Wrapper:Brazilian, Connecticut, Corojo, Habano Connecticut
Origin:Dominican Republic
Brand:Victor Sinclair

Victor Sinclair Fat Torpedo Mega-Sampler

A veritable buffet of Victor Sinclair blends.

This sampler is the perfect way to bask in the full array of their unique, specialty blends. Crafted in a chunky 58-ring torpedo shape, it brings 20 cigars....all at a price sure to bring tears of joy to thine eyes.

Victor Sinclair Fat Torpedo Mega-Sampler includes:
5 - Triple Corojo Fat Torpedo (5" x 58)
5 - Primeros Fat Torpedo (5" x 58)
5 - Vintage Select Fat Torpedo (5" x 58)
5 - Connecticut Yankee Fat Torpedo (5" x 58)

MSRP: $140
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Wrapper:Brazilian, Connecticut, Corojo, Habano Connecticut
Origin:Dominican Republic
Filler:Dominican, Nicaraguan
Victor Sinclair Fat Torpedo Mega-Sampler (5.0"x58) 20 CIGARS Out of Stock $140.00$39.99    
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Customer Reviews of “Victor Sinclair Fat Torpedo Mega-Sampler”
“While some may have been disappointed with their Victor Sinclair cigars, I can say I was very pleased with them. I'm saddened to see that they're all sold out. For me the draw was smooth, they burned evenly with a fine ash, and offered a robust smoke without being overpowering. I will keep my eyes open, and if they become available again will order some to keep on hand.”
JZ of Dushore, PA
“I looked forwad to these with great anticipation. They looked great, wrapped beautifully but I couldn't be more mistaken. The draw on mos of them was so tight it was like sucking an extra thick milkshake through a tiny straw, without the satisfying taste at the end. The taste, I don't even know how to describe it .... The wrapper - every time I tried to get the band off, you have to take it off it covers half the cigar, the wrapper would all fall appart. I will never even concider another Victor Sinclair after these, too risky. I am a cheap person, by nature, but I am considering throwing the rest of these out.”
LG of Columbia City, IN
“When I ordered these I looked forward to getting them with great anticipation. They look good. FAR FROM IT. Draw – its like sucking a super thick milkshake thru a coffee stirrer. Taste – they seem to have a bitter taste. Wrapper – everyone that I smoked (too many) when you remove the band (because it’s so big) the wrapper just falls apart. Thanks to these babies I will never buy a Victor Sinclair again (but they do look good). ”
LG of Columbia City, IN
“I am so confused how anyone could rate this Sinclair offering less than awesome. I am ordering my 8th go at this sampler and have been totally satisfied with the draw, flavor and taste with this assortment. I would compare it favorably with the NUB series of short, large ring cigars. Thank you CI for this excellent assortment.”
SA of Shelbyville, IN
“Hello Gentlemen. I've had many a great smoke at CI. However, I purchased this sampler and was disappointed....”
CB of Charlotte, NC
“I must note that I previously ordered the robusto sampler of the same exact blends listed here, so upon reading the reviews I admit I was a little shocked. I still have 4 or 5 of these left in one of my humidors and have enjoyed every single one thus far. I let them sit for about 2 weeks before having one and I was very pleased. These aren't my usual cup o tea but all 4 blends had their own unique experience. I always have one when I'm wanting a lighter smoke without sacrificing flavor. Just my humble opinion.”
JM of Hickory, NC
“Great sampler pack with a lot of good taste for such a small price.”
DW of kings mtn, NC
“A very nice sampler of thick mini torps. The jewel is without a doubt the Vintage Select. Wonderful chocolate like full flavors. The 3x Corojo is pleasant as well, with a very nice bouquet and burn. The one dud in the group is the Yankee. No flavor at all and very bland. The biggest disappointment is the fact that the wrapper looks so yummy, dark and inviting, but unfortunately there is simply nothing to this cigar. The Primeros is a very simple well made Connecticut. Nothing to write home about, but, a solid know what your getting smoke.”
“These are the bomb diggity.”