Wrapper:Connecticut Broadleaf, Habano, Pennsylvania Broadleaf, Sun Grown
Origin:Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua

Full-Bodied Frenzy II Sampler

Full-bodied, fully discounted.

Men have called me mad, but the question is not yet least not until I open this can. Pop! This can has been opened. So lock me, juice me up, slap me hard, and call me Al, because there's no doubt I'm certifiably nuts. And my nearly 70% off deal on this collection of some the world's finest full-bodied boutique handmade proves it. So hop-to and order one real quick-like....before I come to and realize how ridiculously underpriced this thing is.

The Full-Bodied Frenzy II includes:
4 - Cohiba Black Robusto (5.5" x 50)
4 - CAO LX2 Robusto (5" x 52)
4 - Cu-Avana Punisher (6" x 52)
4 - Diesel Unholy Cocktail Torpedo (5" x 56)
4 - La Herencia Cubana Oscuro Fuerte (6.5" x 50)

MSRP: $190.96
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Shapes:Belicoso, Robusto, Toro
Wrapper:Connecticut Broadleaf, Habano, Pennsylvania Broadleaf, Sun Grown
Origin:Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua
Filler:Dominican, Nicaraguan
Full-Bodied Frenzy II Sampler 20 CIGARS In Stock$190.96$59.95
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Customer Reviews of “Full-Bodied Frenzy II Sampler”
“My favorite CI purchase, by far. The Cohiba Blacks and CAO LX2s are heavy hitters while the Diesels serve as icing on the cake. I really enjoyed it, however, I would replace the Punishers if I was king for the day. Too spicy for my blood. All in all, a solid addition to the humidor.”
KC of Old Bethpage, NY
“I heartily agree with the other reviewers about the Full-Bodied Frenzy II. This is definitely my favorite sampler. And, I definitely agree with AP that since the Punisher is included, this is an excellent sampler. Keep up the good work CI. We want this sampler to be around for a long time to come!”
RM of San Mateo, FL
“Great Sampler....... Maybe my favorite one. ALL the cigars have wonderful, unique, individual flavor profiles. I've purchased it twice..........I'll purchase it again. I hope CI never gets rid of it.”
BM of Portland, OR
“Wow! what can I say on such a deal. I just got my Full Bodied Frenzy in the mail. Just awesome, and to think the last time I ordered a 5 pack of punishers was $40. If you like full cigars look no further. I read all the fan mail on all these and everyone likes them. ”
AP of Watertown, SD
“Just got this in the mail today with a bunch of other cigars I ordered and holy crap! I now have a beautiful humidor topped to the brim! I had to try one of the diesels right away and I'm so glad I did! If the rest of the cigars are as remotely amazing ill order this sampler time after time! Thanks CI for these amazing deals and quality! I'm now a customer for life!”
MD of Wichita, KS
“Punisher is worth getting the sampler alone...great deal!”
“Just finished one of each and by God it is amazing. I bought it for the Cohibas but I have to say the Pvnisher had my full attention the spicy taste on the lips ohhhh yeah not to mention the CAO was a great flavor and what a nice burn TWO thumbs up from this guy ”
SC of Eagleville, PA
“sooo bummed when they were backordered... this sampler is well worth the wait though. ”
“After having a few of these I decided that I should buy another while I had the opportunity. The value of this sampler is incredible and I have no regrets in buying it.”
MH of Olney, IL
“Great Sampler!! Some of my favorites in here, cannot beat the punisher! and for that price can't beat it!”
JS of hamburg, NJ
“Great Sampler! No wonder its on backorder! ”
SW of Lakewood, CO