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Po' Boy II Sampler

Winner, winner, chicken dinner. 30 bulbous Churchills, fifteen different blends, 100% Dominican handmades....all for one unbeatable price. Sure, the arts-and-croissant crowd isn’t showering these cigars with huzzahs and the muckety-mucks may not be rating them 90+, but you’ve got handmades as far as the eye can see for a price that’s right as rain. 30 handmade Churchills, 15 different blends, 1 fun-omenal price.

2 – Duque Churchill (7” x 50)
2 – La Differencia Cubana Churchill (7” x 50)
2 – Piloto Cubano Churchill (7” x 50)
2 – Don Rafael Churchill (7” x 50)
2 – Joya Del Jefe Churchill (7” x 50)
2 – Oro Cubano Churchill (7” x 50)
2 – Fidalgo Negro Churchill (7” x 50)
2 – Cuban Delights Natural Churchill (7” x 50)
2 – Victor Sinclair Primeros Churchill (7” x 50)
2 – Old Havana Churchill (7” x 50)
2 – Don Smith Churchill (7” x 50)
2 – Hesitant Pirate Churchill (7” x 50)
2 – Raji’s Untimely Demise Churchill (7” x 50)
2 – Ron Mexico Churchill (7” x 50)
2 – Victor Sinclair Connecticut Churchill (7” x 50)

MSRP: $180
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30 CIGARS In Stock $190.00 $35.00
Overall Rating 4.29 out of 5 Based on 28 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Po' Boy II Sampler”

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1 out of 5
Waste of time, look for something in the $3-5 range instead
Very disappointed, almost all of them were unsmokable. Not sure why they have so many great reviews. They burn fine and draw fine, but the taste - awful. And I'm not even a cigar snob.
5 out of 5
Low Quality
Most of the cigars where unknown brands. Pretty rings but very bad quality….
4 out of 5
Po Boy II Sampler
Excellent everyday cigars at a great price~
5 out of 5
Great Bunch of sticks
I really like these sticks, bad side they are always on backorder.
5 out of 5
Cigars came when promise
Cigars came when promise
5 out of 5
So friggin good
I'm so glad I tried these babies cause I love all of them. Would definitely buy again.
5 out of 5
Po' Boy Sampler good in a pinch..
So sad, Humidor empty and bank account in almost the same condition. But, lo and behold, a Po' Boy Sampler. Decent Cigars at a great price! Nothing special, but nothing horrible either. I smoked them all! I would buy this Sampler again in a heartbeat.
5 out of 5
Nice Job, No problems.
Was a gift, got there on time, much appreciated!
5 out of 5
good cheap cigars
order came in days, pack of cigars lasts along time. best deal on market.
4 out of 5
Nice sampler, a couple weren't
Nice sampler, a couple weren't to my tastes but overall satisfied.
5 out of 5
Po Boy II
Great variety of fresh cigars!!!!!!
5 out of 5
Great cigars at a great
Great cigars at a great price! The only down side is there almost NEVER available. Always on "backorder".
4 out of 5
A very nice choice
A very nice choice
5 out of 5
Po' Boy II Sampler
Best variety sampler I have ever tried....only problem..they are always on back order....guest that's why!
5 out of 5
Well worth the money...
I have found the sampler to be an excellent buy for me ..Sixty year cigar smoker..
4 out of 5
Po' Boy II Sampler - Great Value
I have been impressed with the cigars in this sampler. Some burned a little unevenly, but most were good. For the price, the cigars were more than acceptable.
4 out of 5
Very good sampler for the price!!
great sampler for the money, only one cigar I was not fond of
5 out of 5
Joe B.
Very good sampler, I have order at least 5 or 6 of these and all were good
1 out of 5
Po boy sampler 2
cigars were soft , they didn't burn right , some burned right up the middle , really not worth the money. Do your self a favor , spend a little more money , get a few less cigars but better quality and really enjoy them . An if your close drive there , the staff does every thing they can to help you.
2 out of 5
Not worth it
very nice cigars in this package, but a majority of them came with mold on them. I'll just stick to my normal ones from here on out
5 out of 5
I love them, but you
I love them, but you keep running put of them.
5 out of 5
Great Deals
Great deals and wonderful cigars at an affordable price. I expecially like the samplers where I get a diverse array of good cigars to share with firends.
5 out of 5
Awesome package backyard boogie sampler
Awesome package backyard boogie sampler
5 out of 5
Po' Boy II Sampler
Nice sample of cigars. I enjoy smoking these in the summer when I can sit outside for an hour. I have smoked for 48 years and I am not a cigar snob. These aren't the highest quality but they are better than a lot of expensive cigars I have smoked.
1 out of 5
Po' Boy Sampler is for suckers?
Hate to write this, but is the true....I received my package with anticipation I lighted the first one and my sucking muscles went to work overtime just to draw my first puff of a smoke. . . if you have powerful sucking action, I suppose these cigars are for you...meanwhile I have 39 cigars to go. . .wondering if I can just drill a small hole length-wise. . . hmmmm
5 out of 5
Great deals
i love mixing up top smokes with lower budget.. The po boy sampler is a good mix of sticks that won't break the bank and yet still enjoy a Decent smoke
5 out of 5
Enjoy a good cigar
i started getting the Po-boy offer a couple of years ago, many of my friends whom I shared them with are now customers. Although the cost is great, it's the selection of cigars you get. It's kind of nice to see how each one you choose has a different taste. I love to smoke them while playing golf or just having a nice glass of scotch with it. They stay very fresh from the first to the last one. I will continue to buy the Po-boy.
5 out of 5
Po' Boy Sampler
This is a great deal on cigars I smoke every day, great cigars for a great price. You will be satisfied....
Customer Testimonials
Great sampler for the price. I love it!
If you want a good sampling of cigars this is the go to. This sampler will definitely give you a good idea of what's out there. If you just want just a couple or so of certain sticks at a time buy a couple of these. The samplers are great for trying out different cigars.
Awesome handout cigars for friends who don't normally smoke.
This was my starter pack a lot of good cigars. Except the Hesitant Pirate; it was stiff and burned badly. There were only a few I didn't like.
This sampler has quite a few good cigars, but most are good for when people bum them from you.
For the price you can't beat it. Only a couple of the cigars I didn't like. And that is because I prefer a Med-Full flavored cigar.
For the price it is excellent. That being said my pallet enjoyed about 5 of them. The next 5 were ok for a casual smoke. and the other 5 I would never smoke again. There are a variety in here. I have a much more picky pallet than most. They all drew pretty well, which draw consistency rates very highly in my book.
30 hand-rolled cigars for 30 bucks... nuff said.
What can I say? I enjoyed every single stick from the Ron Mexico to each and everyone of the Victor Sinclairs. I understand I may not have the up scale pallet as some that turn the nose up to any smoke less then $100, well I say thanks. I will buy these every chance I get until my humidor overflows with these great smokes for $35 at a time. That just gives me a reason to buy another humidor. These are great smokes; thanks again Cigars International.
I feel like I stole something. The price for this sampler is amazing! I just received the order and have smoked two different cigars. The Cuban Delights and the Victor Sinclair. Both are outstanding! Will definitely re-order again.
Fantastic deal! Tasty cigars. I went from dollar cigars to these, no going back.
The name says it. It was, what I considered, my first bigger cigar sampler purchase. I still don't know where half these smokes came from or who they were made by. However, for the price per smoke, you can't beat it if you are looking for a daily cigar or something to give to others.
Best deal on the site, most are decent cigars and the sheer number you get makes it well worth it.
Best cigars for the dollar.
I enjoyed this sampler pack. I still have a few left so burn from it. Overall, it introduced me to quite a few cigars that I enjoyed such as the Victor Sinclair line. There was a small amount of discoloration in the wrappers from most likely water. Some of the wrappers had a small hole in them here and there along with a small tear here and there. Generally, this sampler is good for the somewhat beginning cigar smoker that would be willing to sit back for a decent time and really open their minds to the traditions and flavors of cigar smoking. having said this, I would not buy this sampler a second time because I did not enjoy about 2/5 of the sampler. Everybody has different taste I suppose.
Not so great. Most of the wrappers unravel and many of the cigars have green spots on them. I would not buy this again.
Love this site!!! Great offers and always find the perfect cigar at just the right price....Thanks CI!
Nice smokes for the price...thanks CI!
OMG this was the best deal I could ask for!
My 3rd order for the Po' Boy pack. Some were good some were not so good. I wish i could buy just the good ones but could not find them on this website. Will buy again.
Got this for a buddy.....Said there are a lot of good sticks for the $$
Good bargain but truthfully ended up giving away most. Just nothing real interesting.
A fun selection with some real treasures. Well worth the price.
Great value!
Thank you for the fast delivery. I will enjoy this sampler and shall return for future purchases.
There were a few Victor Sinclairs in the pack I liked, otherwise I'd just use these to pass out to people without cigars of their own.
For $30, I think this is a great way to sample cigars and I may get it again. I was expecting less for the price but these are big and come with some good cigars. A lot of just alright cigars, some are pretty enjoyable but some are tough. The Duque is hard to smoke but the Don Rafael was enjoyable. There are others that I really liked but I can't remember and I haven't even gotten half way. I'll update the review once I'm done but so far, I am looking to buy another batch.
Great Value! I purchased this as a starter pack to fill out my new Standing 75ct table top humidor. Looked good on the website and even better once I opened the package. It finally set in how many great cigars I received at only 1$ a stick. A great way to help expose you to a wider variety then you would normally look at!
It's ok. Good handouts to friends or for a relaxing, everyday smoke. I enjoyed the Victor Sinclair cigars and the Hesitant Pirate. Not the most complex of flavors and (at least to my taste) the cigars that were rated medium were pretty mild. Some of the cigars are constructed poorly, but overall not a bad value.
Good cigars for a buck apiece and a damn fine sampler.
amazing selection..many ring sizes, all good! Great buy
Arrived very dry and even after letting them sit in the humidifier for a week, a few still fell apart. Disappointing.
You get what you pay for. I purchased this sampler to find a good every day smoke and the only one that really stood out was Joya Del Jefe.
I can honestly say, was a little harsh for me, it was a great buy, for the amount of cigars you get. Maybe someone else will have better luck
great value,excellent smoke, rather smoke them then a lot of the big name brands
I dont know if im just to used the the Acid cigar line but i was not to much of a fan of this sampler pack.
This is a great selection for the price
There are some good smokes in this sampler and some that are awsome to give the boys (which dont care what they get)when they come home. I will keep this one around for a while.
I ordered this sampler for my husband for xmas. I don't know Jack about cigars and didn't want to risk getting a pack he wouldn't like. For the price it's worth it. He has options and doesn't feel bad about tossing the ones he didn't like. The spare of what he doesn't like he sets aside for his buddies and tells them "look what my wife got us for the garage" Thanks CI this wife gets an A+ for awesomeness!
These cigars are of identical quality to the $3.79-$4.59 variety available at my local cigar shop, good draw, smooth smoke, but leaves something to be desired. The price is right, and a beginner to cigars would enjoy this sampler very much. I however will be reinvesting in the "[Chosen One III]" sampler, which contained 35 wonderful cigars, and 5 that I didn't like, but am not embarrassed to offer to company.
Got this one in the mail the other day. Even straight out the box the boys here in Afghanistan love it. I am going to have to order another one just to have enough for myself. Good brands and decent smokes so far. Probably half way through and have had even a whimper of a complaint.
This is the best deal on line. Put these in your humidor for a month or so and you will be very happy with each one. I only buy from C.I. now and have not been disappointed. Great Price, Great Cigars, Fast Service.
There weren't any that I loved but there were six or seven worth smoking the rest were OK at best but it's hard to beat for the money.
Surprisingly good cigars for the price. Very nice every day cigars
About all the way through the sampler now. No real standouts - but what do you expect for the price and quantity. The better ones - Victor Sinclair - after half burn, Duque - really pretty decent, Oro Cubano - good. Again $29.00 for 30 cigars - heck I'll give the bad ones away to the always present freeloader.
Just ordered my 2nd everyone else is saying GREAT for working around the house and handing out.. Don't expect these to replace your "sit down and relax" smokes but a great value.
Great value for the money. First online order of cigars. Glad I chose CI. Will definitely be buying from CI in the future.
Great smokes for yard cigars...
Great sampler. Can't beat the price either.
Consistent quality and the best value.
If you like the Churchill (7” x 50) style cigars and do not favor one blend then I believe this is the best deal on the internet. Look at it this way, if you do enjoy one of the cigars after a few pulls then toss it and try a differ blend. What is a dollar? Just give the second cigar of the blend you did not like to your least favorite brother-in-law. As they say in the description winner, winner, chicken dinner. Plus you cannot beat the excellent customer service and fast shipping from Cigar International.
The Po' Boy is a nice sampler. Good quality!
I ordered this sampler just to fill my humidor, and to bum out. I smoked a couple of them and they are not the worst I have smoked; you get what you pay for....Over all, this is a good, cheap sampler that I would keep buying to have smokes to bum. Hence, PO' BOY SAMPLER
Not a bad deal. Great for around the yard. Smoked more then half of them now. Thank you guys.
I've ordered this sampler twice. For a buck a piece, and a good hour of smoking, not bad at all!! I'll be back for more!
On my 3rd Po' Boy Sampler, nice variety and selection. Great way to introduce my daughter (yep daughter) into cigars rather than the Convenience Store brands her and her friends had been smoking in college. Value plus variety at $1 a stick way to go!! One suggestion, get a good humidor and unwrap the sticks, sprinkle in some Olivia's...Yes I will keep on buying!!
Great deal for the money and the smokes ain't bad. Great way to sample many different Churchills. Some may become you favorites or at least make you look for them in the sale section.
I love them. A great value. Good work, Cigars International!
Great selection of sticks and not a bad one in the bunch, thanks CI as always a great deal at a great price!
About what you'd expect for $1/stick. Most were so loosely packed that you'll be lucky to get 30 min. Out of each of them.
Great value - different picks...some strong, some light. You cant beat this price - this is a affordable way to enjoy your cigars year round.
Really not as bad a bundle as some folks have stated. While it's certainly not top shelf cigars, there are a few that aren't too bad. I have actually enjoyed the Victor Sinclair sticks in the bundle. These are really great to have on hand in the humidor for visiting cigar moochers and those who can't tell the difference between a good stick or a bad one.
My new favorite deal on CI. Not a bad smoke in the bunch. Wasn't expecting much at a buck a stick but was I ever wrong. These are well worth the cost and will be a staple in my house. Thanks guys for adding a great deal for those of us on a limited income.
I ordered this pack a few days ago and received it today. A word of caution, these are not long filler cigars. I'm not sure what I was expecting for a buck a piece. I also ordered the unlike stu pack, hope those are better. These are more in line with something I would expect at a convenience store but with a natural wrapper.
I have purchased this sampler twice. Except for the Don Smith, they are all fine smokes. You can't go wrong with this one, just give the Don Smiths to one of your Mooch friends....
Not a bad bundle to keep around for hand outs.
This has to be one of the best bargains out there! The Victor Sinclair Primeros in this sampler are terrific they are made to to be aged in your humi, you have cigars in this sampler that are good for working in the garage and some for a special occasion.
Decent smokes for those house chore days. Also work well as Son-in-Law and cheap friends sticks. Just keep them home. Never admit to buying them and Do not bring these to the Cafe. All kidding aside they are fine smoke for a buck. Good to have around for the reasons stated above. I will buy Po' Boy's again C+
When I first saw the CI promo of 30 Churchils for $20, I thought it was a joke. Several of my cigar buddies and I ordered and were we surprised by the quality. Don't get me wrong. These are not great smokes, but they are not really bad. I had only one dog in the batch. I am ready to reorder now and find the price up to 30 sticks for $30 -still not bad.
Talk about a great bundle. It arrived on my doorstep the next day! I have had so much fun showing all of my friends and giving some away. Some of the cigars are so so but the majority of them are very good. Worth 30$ all day long.
I have only found two cigars in the sampler that I didn't enjoy. For the money the sampler is a excellent buy and i hope CI keeps this sampler for a long time.
I just received my load of churchills and it easily filled up my 50 cap. humidor with a few of the sweet shrapnel cigars here and there. I love to have stogies in my humidor that I can savor for a while for that sunset or round of golf or just offering to your buddies with a drink. These DO take a while to smoke and if you have the time, then this is perfect for the money in this economy. Now you keep smoking great cigars even on a tight budget. Thanks CI for this offer. I would get this again when I run out of these. Love the price and size.
Not a bad cigar in the package!
I actually found that I like the victor sinclairs, and they are all fairly good cigars for less than a buck a piece. Good "hand outs".
For 30 bucks, they ain't bad. I've actually found a few that I actually enjoyed. They are all churchill sized, a bit large for my liking. But, if that's what you like then this is a good choice if you happened to be low on funds...good yard smokes or for giving out to cheapskate "friends".
These are just fine for $30. Perfect for bumming out to friends who never have cigars of their own, won't smoke the whole thing, and don't know the difference between an Acid Kuba Kuba and a Phillies Blunt.