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CI's Humidor Starter Pack

Everything you need to be a cigar smokin' stud!

Acquiring the tools necessary to enjoy and store cigars can be cumbersome. What to buy, what to do, etc. This Starter's Pack eliminates the hassle, properly equipping you for the wonderful, cigar-burning journey ahead. Included is an attractive 20-capacity humidor with SureSeal Technology, a dependable wind-proof torch lighter from Vertigo, the best humidor care products on the planet, and a trusty guillotine cigar cutter. Oh, and it's all available for one super-low, everyday price!

1 - Cigar Bands Mosaic Humidor (20 capacity)
1 - Vertigo CI Smiley Impact Torch Lighter
1 - CI Crystal Humification Jar (2oz jar)
1 - CI Cigar Juice Solution (8oz bottle)
1 - Double Guillotine Cigar Cutter
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CI's Humidor Starter PackHUMIDOR + ACCESSORIES Backordered $90.00$29.99
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Customer Reviews of “CI's Humidor Starter Pack”
I am on my second one of these humidors. The lighter and extras are just icing. Great looking humi with a tight seal. The cigar bands mosaic design on the top is a nice ‘challenge’ for enterprising smokers who want to expand their cigar repertoire. Great as a gift or for yourself. Don’t be fooled by more expensive humidors. This is a fine choice for newbies, seasoned smokers and everyone in between!
FS of Lake Helen, FL
This was a great way to get started … or rather, to realize I needed a much larger humidor! : ) Besides it being small, the lid fits or rather seals on the inside of the container, which led me to crushing a stick – sigh. Anyway, going to use it as a place to store my “everyday’s” after I get that bigger humidor I now realize I need - - looks like it might be a better start lol! The lighter works like a king!
DT of Topeka, KS
Great starter kit. If you're new to humidors this kit is right up your alley. Everything you need is included to prepare your humidor for your cigars. The only issue I had is the adhesive that holds the magnet to the humidifier fell off. However the problem was solved quickly after applying some new double sided from the local hardware. Don't let this issue discourage you however. It's a great little humidor, seals great and this mighty little humidor has a handsome finish on the outside. You'll love it!
KE of Mcarthur, OH
I, like others have said, am fairly new to cigars and finally decided it was worth keeping them preserved if i was going to smoke them. I ordered this and sever sampler packs from CI. I seasoned it and had it up and running in 1.5 days and it has held humidity very well for the last week and a half. My wife even made the comment that is was "pretty". don't call my humi pretty, woman, this is a manly capsule of preservation for my fine smoking buddies to rest in. Overall build is excellent and i have to admit it is kind of "pretty" in a manly way of course.
JM of Opelika, AL
I recently purchased this humidor as a gift for my father, but when the box finally arrived,(that sneaky UPS guy almost pulled one over me...)and I caught my first glimpse of this little gem; well, Pop is going to have to wait for another one to come. This sits perfectly on my desk/coffee table/kitchen counter; and with its brilliantly decorated top, becomes more of a conversation piece with the right company. It holds 20-25 cigars, depending on their size(and if you're creative, stashing a couple in the lid with an elastic) and seals excellently. While it has nothing on my barrel humidor, it certainly is well made for a desktop one. An excellent purchase for the cigar novice or aficionado.
BC of Deer Trail, CO
Picked this up on my first CI purchase and must say I am very impressed with the package! It's a great buy for anyone interested in getting into cigars without breaking the bank. The humidor is high quality spanish cedar as advertised and is finely crafted inside and out. The label design on the top looks great, everyone comments on it! The lid fits snugly and seems to have inlaid magnets it holds so well! The crystal jar is a must after using this one, it really helps get up to 70%, and the CI juice will keep you going for over a year! The lighter works well and feels solid. While the cutter is plastic, it gets the job done for any standard size and hasn't failed after 20+ cuts!
DT of Bothell, WA
I am new to the cigar world and this was the best way to start out by far! I love all the extras the only thing is once i got this humidor and put my cigars in it i found out(while surfing the internet) you were supposed to "season" it so it wont take the moisture out of your cigars and it will take about 2 days to do so. It would have been nice to find this out upon ordering it or at-least opening it. other than that small problem i am very pleased with this pack.
CH of Port Clinton, OH
Ordered this a couple of weeks ago to get started. My dad has been introducing me to the cigar world.....this product is a great way to get started in keeping your smokes fresh. The cutter works great as well as the lighter. I'm very satisfied with the product over all. The one little thing that disappointed me was the fact that it didn't come with the hydrometer; had to buy that separately. Very satisfied will definitely be doing more business with you guys. Thanks C.I.
CJ of Spokane, WA
Not a bad starter kit at all. When I received it I was very happy with the quality of all the items. The humidor smells of fresh cedar and seasoned easily. Do yourself a favor and buy a Digital Hygrometer though. It stays at 70% all day. The lighter was my only disappointment, cause it does not last long enough. I would still buy the combo again anyways! For what you get this is a great combo! If you're on the fence just do it! This will be the perfect gift for a few people I know. This humidor easily fits in my desk drawer at work!
RJ of Las Vegas, NV
Great starter kit!
HH of Fort Drum, NY
If your just starting out, This for you. This will save you alot of $$$$$