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The Bender Ender 80-Cigar Sampler

80 delicious, handmade Churchills for $110. No-brainer.

Here's a little number that's long overdue. At hand is the value cigar world's best-of-the-best, all together and nicely discounted. Represented are the shining stars of the 2-FER bundle category, closeout gems, the knock-around yard 'gar's finest, and more. If you're looking for a new everyday handmade, here's a great way to test the entire market in one fell swoop. If you've got moochers constantly hitting you up for freebies, keep 'em at bay for pennies. Whatever the case may be, this 80-cigar all handmade, all Churchill sampler is calling your name. And the 73% off price will surely seal the deal.

But if you're still not sold, scour the contents carefully. I've graciously included 5 Cohiba Churchills in the mix - worth $89.99 alone - for special occasions.

The Bender Ender 80-Cigar Sampler includes:
5 - 1876 Reserve Churchill (7.25" x 50)
5 - 1876 Reserve Maduro Churchill (7.25" x 50)
5 - Duque Churchill (7" x 50)
5 - Villiger Connecticut Churchill (7" x 50)
5 - Arganese Maduro Churchill (7" x 50)
5 - Palma Real Presidente (7.5" x 50)
5 - Bahia Blu U700 Churchill (7" x 50)
5 - Free Cuba Churchill (7.2" x 50)
5 - La Perla Habana Cazadores Churchill (7" x 50)
5 - Brocatus Churchill (7" x 50)
5 - EO 21 Churchill (7.5" x 52)
5 - Cuban Delights Dominican Churchill (7" x 50)
5 - Don Rafael #67 Churchill (7.5" x 50)
5 - La Diferencia Cubana Presidente (8" x 50)
5 - Dark Shark Churchill (7" x 50)


5 - Cohiba Red Dot Churchill (7" x 49)

MSRP: $405.50

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80 CIGARS Backordered $404.00 $109.99

Customer Reviews of “The Bender Ender 80-Cigar Sampler”

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Had mine for over a few months now.When I want to try something "New",I grab one.At the price,it is much better than I expected. Took them all out of their wrapper,and letting them "age". I have gotten a LOT MORE than I expected,and more than I paid for. "Papigordo" Santo Domingo,Dom.Rep.
Had a need for every day smokes and found this deal. I've been spoiled by Arturo Fuente and Carrillo but they've been putting a hurting on my bank account each month. Bought this sampler as a way to branch out and try some of the other brands while not killing my wallet and a way to fill my extra humidor. Excited to branch out as I've tried a few CI sampler packs in the past and have only ever had 1 cigar that I would never purchase again.
This is only the second time I have ever given a review on ANYTHING, but these cigars are so damn good! I had to let my fellow cigar lovers know that these sticks are not only good for every day use, but when I have guests over who know their cigars, I take off the label, hand them out, and they are always impressed. I freaking LOVE this Churchill deal!
I am a Churchill nut, and I first ordered this Sampler just to see what it was like. I loved it and have now ordered 10 consecutive times; they have different blends, bands but they are all Churchills! I have only had 1 cigar that I can say I did not like but that may have been the way I preserved that particular cigar. Try them; you will ove them!
By far, the absolute worst sampler I've tried from CI....(most very loosely rolled) throughout the batch. A few decent, but even the Cohibas that were included were third rate. Never again.
not worth the money. uneven burn, unwraps all along length.
This is a great Deal I order it all the time great price and great cigers
I want to commend and thank you for the 80 Churchill sampler. It is utterly amazing. I have ordered & am ordering 9 out of the 13 in it. I have searched for 2+ years for the perfect work cigars! and I have only found 3. NOW You have given me 9. Utterly amazing. I sit in front of 6 screens in my cloud company, and the ONLY thing that keeps me working are mild Churchills, all except 1 which I buy from YOU! I typically smoke 6-10 in a 14 hour workday, so they need to be mild, low maintenance staying lit, a little tasty is a bonus, and economical. I never dreamed you would enable me to quadruple the number of what I call "Work Sticks"! My Work Sticks have to be non-challenging so I can focus on the screens & work. I smoke higher end cigars when I am NOT working, and can focus on the cigar. Everyone says you can't find great cigars under $2 or $1. CI, you have proved them absolutely wrong. Please keep up the good work in supplying these types of cigars.
Some selections better than others but all very smoke-able. For the price, a terrific introduction to many brands one might not try otherwise. I'm going back for seconds!
Good deal for the price but watch out, some of the sticks burn very inconsistant and the wrapper falls off half way through on some... The Cu'Avana & Cuban Delights are uneventful, but overall the sampler has good smokes and a good price.
GREAT Sampler, I've purchased it twice and will again when available! Please don't order until after I have ordered!
Great prices for really good cigars!
What a deal. 10 out of 10. No more needs to be said.
Very enjoyable sampler for the price, will definitely order it again next summer when I find myself smoking more often.
Half way through my bender and I think I found my go to cyclical buy to keep me stocked with daily smokes. The Cohibas were a treat but the dark sharks were even tastier. The bender will never end for me as long as the CI guys keep them coming.
I ordered the Bender Ender and was pleasantly surprised. Overall the entire selection was very enjoyable. Decent everyday smokes that suit me just fine. I will definitely reorder this one.
Good way to stock the humidor without spending a fortune. All decent smokes but not so good that I feel bad if I have to toss one away.
This is an excellent array of tasty sticks! They burned evenly, the variety was very good, and it was a great value for the money. I will be ordering this sampler again.
Just tried the Duque. Enjoyed the smoke and flavor. Easy draw and no relights.
Awesome price and great flavor for all the cigars! fresh, nice rolled, not cracking. I would highly recommend getting this if you have a lot of friends who want to try a cigar, and may actually enjoy it!
For the massive number cigars you get in this sampler, one really can't complain too much about the quality. That said, this is definitely one of those samplers you buy to get your fix during the week or to share with friends with less discerning tastes....I really can't in good conscience recommend this sampler to anyone other than the aforementioned bloke looking for something to puff on after a long day.
Basically 15 $1 cigars and 5 $12 Cohibas. Being a smoker of the cheaper brands I always like the samplers where I can try an expensive smoke and see how the richer folks live.
Thank you for a great deal.
If you're just getting into smoking cigars, this pack isn't so bad. I've found 3 or 4 brands out of this pack to be worth smoking. Personally, I would suggest going for a higher end sampler for the same price.
These are really good cigars. For the price, I wasn't expecting too much, but I have to say these are fantastic! Great flavors, good draws, they burn nice and even...they make great everyday smokes! I highly recommend!
great deal; the cigars are fantastic
Nice sampler package each have a nice areoma and taste
Great sampler helped me find some good cheap smokes I never would of discovered
What a terrific deal! Great selection. Tons of cigars. Great to fill the humidor and have something for everyone when the guys come over for the game. 80 cigars for a hundred bucks. You have to have them for give aways, and for yourself! There were even several premium cigars in this selection. Just a great deal. A really great deal!
....But when I finally got them I really did enjoy them the quality was good and I got what I was sold.
Great bundle of cigars unfortunately a lot were too tight to smoke but I'm still very impressed with my order