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Po' Boy Sampler III

99¢ Handmade Churchills

Our Po’ Boy Samplers always sell like mad. But man cannot live on bread alone. So here’s another variety of bread: one with the same insane price but a totally new assortment. Our version of the “bag o’ crap”.

A who’s who of busted, failed, and oddball brands. The good news? Insanely low price, big 8”x50 sizes, all Dominican handmades. 30 long-filler, handmade Churchills – about half are Connecticut, half are Sumatra. You’ll get a lot of cigar for the money and a few yuks in the process!

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  Po' Boy III Sampler 30 CIGARS Out of Stock $180.00$29.99    
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Customer Reviews of “Po' Boy Sampler III”
I usually order the Po Boy III sampler--GREAT bang for the buck!!!--but it wasn't available in time for my vacation last week so I ordered this one instead. While the cigars I've had so far are OK (and I for sure don't expect a $6 cigar for a buck a piece), I'd recommend you order the Po Boy III instead if you're trying to sample cigars that you might want to actually order a bundle of in the future. The cigars in this sampler aren't available individually so I'd suggest CI not call this a "sampler" but an "assortment".
RM of Chandler, AZ
Oops! I meant to say I usually order the Po' Boy II and recommend it instead of the Po'Boy III.
RM of Chandler, AZ
You know...CI always gives bad reviews for these bargains...I love them, just as much as the Po Boy 1 & 2. Everyday smokes in a churchhill for cryin out loud!!! crap here!
DM of Swarthmore, PA
I ordered this and I have to tell you most of these are good smokes, The King Gold Havana is exceptional too bad you only get two...
TJ of Simpsonville, SC
They do burn evenly and have some flavor once you get about a third of the way down. They are very mild, so if that is what you're looking for, enjoy...Not too shabby for the price.
JP of Oak Ridge, TN
You have to love the guys and gals at CI. I ordered the Po Boy III and as I'm loading them into the humidor they wouldn't fit. Now after a shot or 12 of Crown I sometime make simple mistakes but after trying the entire mazo I realized they were in President size and not Churchill. Now don't get me wrong I'm not complaining. In fact I was very pleased to get a few more inches...wait that sounds too much like...Let's just say the added smoking time was great as were the cigars. So far not a bad one in the bunch. Thanks CI for the laugh and the deal.
AC of Aiken, SC
Only have a few of these guys left. Have been very satisfied with all the cigars in this sampler, especially at a buck a piece! This sampler is an awesome way to stock a humidor, and for the price this could easily supply you with a good everyday cigar or cheaply stave off that certain someone always bumming your sticks. Keep the deals coming CI, you have yet to disappoint!
Nice sampler, really no complaints at a dollar a piece, not all the cigars had a long filler in them though.
GH of Albany, NY
After receiving the Po' Boy Sampler III, I was very impressed by the quality of each cigar. Having purchased them in this way, affords me the pleasure of various cigars, before buying any particular one. I enjoy this so much...that I'm placing them on auto-ship immediately! I recommend them to any smoker wanting more bang for the buck! I plan on buying them as long as they are made! Sincerely!
AB of Oklahoma City, OK
I wasn't as happy with this as I was with the PO' Boy II, but it was still a nice grouping of churchills.
JC of kokomo, IN
There are no bad cigars here, only incredibly stupidly named ones, with labels to match. Why quibble at this price - lots of variety from just okay to hey, okay!
Needed a number of cigars for me and my friends over the Fourth of July. We were going to be drinking a fair amount, so I didn't need anything great, just something that people would be excited to have and smoke. This was perfect. Great deal and they all loved them. Will definitely do this again if I find myself in similar circumstances.
CN of Kansas City, MO
Decent cigars at a fair price. Who can complain about that?
SW of Akron, OH
had better but was cheap
JS of Appleton, WI
For the price, this assortment isn't a bad option for filling the empty space in your humidor, so long as you don't expect Diamond Crowns at C'est La Vie prices. With a bit of patience, some of these cigars are likely to age fairly well, and a few aren't too shabby right out of the wrapper. The one thing I would like to point out is that they are not all strictly long filler. I noticed some bluish-green spots on one of the cigars and decided to dissect it before throwing it out, which led to the discovery that it was actually a mixed filler. That was the "Stogies" white label, and I'm not sure about the rest as I haven't torn any others apart. Regardless, I am satisfied with this offering and find them to be satisfying for those times when I'm waiting for my premiums to age a bit.
JF of Jacksonville, FL
The cigar wrapper unravels very easily and I won't order them again.