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ACID Limited Edition Sampler Tin

An utterly unique collection of cigars.

ACID cigars are rolled in Esteli, Nicaragua, a unique blend with a richly aromatic quality. These long-filler cigars are cured with essential herbs, oils and botanicals to give ACID a truly one-of-a-kind taste and aromatic influence. Unlike most cigars, each size within the line offers a different blend, flavor and distinct smoking experience.

The ACID Limited Edition Sampler Tin includes:
1 - ACID 1 (5" x 54)
1 - ACID Atom Maduro (5" x 50)
1 - ACID Blondie (4" x 38)
1 - ACID Cold Infusion Tea (6.75" x 44)
1 - ACID Extra Ordinary Larry (6" x 60)
1 - ACID Kuba Kuba (5" x 54)
1 - ACID 1400CC (5" x 50)
1 - ACID Nasty (4" x 52)
1 - ACID Toast (6" x 50)
5 - ACID c-notes (3.75" x 20)

NOTE: selections in the ACID tin often varies, as the factory occasionally substitutes cigars of similar value based upon availability.

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ACID Limited Edition Sampler Tin TIN OF 14 In Stock $74.40 $49.99
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Customer Reviews of “ACID Limited Edition Sampler Tin”
I just received the Acid sample, and wasn't sure what to expect, in this day and age flavored cigars. But these were tops, not thesweet over powering one thats all over the market. It was a very refreshing smoke, each one that is. It was I'd smoke one to the last that I could and just wanted to keep going with the rest, and I'm not telling any of my friend I have them. Sorta my secret stash.
DR of Charlottesville, VA
Absolutly amazing. Every cigar i've tried out of this sampler I have enjoyed greatly. The only thing negative I could say is that the Blondie got a big strong half way through, but I'm a mild cigar enjoyer. But otherwise, their just amazing. If you've been wanting to try one of the ACID cigars but can't make up your mind, get this ACID sampler. You won't be dissapointed.
RK of Deming, NM
I got this Tin Sampler because my girlfriend (yeah my girl smokes cigars with me-how cool is she?!) and I picked up a Blondie Belicoso and it blew us away! Then we tried the Cold Infusion and it too was amazing! So we ordered the Tin and it arrived yesterday. The pre-light aroma alone is mind-numbing! We're going to smoke some later today!
FS of El Paso, TX
I purchased the Acid Kuba at a local store since I wanted to try one out before purchasing more on CI. The cigar was well made, smoke pretty even, and not over bearing. I could smoke this cigar and be satisfied if other brands I prefer were not available. It is worth trying one out, I don't think you will be dissatisfied.
DM of Taylor, MI
I first got this and I love them. Larry is a bit much but still very good. Oh c notes I like very much. I gave my friend the tin and he pulled out the plastic trays guess what 5 more c notes underneath, check those tins, I love acid cigars.
GB of Phila, PA
I honestly disliked flavored cigars but someone told me to try Acid cigars and now I love flavored cigars or at least Acid cigars. A+
I've been smoking cigars for a few years now and have been trying to get a friend of mine into it. I didn't like cigars until I gave him an Acid. Now, that's all he smokes.
Jo of hn GrilloWestbury, NY
This is an excellent sampler, Drew Estate is by far my favorite brand of cigar to smoke and this sampler has most of my favorites from their ACID line in it. I have already ordered a second tin and will probably order more as long as they make them as this is a better deal than buying a bunch of singles. One thing to note though is the current tins don't have the Ming Dynasty but instead have substituted it with a 1400cc, which is one of my favorites so I don't mind! I highly recommend this sampler to anyone wanting to try a great flavor infused cigar or those that enjoy Drew Estate's ACID cigars.
JM of Chandler, AZ
WOW. All I can truly say about these unique, tasteful, and mind-blowing cigars. I enjoyed every single one in the pack. I just Re-Ordered it again. I am deployed in Afghanistan, and me and my commerades look forward to having one of these Drew Estate beauties after a long, hard day of work. Thanks ACID. Keep em' COMIN'!!
SJ of Lacey, WA
This is a great sampler. i would buy this again. The only cigar I didn't care for and the name fits it was the one called nasty. It was terrible, but the rest was good. Worth a try :)
Another excellent deal from CI - this ACID sampler was awesome, a nice selection of ACID cigars to give you a taste of their line up. I was most surprised by the C Notes... I've never been into cigarillos, but these things are pretty tasty. Thanks CI!
CM of Whitehall, PA
The first cigar I had was an ACID Kuba Kuba when I was 18. I remember enjoying it and when I got into cigars later in my life, I decided to pick up the ACID sampler. Apparently my taste buds changed over the years because I quickly found out that I do not like flavored cigars in the least. For those of you who like some fruit/wine flavors when you smoke, these are for you
JW of Azusa, CA
Purchased this sampler for my fiance for Christmas. He was very pleased! He was able to try different sticks and pick a favorite. They all are his favorite! Im ordering more since he enjoyed they variety and individual flavors. He says "they taste like dessert after a wonderful meal"!
LJ of Broadview, IL
Cannot think of a better bang for your buck! These sticks are all of exceptional quality, the tin is a bonus, and you get to deal with the best in the biz, CI. All the smokes were not for me, not all flavored, and I love my flavors, but all were good smoking. Yes, I smoked all of them and did not share. HIGHLY RECOMMEND, great way to find out what is out there.
BC of Waynesville, NC
Totally impressed with all aspects of this deal, from the tin itself to the variety in the tin. My buddies were also impressed as each cigar is just as good if not better than the next.
Ok, first off, everyone saying these are "flavored" cigars are completely wrong. Flavoring and infusing are completely separate processes. Had to get that out of the way, moving on, The Drew Estate Acid line is how I was introduced to cigars while overseas. I was walking across camp one day and spotted one of my troops platoon sergeants having a smoke. I went over and talked with him for a bit, he let me try the Kuba Kuba he had, so I got curious and tried others in the Acid line when we got stateside and I've yet to be disappointed.
GR of Cumberland, MD
Great assortment of cigars. Excellent for those interested in the ACID phenomena.
MJ of Parsons, KS
Great sampler tin, will be ordering more.
Fun little sampler for anyone interested in the "infused" cigars. It's definitely worth a try.
BM of Nevada, IA
Excellent selection ...every stick very good for it's particular style. The nasty is JUST THAT... nastyyyy... very good!
For those who like flavored cigars they'll really like this sampler Tin. As I learned fast, my personal preference is not flavored cigars. Only a few in this tin were ok to me.
AE of Fremont, CA
Awesome Combination definatly worth the money, although the C-Notes were not that great
MG of Fayetteville, NC
Great Mix At a Great Price!
MC of Brooklyn, NY
love the infusion. did not care for the smaller sampler sizes. I have purchased more to try them out. Great Price as always.
SR of Converse, TX
Very good ACID sampler for the price. Can not complain, and shipping was very fast considering I am currently deployed to Afghanistan.
Acid cigars are my new favorite! This sampler is a great spread and hope CI offers this deal in the future! Amazing cigars!
JL of Peyton, CO
I think EVERY cigar smoker should have this sampler at least once. I got one in my early days and now any time a friend of mine ever gets into cigars, I always get him one, too. Great way to figure out what's what in the Acid line without just buying a ton of singles.
Does it get any better? No question about it, this is a must buy. I enjoyed every stick. Great way to find out what your taste is for the price.
JS of midlothian, IL
This is the best sampler on the market today. I love the variety that it has. Great cigars and a lot of choices. I love Acid and Drew Estates and this is worth a try.
BT of Federal Way, WA
LOVE this sampler...please never get rid of this!
MC of Pittsburgh, PA
Awesome. Acid was the first cigar that my wife bought me and they are still great.
Very nice. Will be ordering again. Got this to see what Acid I liked and I like them all but Nasty..
AJ of Great Falls, MT
Always a fan of Drew Estate, so far I've tried the Cold Infusion and it's amazing. Long even burn and subtle aftertaste on the palate that's sweet but not overly so.. Gives me the perfect chance to decide which ACID I'll fill my humidor with soon.
RE of Waldorf, MD
Drew Estates never ceases to amaze me. A nice little sampler.
JB of Pinckney, MI
Really love the Acid brand cigars Kuba Kuba and the Atom Maduro are probably my favorite. Doesn't hurt that my wife likes the aroma as well.
JW of Gig Harbor, WA
My first sampler and I was not disappointed. I am jumping into the cigar game and being deployed in the middle east; it is a great way to unwind from a long day of work. CI is a great company-one I look to make many more purchases from in the near future. As for the sampler, again a great first pick, with taste for days...
JJ of Scott Air Force Base, IL
Great selection
Very good sampler
It was what I have expected and it was fast delivery and the cigars was great!
CB of apo, AE
If there was a sampler to marry on CI it would be this one hands down! best $45 buck to spend on this site!
JW of cottonwood, UT
This was a wonderful sampler of cigars. With the exception of one cigar in the entire package, I was completely pleased.
Ok, so I'm not the world's biggest Acid fan. But had to try this sampler after getting two Kuba Kuba sticks in the brown bag samplers. First off... the Nasty, really is... and the C notes are good, but look at the regular price for a box. The rest were great, but noticed a trend in flavors. Maybe because this was my first time trying more than Kuba Kuba, but they all kinda taste the same. Extra Ordinary Larry was actually the least over powering, and my favorite of them all. This is a good way for the Acid newbie (like me) to try them out. Maybe you will like them, maybe you won't. But how will you know if you don't try?
SM of Kokomo, IN
ACID Cigars from the ACID Limited Edition Sampler Tin was a great purchase, smoked these cigars while deployed in Afghanistan and at home a few times as well. Highly Recommend! From JBLM, WA