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Pizza Budget Bonanza

90 handmades, only $99.99!

In the course of buying cigars, we come across some....well....less than spectacular brands - oddballs that are handmade and aged, but perhaps a little rough around the edges; the packaging might be ugly as sin or the name is silly, stuff like that. But for around a buck apiece, it's a damn fine deal and there are no doubt a few gems in there. All handmade. Selection varies.

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Pizza Budget Bonanza 90 CIGARS In Stock $99.99
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Customer Reviews of “Pizza Budget Bonanza ”
Nice smooooth cigars with great flavour. Great for a weekend of golf or yard work.
AE of Fredericksburg, VA
I bought these as my first cigar purchase and I am so pleased that I did. Smooth, mild yet superb flavour. Shared them with a couple of the guys and for half an hour this evening Afghanistan became bearable. At least now we can look forward to an evening smoke. Highly recommended.
MC of apo, AE
Very nice batch of everyday smokes. The Garant is a pain it is basically short filler. I would recommend it for any everyday cigar smoker