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PIPA Vanilla Cavendish Pipe Kit

This is my type of bag, baby!

Behold one fine piece of ingenuity, the PIPA Vanilla Cavendish Pipe Kit. An air-sealed bag contains a corn cob pipe, Vanilla Cavendish pipe tobacco, and instructions on how to properly pack a pipe. Oh, and it includes a sticker too! The uses are endless. Save it as an emergency back up, give it as a gift, or use it to break into the world of pipes. Anyway you slice it or dice it, you can't go wrong.
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1 CORN COB PIPE + MORE Out of Stock $6.45 $4.99    
Overall Rating 3.67 out of 5 Based on 3 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “PIPA Vanilla Cavendish Pipe Kit”

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5 out of 5
Great starter pack
For the price buy with confidence. The negative feedback on the pipe isn't as warranted as I thought it may be. Granted it's not a great pipe but you're getting it for free and if you use a screen it's perfectly fine. The tobacco is actually pretty good and if you're looking to just try out a pipe this is a great way to go.
4 out of 5
Tasty smoke
As many of the other reviewers have stated. The pipe is pretty poor. I made a mixture of charcoal, lInes the pup and sems to function all right. Having said that, the tobacco is very tasty with a very nice aroma. I would buy again just for the baccy.
2 out of 5
dont waste the time or money
I would not buy again. The tobacco is not bad so I gave a 2 start out of generosity. The pipe is not worth the space in the package. Made in China corn cob pipe that I used 1 time. After use, I went to clean the pipe and my tool went right through the bottom of the pipe. For the price, buy a better tobacco until this is packaged with a better corn cob.
Customer Testimonials
Great sampler of black cavendish with a lovely aroma.
First time smoking a pipe loved it the pipe was a little rough but works great and loved the taste of the tobacco so if you are wanting to try a pipe this is the way to start
Good starter kit the tobacco was good but the pipe.... All in all it's good for the price you pay for.
Bought this for my brother as a b-day present, and he absolutely loved it! The tobacco included is smooth, taste good and leaves a pleasant aroma. Great deal! However, the pipe is not the best in the market. Overall I'm happy with this purchase.
The cob is very rough and the tobacco is okay, but it is well worth the $5!
You can't go wrong with 5 bucks. Tobacco is mildly sweet with a hint of vanilla...depending on how you smoke, the pipe should last the entire pouch.
Good enough to introduce you to the world of pipe smoking. Pipe is very cheap but gets the job done, included pipe tobacco is mild. For the price throw one in your cart and see if pipe smoking might be for you.
Ok well the Corncob is ehh ...but the pipe tobacco is great for someone that is just getting into pipe smoking. Good smoke, not to much going for it on the taste pallet scale.
I bought 4 of these to take on a guys trip that I am going on in March. I already smoke a pipe and have plenty of tobacco so this was to give to my buddies in case they wanted to smoke. I will say that it gets people talking and curious about pipes. I had these sitting out on my desk at work and one of my co-workers wanted to try it. He opened it and just smoked one bowl. I noticed that the corn cob is not near the quality of a missouri meerschaum legend but it will do and is neat to have in the package. What impressed me was the tobacco included. It is "vanilla cavendish" the quality of the tobacco looks kinda flakey and cheap but it tastes kinda good. People around me also thought that it smelled quite good. Great kit to give someone who is getting started.
Everything VG said in the last review is true, and when I bought mine I fugured it wouldnt be to fancy. The pipe was still a good bit rough on the inside and as I was getting ready to scrape the loose material on the inside I noticed the bottom was thin. I wanted to try a pipe and I guess this is the cheapest way to start. I am glad I ordered a better one though.
So saw this and thought "MAN this is a great deal, only wish someone wrote a review so that I could get some insider detail on it". Well I said what the heck and bought one and I would write a review for my fellow pipe lovers and pipe lovers to be. This is mostly focused to beginners looking for their first pipe. Now if you really want to pinch money this is great for you just know what you are getting yourself into. The pipe is a cheaply made corncob pipe made in china. Whether you get a decent or cruddy quality one is a hit or miss. The pipe tobacco isn't half bad though. The instructions on that come with the pack even say the corncob pipe it comes with is only made to last you the pack of tobacco it comes with. Corncob pipes don't last forever they eventually burn through but a Missouri Meerschaum Pipe would definitely last way longer than this one. If you really want to pinch money this isn't too bad of a pipe and tobacco to start off with but if you are ok with spending a little more for quality, I'd suggest a Missouri Meerschaum Pipe and some CAO tobacco.