Pipe Accessories Kit #1

The whole kit and kaboodle.

Proper pipe maintenance is key, so we went and made it super easy for you. This pipe accessories kit has everything you need to keep your pipe up and runnin' smooth. All for an outrageously low price. Nuff' said.

Pipe Accessories Kit No. 1 Includes:
56 - BJ Long Regular pipe cleaners
1 - Basic Pipe Reamer
1 - Silver 3-in-1 pipe tool
1 - Black Vinyl Zip Pouch Black
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Customer Reviews of “Pipe Accessories Kit #1”
“Ordered the package thinking it was a great deal for $10, received it with fast shipping but was a little disappointed. The pipe tool is great, the cleaners are cleaners, and the ream tool is ok. However the pouch is pretty much a pouch for tobacco and not a pipe. This pouch was too small for my Missouri meachum legend. You have to force it causing the pouch to stretch and I could see it ripping from the pressure of the mouthpiece. My pipe is of average size and build being a corncob pipe. Don't even try fitting a medium to large size pipe because it's impossible. All in all I'm debating returning it because of the pipe tool. I can't say I recommend this because the pouch is useless for a pipe, but maybe good for something else.”