuit of happieness when I came across this Stunning deal from CI. The cigars that come with the humidor are around 99 $ alone MSRP. And the humidor is darn nice for the 40$ you will spend with shipping to get it home. The humidor came with all the instructions on how to season the humidor and calibrate the hydrometer. My hydrometer was only 2 degrees off. The cigars oh the cigars, this line up will give you a very delicious crash course of some top rated cigars and will not leave you disappointed.
Excellent! It was shipped almost immediately and all the cigars are intact. The humidor seasoned right away so I was able to start storing my cigars sooner. Ihighly recommend this.
This is an amazing deal for the price.
The best deal in town. Period. (No hidden costs, no catches -- as advertised.)
You absolutely can't beat the price. There's no way in hell you should buy this for $157...but for $30 its probably the best cigar deal I've found on the internet. The humidor is worth $30-$35 and the sampler is worth probably $35-$40. So you're basically getting one of the items for free.
Great Deal!
WHAT A DEAL!! This is By far the BEST DEAL and some of the BEST Cigars I've ever received , I would Recommend this to anyone! every Cigar was perfect no issues at all. Thank You CI
I bought this humi/sampler pack on 31 December. I received it late due to bad weather(obviously not CI's fault), but it still made it to my house in perfect shape after being stuck in limbo through the shipping process. I'm not sure what happened though, the humidor looks amazing, but for the life of me it will NOT season. I've tried everything from humi packs, to wiping it down. It starts off looking great around 70, but the next day it's down to 45%! I've now spent a month and a half trying to get this humi to work. My other humidors stay perfect between 67-70%, but this one is killing me. As far as the cigars go, only one (the Cohiba) was peeling. Every other cigar was perfect and has smoked great, unfortunately I had to put them in my other humidors since this glass top couldn't ever season for me. I really enjoyed most of the cigars in this pack as well as the look of the humidor. I'm sure at this point it's too late to ask for a replacement. I still love all of the other great deals I score off of Cigars International though!
Well... This was the deal that got me into cigars a few years back. At the time, I didn't know much about cigars. I had no preference nor did I know what I was doing. Since then, I have become more knowledged and experienced in cigar smoking. I still use the humidor, but I did upgrade to humidity bead tubes. This is for sure a great deal. My advice for new comers is that read up on the different types of cigars and what the different wrappers bring to the flavor. Also, take care of the humidor and season it properly. I'm happy that CI introduced me to the world of cigars through this deal! This is my first review and there will be many more. -Charlie
Humidor working very well without needing any extra sealing done. Seasoned perfectly and is holding at a steady 70%. Had to calibrate the hygrometer, but that's expected with an analog. It actually wasn't that far off. Nothing spectacular in terms of cigars in the sampler, but I mainly bought it for the humidor and considered the cigars as freebies. Would love to see some other deals like this open up, different mix of cigars and different humidor..Would buy again if that was the case.
Humidor is awesome for a beginner like me, I am looking forward to taste the cigars. I did encounter the problem that one of the cigars was missing and the Carlos Torano was torn. I called customer service and received absolutely wonderful service, both cigars will be replaced on my next order. Greatly recommended!!! Thank you for the warm welcome
This was a deal that I couldn't refuse. I was very impressed with not only the selection of cigars, but the quality of the humidor. Shipping was extremely fast and I was very happy with the packaging. There was some confusion with the contents; I was missing one of the cigars and received a shorter version of another. Ci was very fast to correct the problem and send both missing cigars as described. Both times, I received my cigars the next day. Great deal. Thanks.
Very beautiful piece of furniture. Top shelf cigars. Recommend this to any starter of the cigar world. Also can't beat the regular priced cigars.
For $30 a humidor and 10 decent cigars is a no brainier. Exceeded my expectations by far. It made me a lifetime customer of CI. My buddy finally listened to me and just received his yesterday
This deal is awesome. Everything shipped very quickly and in perfect condition. 10 top rated cigars and a beautiful glass top humidor. How can you beat it?
Completely worth it. Got this on sale for $29.99. This would be a great price for just the cigars. In fact, you could look at it as a free humidor with an outstanding price on 10 cigars or 10 free cigars with an outstanding price on a humidor. Either way, you win. Unless you pass this up..
Excellent appearance & quality, especially considering that it was part of a special offer "10 Cigars + Humidor". I couldn't be happier! The cigars alone were worth over $45 (even discounted), I paid 30 bucks for EVERYTHING! I immediately started browsing the catalog for some tasty sticks to fill it up with!
Love the cigars, great variety of taste and sizes, plus humidor fits my needs and looks great too.
Love the humidor. The cigars were actually better than I thought I'd get. Very happy with the value.
Ordered this as a gift for a relative and he loved it. It arrived quickly and in good shape. The humidor has a beautiful finish and details. Easily looks like we paid 2x. Very pleased and plan on being repeat customers.
Very nice humidor. Comes with everything you need to get started.
Looks great and everything arrived unscathed. Seasoning the humidor now...
Received it in exceptional condition all the cigars intact will defiantly be order more stuff from here
Great gift idea for a beginner to get started, got this for my brother as a Christmas gift and he was thrilled when he got it
Great sampler nice variety to choose from.
Freaking awesome deal for 29$, good gift for anmmy beginniner cigar fan, fine cigars inside. The humidor alone is worth it for beginner humidor!
I bought this along with the 12 Days of Christmas sampler and everything arrived in perfect condition. Beginning to season the humidor today! I have visited the Hamburg PA store before but this was my first on-line purchase and I am very pleased. So, I received a total of 22 cigars (alot of good names here) and a humidor for a very good price.
This is a very nice humidor. For the price, I was expecting much less in quality. The service of CI and the quality of the products are second to none. When I opened the box and saw the humidor and cigars I was amazed with the deal that I got. If you are looking for a starter or just a second or third Humidor for your extra cigars this cannot be beat. I have wanted one for quite a while but did not want to pay an arm and a leg, I saw this and could not refuse. It seals very well and after seasoning the box and calibrating the hygrometer it keeps a constant 70%.
As advertised....Crazy deal, and yes...a great introduction to a classy operation. I have enjoyed samplers and deals from other cigar businesses, but this is by far my best experience yet! Thanks Cigar international, and happy holidays!!
A great deal! Amazing sampler of the TOP cigars, all fresh and well-constructed. A great humidor for beginners or to be used as a secondary box for your dailies. Also the perfect gift! No issues with any cigar in this sampler pack. I am very happy with this purchase.
Although some of the cigars are different from what is advertised (Torano Exodus Silver Robusto is actually the Casa Torano etc.), the selection is great and the humidor was better than expected. Very pleased with my purchase. Will definitely be buying from CI again in the future.
Must buy! A Humidor and 10 Cigars, a good combo nonetheless, for what, 30 bux!? Take my money and future business! And my friend's money who I sent you and already ordered from you! Im just getting into cigars and this made me jump ahead and order after days of searching the site for tbe right order! Also makes a grand gift to the smoker! However, it says 50 cigar capacity, more like 30-45 of course that is basing it on cigar sizes. Alas all is well and I'm happy! -Yuro
the cigars were great but I am fairly certain the humidor was DOA so to speak, after a few tries at seasoning it and discussion with a local store owner it sounds as if the seal is loose somewhere. RH fluctuates rather wildly unfortunately...
Ridiculous deal!!! Mostly all good smokes and the humidor works perfect for about 40 sticks. Can I buy another?
Excellent value for money.
Really? This ones a no brainer... Just make sure to calibrate the hygrometer bedore using which is really easy... 10 top shelf cigars at this price plus a pretty sweet humidor is a no brainer.. Get it! You wont regret it!
Just calibrated the hygrometer, can't wait to try these smokes out. I could not be happier with the selection of this sampler and you won't find a better bargain. PERIOD!
What a deal. You're not going to be able to find a deal better than this anywhere. Definitely some good smokes in the sampler, & the humidor is pretty sharp. I'd recommend this to anyone.
Definitely a great buy. I'm new to cigar smoking and this deal has made the initiation that much easier. I'm still working on the ten it came with, but I've almost filled it with some of my favorites.
I bought this deal wen it was only $30… I couldn't pass it up!!! Love the humidor…. Great seal and holds my smokes perfectly… The cigars are not bad either… Being a newbie, this sampler was a great way to try a wide range of smokes… Although I did not receive all of the same cigars that are listed… Some were switched… Highly recommend the humidor though…
Great deal! Only one cigar as damage but that is ok. Price is worth it. Thank you CI for this great deal.
So far it's been a very good experience with this sampler. The small humidor is great for an overflow. The sticks that came with that sampler have all been good so far, though I've not smoked them all. If you are new to cigars, and are looking into this because it comes with a humidor, please listen. Yes it comes with a nice starter humidor. HOWEVER! Any and all humi's need about a week to get "seeded" before they are ready to hold cigars. Please do not purchase this, throw the cigars in there, and let it ride. You'll lose the cigars in under a week. Please read up on how to properly manage a new humidor. Also, the hydrometer that comes with it, is great to look at...but generally useless. You need one that is digital.
I have purchased many cigar humidors from CI in the past, and this happen to be one of them...I would definitely advise you to send a message to customer service regarding the packing issue, they will probably have no problem accommodating you...They have terrific a customer service department! I never pass up the opportunity to purchase a new humidor, especially for the price, and with free cigars! This is why I have one for my home, work, car, man cave, etc...Way to go CI again!
This was my first humidor and for $30 with 10 cigars I think it's a tough deal to beat. It holds humidity very well once seasoned, and the build and finish quality is very nice. The front mount hygrometer was fairly accurate out of the box, but I did also purchase a calibration kit to set it precisely. Also because I'm obsesed with accuracy, I did purchase a digital hygrometer and the analog device continues to match the digital within a 3% for the last couple months.
This was a great deal, humidor works amazing!!
Great deal… Ten cigars plus this awesome humidor!!!! Hard to pass up...
Well worth the cost. The humi has held moisture flawlessly and the sticks in this sampler are a steal. Just be sure to buy some cheap cigars as well for your buddies so you can keep these smokes to yourself!
Awesome! Couldn't be happier for the price!
Cohiba Red Dot-$16 Hoyo de monterrey-$6 (5-pack=$30) La Gloria Cubana-$12 Aside from people's opinions on the quality of the cigars, Basic math alone tells you this is a great deal! The first three cigars exceed the value of this whole combo (with the coupon) and those arent even the BEST three. How many people can honestly say they have walked out of a cigar store with 10 cigars and a humidor and spent only $30... You couldnt even do that if you bought 10 factory throwouts and a 5 capacity travel humidor!
Just got mine today, wow I couldn't wait to open it and I wasn't disappointed. Smells great and looks great too. It was a great deal.
What a fantastic way to introduce your company and it's products. I am thrilled with the quality of all the cigars as well as the humidor. You've made a customer for life!
Awesome, simply awesome! Love the glass top on this humidor. The cigars that were sent with humidor got me a nice collection started. Thanks CI, I will be buying more cigars from CI to fill the humidor.
This was a great starter pack. The humidor is not supreme quality. However, it gets the job done and looks very nice. My cigars all arrived intact and smoke just fine. Overall, this was a fantastic deal!
Very good; 10 good cigars and good humidor. I'll get it again.
Love, love, love this humidor!! It blows away the humidor offered by other cigar clubs!!!
Although I quit smoking cigarettes many years ago, I've been dancing around the idea of seriously smoking stogies for a while. Finally, I jumped in taking advantage of this offer which I caught on a magazine. Loved it. Every single cigar I got was perfect (newbie opinion). The humidor is a very nice looking piece on my credenza. Looks beautiful and it includes a humidifier and an analog humidity meter that looks very classy, and really works. For an entry level selection of cigars and humidifier, this set is great. Would recommend. Thanks CI for the opportunity.
I really like this 30+ cigar humidor. The interior construction is solid and the exterior is damn attractive. It compares very favorably against my Presidente 80+ cigar humidor. I used a CI crystal gel bead jar instead of the puck for humidifying. After seasoning the humidor, the humidity is holding rather steady going on week 2 (according to my digital reader). Time will tell, but I am not worried. The cigar selection included two substitutions: Gurkha Master Select: Churchill, and Carlos Torano Noventa: Torpedo. In short, get this deal and enjoy a nice selection of cigars. The only thing missing is some humidor fluid, or a gel/bead humidifier....AND MORE CIGARS. Cheers
This was an awesome deal! I can humbly say that I'm new to the cigar hobby, but I've been into craft beer for a while and I know a deal when I see it. First of all, the humidor is a nice piece. It has a glass lid to display your collection and a built in hygrometer to help ensure proper humidity. The seal is solid, it's almost like it locks shut. That's the first part of the deal that is already worth it, considering I bought a similar humidor that is slightly bigger for a little over $30. The second part, where most of the value lies, are the cigars included. The Gurkha alone sells for $8-10 by itself in my area. Awesome collection and variety! If you're just starting out, or just want a great deal then this is a MUST buy!
I am still a novice cigar smoker and this is my first humidor, but no way you can tell me that this is not a really good deal. It arrived the next day and it appears to be of very, very decent quality. It's not cheap looking at all. I am very satisfied and I can't wait to try the cigars!!
I'm glad I found this great deal and a little disappointed I can't order it for $30.00 again. The only problems I have is that the humidor had a chip missing from the corner which I don't mind. Also, that the cigars listed are not the cigars I received, but are the same brand; different sizes and a couple with different strengths. All in all this is a great deal. Just don't expect the cigars to match the description, but be pretty close.
Bought this for my fire station! Thought it would be a cheapy humidor and a bunch of castoff cigars......boy was i wrong! Great humidor and the cigar combo was all top shelf! Thank you cigars international, you have made a customer for life!
Great starter humidor, excellent sampler with a great range of brands and blends.
Humidor quality is much nicer than I anticipated. Awesome sampler of cigars for someone trying to determine what type of stogies they fancy. Unbelievable deal. I never write reviews, but Cigars International is honestly the best designed website I have ever come across.
The humidor itself is worth the price tag, throw on the cigars and you cant beat it for $30!
Received the humidor and assorted sticks today. Seasoning it now & things are looking good so far. Using Boveda 84% seasoning pack & hygrometer is reading in the 68-72% range after a few short hours. Ordered a digital hygrometer, but the analog is at least registering changes in humidity during seasoning. Can't wait to try the cigars, too. Nice assortment of sizes & brands. Very happy with CI so far after two orders; great values, quick shipping & updates on info. Definitely recommend this company.
Got mine no more than an hour ago, seasoned it, and have it sitting on my desk beside me. For a first humidor it's great! I haven't tried any of the cigars yet, I'm waiting until the humidor is ready so they can rest in it for a few weeks. In regards to the order itself all I can say is that it was fast. I ordered it on Tuesday and got it on Thursday. Thank you CI for such an amazing deal! I will definitely be ordering more cigars from CI in the future.
Nicely packed with quality cigars...the humidor is a bonus. It's gotten many compliments sitting on my bar already. You can't go wrong at this price and I'm already looking for my next great deal!
This is an awesome sampler! The humidor and stogies make for a nice gift for a newbie! Thanks CI, many more orders to come!
CI is the best. Many friends interested in starting up with cigars have a perfect chance here. This is great because now these friends will have a humidor so I can give them smokes to try knowing they won't dry out or be wasted. CI truly is the best.
Awesome deal; for this price you cannot go this as the package deal: Humi plus the 10 cigars. Everything shipped perfect. No problems with the humi, but I would suggest changing to a digital hygrometer and go with the beads instead of the foam puck. Overall though, a 10. Cigars are perfect; can't wait to smoke them all!!
The sampler pack is great. The humidor seems decent for the price. My biggest gripe with the humidor is the hygrometer. It was not calibrated when I received it.... The pack is excellent and worth the money. However save yourself the hassle and get a good digital hygrometer....Everything else about the sampler was great. The package arrived quickly and everything was packaged nicely.
Great little humidor and a very nice selection of cigars. This is something that I enjoyed greatly.
I ordered this humi-combo last month and have to say I cannot complain. The cigars were good for the price and on top of that got a humidor for free. Greatly recommend this offer to any one, not only beginners.
Just getting back into cigars and this was perfect starter kit!!!!!! 10 quality cigars and a good humidor will definitely get me going again. Recommended to everyone!!!!
Humidor works great, after adjustments and addition of a gel humidifier. Cigars were 8/10, especially enjoyed Macanudo Cafe 10/10. Can't beat it for the price, Thanks CI
My brother was the first to buy this, then I got my own. The humidor and cigar combo here are superb! I definitely do not regret buying this sampler set. DO NOT HESITATE; BUY IT NOW!!!!!!
Pretty cool humidor sampler. The humidor was easy to set up and once I calibrated my hygrometer and added a jar of Humicare beads, it has been on cruise control at 70 degrees humidity. The humidor is a beauty and I received good compliments on its design. I would say 30-35 cigars tops. The cigar samples are not bad as I am a mild/medium cigar smoker. For the price, you would be out of your mind not to buy. It's a great way to start your cigar stash. Needless to say, its currently full and I am thinking of getting a bigger humidor.
I just received the cigars and the humidor in this sampler. I wanted to write this review to CI because I want to thank them for putting this deal together. I'm a relatively new online cigar shopper and after combing through the webs, CI has quickly become my favorite spot to order from. Thank you, CI!
Great deal. Excellent quality.
What a great deal. Great brands and a solid humidor. Highly recommended.
Very nice humidor and some real quality smokes! Fast shipping, too.
This was a gift for a 40th birthday... I knew he was into cigars a little bit, but he didn't have a humidor... This is a great gift idea for anyone wanting to take that first step into cigars...
This was a steal. What a great buy. I love the cigars and LOVE the humidor even more.
This was my first purchase from CI, and this is also what got me hooked on cigars. It's a great deal that can't be beat at its price.
A lot of the humidor + sampler packages out there are iffy deals. Usually, you get an ok 30-count humidor with ten cigars, three or four of which are good. This sampler is different. The humidor is a pretty good size and quality. However, the big advantage is in the sampler. Only a couple of them are filler. Seven or eight of them are solid or really great cigars. If you're thinking of getting a humidor + sampler combo to start yourself off on a cigar hobby, get this one.
Just plain awesome! It's a great starter kit for anyone wanting to get into cigars, but not make the commitment to hunt down various brands to try different tastes and styles. Not to mention the humi itself is as well made as any you can find out there. Ships with really good selection of cigars including some of my own favorites. This was my introduction to CI and I am just so glad I decided to order one.
Great deal! Everything came fast and in perfect condition.
These is my first order through CI and it is great. I'm happy all around. I would recommend any of their cigars and anything else they have to offer. I already placed my second order.
Really nice humidor for the price. Glass Top, Hygrometer and humidification disc for under $40. You can't be beat that!
Could not be more pleased with this buy. An all star lineup of cigars along with a beautiful glass top and for a dirt cheap price? Yeah I'll go ahead and take that any day!
Awesome sampler!!
Recently got back into cigars and a friend from work turned me on to CI. Bought this Humi Combo for my office. This is a great deal... It comes with 10 great sticks. But the humi was not that great. The first time I opened it, the lid tore off the top of the box.. It's just small screws into what looks like MDF holding on the hinges. But not to fret. I called CI customer service and they had a new Humi out to me in a Jiffy. CI has great customer service.
This was totally awesome! I love the different variety of great cigars and they are all top notch cigars. The humidor (my first) is also really classy. This was a superb buy!
Great cigars, great humidor...Exceptional value....
Humidor was in great shape. It was packaged like someone was mailing a vital organ. Beautiful. The cigars are resting in the box for now. I smoked a Cohiba and it was great. The finish was what should be expected. Wonderful. I got this on sale and I think....I think I might have robbed CI. This was just a great, great deal.
Great cigars, nice humidor. What's not to like?
Just got mine today....Anyone complaining about this deal is nuts! Great humidor and it's already at 65%, not to mention the cigars. Can't get a deal like this anywhere else. Pull the trigger now.
EXCELLENT!!! First off, I have to say to those who are skeptical about such an amazing deal, it is just simply that... An amazing deal! There are no catches, no commitments, no hidden charges or fine print, just a really great deal. The humidor is of good quality, beautiful, and well built. The cigar selection is excellent as well, no cheap sticks here. This is a fine selection of very nice quality cigars and a great starter collection to show-off. I have already had a few of them, and I am very pleased. The humidor needs a little seasoning to bring it up to proper operating humidity, but the cigars arrived in excellent shape, perfectly humidified. I HIGHLY recommend this product, and Cigars International, in general. I expect to be doing MUCH more business with them in the future. :)
Great! Arrived in perfect shape! Love it!!!!!
Awesome deal! Very well packaged the humidor is very nice to hold some of your favorite cigars in your office or den. Have not smoked any of the cigars due to letting them age in my humidor for awhile but they all smelled and looked great!
Excellent deal with a selection of cigars that can't be beat! Humidor holds steady at 70% after 2 wipe downs and placing a Xikar humidifier gel puck in there. I didn't receive the Torano Noventa though, but instead got the Torano Casa Torano which was well worth it! I've had a Noventa in a previous sampler, and the Casa Torano blew my mind! For $30 you get 10 top brand cigars with a premium humidor? Already told all of my friends about this deal.
For someone new to cigars, this is a no-brainer! Great selection of name-brand cigars with a variety of taste and strength profiles. The cigars or the humidor would be worth the 30 bucks. Everything came in perfect condition. I'll be ordering more of these as gifts.
Simply, amazing. If you're hesitating on this one, don't, because you'll never find a deal like this anywhere ever again. I was skeptical at first, but it just came in today in excellent condition, and the CAO I tried was delectable. If you're looking for a good humidor, and some fine cigars at a very low price, then go ahead and start your collection the cheapest way possible without skimping on quality. It really is a $157 value, if not more.
This was part of my first purchase with CI and I couldn't be happier. The humidor seals just fine and the cigars it came with are great. And it looks great sitting on my mantle!
Nice humidor with much better quality than I expected. With the glass shelf you do not have to open the humidor, as you can just look at the little puppies down inside.
Got this about two months ago and I'm in love. The cigars that I have smoked are great (still letting more sit until Christmas), and the humidor looks amazing. Just make sure to calibrate and season and everything works out great.
I got my humidor and sampler about 2 weeks ago, and I've been very happy with the cigars it came with and the humidor itself. I can wait to fill it up with more cigars.
My order of the Top-Shelf Glass Top Humidor Sampler #2 just came in today and WOW! What a package. I am extremely new to cigar smoking and this $30 sampler was well worth the investment. Just as the description said, I am now a lifelong CI customer! Good job guys!
Value, Value, Value...On top of this these are high quality. You just can't beat this offer.
Best deal around! If you are just starting out and need a humidor without spending big $, then grab this one! Throw in the premium 10 cigar sampler and it only gets better. I ordered on a Monday night and received regular shipment on Friday.
Great deal and fast shipping. Thanks!
This made a great Fathers day Gift!!
Goodness! I nabbed this during a promotion and halfway expected a glorified cigar box with a nice sampler inside. To my pleasant surprise, this thing is pretty snazzy! Mine seals like a dream, and while the exterior wood isn't some nice pre-embargo ebony with rosewood inlays, it is lined in nice spanish cedar and is more than classy enough to sit on even the fanciest of desks. The hygrometer is pretty accurate, and can be calibrated. The humidifier is a cheapy, but you want yourself some Boveda bags, anyways now, don't you? Throw these sticks into the mix and this this whole thing is quite a steal!
Nice humidor. Good choice of cigars in the sampler.
I'm new to cigars and this was an awesome way to get started, it has all I needed to safely store my cigars and try a healthy variety of what is out there. I did find several that I fell deeply in love with and ordered more of. I had no problem setting up the humidor, but I did decide to by a digital hydrometer with it to simply the process, being new to enjoying cigars. I have definitely found a new hobby that will be very, relaxing and enjoyable!! Thank you so much CI and keep the deals coming!
Great purchase. The humidor is well worth what I paid for it. Sure its not a high dollar model, but for the money its a great deal and offers a nice extra humidor to keep at the office. The selection of cigars arrived in good shape.
The Humidor is first rate. The selection of cigars were all great smokes. I will order the sampler selection again.
Wow..what a deal. Humidor is top quality. Seasoned it and its holding at 70% for a week now. The cigars in the sampler are really good. Good variety and great value. Smoked the cohiba and the mac already. Can't wait to try the others. Get this sampler. Its worth it.
Excellent! The humidor has a nice seal and holds humidity at a consistent 70. The smokes speak for themselves, Thanks CI!
Very happy with this purchase. Great Humidor w/ quality cigars.
Great deal for this Humidor! Got a couple good Cigars with it... Can't go wrong here. Great gift idea.
Excellent value and pleasantly surprised on the quality.
Getting back into the beauty of hand rolled cigars...after 10 yr 'sabbatical'...seemed like the perfect gateway for re-entry...Beautiful humi...10 sticks mild to full so you can awaken your tastes...I discovered the Graycliff G2 & Garo Double Habano, thank you very much!! 5 sticks remain 'asleep' in their new home...Oh by the way, the analog hygrometer needed the simple salt test recalibration and has been spot on (68-75) since....I also recommend a gel humidifier or using a 50/50 solution in your sponge...IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE with maintaining ideal humidity levels...Shipping error in the overall order had no bearing in this being an amazing offer for the person still in that valley of decision...C'mon in the water's fine!! THANKS CI !!!
Just got mine in and this is for people like me, where this is their first humidor. What I did was find a cool spot in my room where no sunlight will ever hit it and is away from my stuff like TV, xbox and computer. My house we don't run the AC, so im investing in a wine cooler. Anyways, once you get it, season it ASAP. This humidor holds water really well, I did 3 wipe downs with a sponge and held all the water. humidifier, wet sponge and 24 hours later the sponge was still damp and the humidifier was a little lighter than it was when I put it in but still had a lot of water in it. Took out the sponge and re filled the humidifier and waited another 24 hours. I calibrated my digital hygrometer and it was reading 75% humidity when I woke up. When the 2nd 24 hour mark came up the humidifier felt just as heavy. If that is the case with you, then load up your cigars! If you're like me and got the humi-care gel, replace the humidifier with the gel and let it sit for another 24 hours, not necessary but that's what I did just to make sure. After 24 hours I loaded up my 10 free cigars. Now about the cigars, I got a big zip-lock bag and did the salt test method so the cigars can get some humidity since it takes 2-3 days of exposure outside the humidor. Worked like a charm. I recommend this deal to anyone starting out like me. Great humidor and the best deal for ANY type of humidor combo. Period.
great very happy with deal !!!!!
What a deal to draw me in to become a repeat customer. All 10 cigars are now consumed, but new orders have kept this humidor full. One cigar came damaged and CI replaced it, no questions asked. You can't find better service than that. Think this looks too good to be true? You would be wrong!
Nice humidor with a great selection of cigars. Well worth the discounted price. The cigars alone would cost at least that much.
Great looking accessory that houses a solid number of cigars. The lack of shelving is a bit of a drag but the glasstop is elegant and functional. Took a long time to season but my hygrometer arrived perfectly calibrated (did salt test, exactly 75%!) which thrilled me. I am a novice to the world of cigars and this piece makes me look like an aficianado right off the rip. For the deal with the sampler included at $40, it's an outstanding value.
As a newbie to Cigars, I'm not sure if I qualify for an unbiased review, but I feel this is an incredible value. The price is like buying 10 cigars and getting a free humidor. The humidor is of good quality, and the variety of cigars is excellent. I would recommend this combo to anyone new to cigars, or looking for a spare humidor with good quality cigars. The packing was well done to protect not only the humidor the cigars inside as well. Cigars International has earned me as a repeat costumer.
Amazing sampler pack. This is the reason why I come to cigars international. I wouldn't have the opportunity to try some of these great cigars at these amazing prices. I would definitely recommend this cigar pack. Being a cigar smoker that smokes anything from mild to the fullest of the full cigars, this gave me a WIDE range of new flavors to try. I have found some new favorites in this pack. Thanks CI for providing me the opportunity to try these amazing cigars at these rock bottom prices!
A perfect assortment of stogies and a wonderful humidor...the buy of the year.
Decent humidor, doesn't quite hold 50 but it does the trick. Great selection of sticks. I'm enjoying the Gurkha right now. Always a pleasure to deal with CI.
Nice! Great deal!
very good deal. just smoked one cigar which was fine. the humidor is great. Cant wait to smoke the other cigars , especially the cohiba
Wow! What an awesome deal. I recieved this the other day and have it out on display already. Good quality cigars. CI is the only place where I will be purchasing cigars from now. Congrats I will be a lifelonger for sure. Wish you had a store in Milwaukee I could visit!
After having received this sampler, I can honestly say that I probably would have paid the $30 for either the cigars or the humidor, but both made this an easy decision. I purchased this mostly for the humidor itself. The humidor itself has a nice seal and looks great. Mine seasoned well and is currently holding ~30 cigars at steady humidity. A nice touch is that the analog hygrometer actually works, thought needed calibration (It seems that every analog hygrometer I've ever owned has been worthless). The only complaint is that the screw holding the right hinge to the lid of the humidor was a little loose, and I discovered the screw hole itself to be stripped. Now I have to just apply a little pressure to close a barely visible gap on the right side when closed, and it hasn't seemed to have an impact on the seal. Anyway, this is a great deal!
Thought this was going to be a cheap Humidor. Well I was wrong! Really nice and all my sticks came perfect. Well worth it!!!
what a great deal cant beat it!
Ordered this combo on Monday and received it on Wednesday. It arrived in perfect condition. It was packaged in a box within another box with Styrofoam and air pillows. Couldn't have been packaged better. The humidor looks twice as expensive as the combo price not counting the cigars. The cigar assortment is as depicted in the add. Very nice. Thank you CI
This was an absolute bargain...Let me start off by saying I'm completely new to this, but I have done an immense amount of research on humidors and cigars. As far as the cigars that come with the package, I have not smoked them yet...I want them to relax in the humidor for a while...Now...the humidor...not only is it an attractive piece...its has a heavy lid...There are absolutely NO seal issues on this one...I read a few reviews on other sites, and I'm wondering if their package was handled roughly...because mine passed the dollar bill test...and after 48 hours of seasoning, the humidor is holding at RH 68-72 consistently...and thats with about 16 cigars being in them...the hygrometer is very basic, just make sure to calibrate immediately...the humidifier is also very basic...I replaced with a Xikar 50ct for $10 approximately...I could not be happier with CI's customer service and super quick shipping...As a med student who is trying to get into this hobby without spending a ton of money, this was a great deal...I will definitely buy again as a gift...
If you are buying this expecting to get top notch cigars that's just not the case, that being said this is a great sampler for a starter, there are a few decent cigars and a few I have yet to smoke... But the real value comes in the humidor, I have been quite impressed with mine, it sealed well and I still use it 6 months later with no issues... I would definitely recommend this buy to anyone starting out, or heck if you just need a decent smaller humidor!
- After getting this Humidor in the mail along with the cigars, I am very pleased with the way everything looks. A little more than what I expected. The cigars seem to be in o.k. condition although the one I smoked the night that I got them in the mail, seemed a little on the dry side but nothing serious. Overall a 9/10 and Thank you Cigars International for this EXTREMELY amazing deal ($29.99).
I just started exploring the world of cigars and this is by far the best 30 (35 with shipping) dollars I could have spent! For a beginner this is more than I could have asked for. I do have one question for the experts out there though. My humidor came with a little shelf built in at an awkward angle. I assumed it shifted in transit but I ordered another for my dad as a gift and it was placed the same way. What is the purpose of that small piece of wood?
I just got this sampler with the Humidor today, I ordered it Sunday, it was shipped Monday and then here its Thursday and I find it on my porch! And it was well packaged too, huge box with those new air bag things all around the box with the Humidor in it, and inside the it was more bags with my cigars all looking perfect as if I chose them myself! The Humidor is not really cheap made either, like I expected for the price! Its a beauty! I have never had a real humidor before, the only one I have is a canister type, with only a Humi disk and nothing else! But up until the last few months I couldn't afford good premium cigars, and the cheap bundles at smokes shops I was getting just didn't seem to deserve such pampering! But now that I am going for the good stuff, through online stores, I am diffidently going to pamper them! Thanks CI!
Everything came nice and undamaged. However, instead of the Gurkha Triple Ligero Toro, I received the Gurkha Doble Maduro. It should be fine because I'm new to cigar smoking and am still testing out different brands.
I think they have fixed the packaging issue. Mine came with a couple air bags in it to protect the cigars. All ten are in great shape and the humidor is a good starter. If you're just getting into cigars or want a small humi to keep your overflows then get this bundle.
Let me start by saying I'm a complete novice when it comes to the cigar scene but CI put some hair on my chest with this deal. The cigar selection is top notch, the humidor is well built and an excellent piece to show off your new beauties and look sweet while doing it. This should read...once you go CI, you wind up with top shelf sticks you cant get anywhere else on the net for cheaper. My only suggestion is you upgrade to the CI Smiley Crystal Gel Humidifier to keep your homies nice and fresh. DO IT!
Wow what a deal!....great humidor and 10 awesome stogies, CI never dissapoints.
Great starter. The humidor is nice and well built. I was very pleased with the quality of the humidor and the selection of cigars. Well shipped and I got it super fast. Did this as a phone order, staff was nice and honored the promo code. Could not beat this deal anywhere I looked.
This is a great deal. Sure, the humidor is a cheapo, but for the price, it will do for an overflow/office/backup. Of more concern is the packaging. I received my cigars inside the humidor, without any kind of padding or cushioning. While the humidor was securely held in place, the cigars were not. Sadly, I lost the Hoyo de Monterrey to a torn (darn near shredded) wrapper.
Amazing deal, great cigars and a good humidor. One of the cigars was damaged when I received it and CI agreed to replace it no questions asked. Exceptional customer service!
Excellent starter package!!! Good quality on the humidor and cigars.
Wow...I just started out and this kit is epic. Got to sample around and the build on the humi is amazing. A must buy.
This is a great deal for any cigar novice just starting out! Not only do you get a great humidor, you also get a great sample of cigars to start your collection. Both the humidor and the cigars were delivered quickly and in great shape! Also, the service at Cigars International is top notch. Thank you Cigars International for this great sampler!
I just received this as a gift from my wife. Although I haven’t enjoyed any of the cigars yet, I am very pleased with the selection of cigars and the quality of the humidor. Everything arrived in perfect condition. If you are considering purchasing this package, just do it. I doubt that you will find a better deal anywhere else. I calculated what it would cost to purchase everything separately, the humidor and 10 single cigars, (although many of the cigars aren’t available as singles) and it came up to nearly $90.00. This is a great bargain!
Great deal! I bought this as a gift for my friend, not expecting much but when it arrived I was very surprised. The Humidor alone is worth more than the $29 price. I was also surprised at the quality of cigars. It has a good mix from mild to full bodied cigars to suit just about everyone. If you bought the cigars locally as singles I bet you would pay $50 just for the smokes. This makes a great gift, but be warned. When you actually see it you will probably think twice about giving it away!
This is a great beginner deal. The humidor sealed just fine for me. Still use it to store infused cigars.
This is an awesome sampler to start your cigar collection. Also the service with CI is top of the line.
While the deal is great, and I have enjoyed a couple of the Cigars, its still disappointing that a couple of the cigars were just to damaged to smoke. I essentially only got 7 cigars with the box, and worse yet the ones damaged were the ones I wanted to try the most, but other than that, It was worth the money.