Pipe Accessories Kit #4

A ridiculous pipe accessories offering.

Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? The cost of the ashtray alone warrants a much higher price. And if you haven't noticed yet what generous fellows we are, this sampler is proof. Inside you'll find a vibrant 3-pipe ashtray, cleaners, reamer, and pipe tool, all for just south of 15 bucks. A gift no doubt, I expect these to move outta here in no time.

The Pipe Accessories Kit No. 4 includes:
1 - 3-Pipe Ashtray with Knocker
1 - Basic Pipe Reamer
1 - Silver 3-in-1 Pipe Tool
56 - BJ Long Regular Pipe Cleaners

MSRP: $43
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Style:Table Top
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