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Kaywoodie Sterling Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Kaywoodie Sterling”

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When I got an email from CI about a sale on the Kaywoodie Sterling, I didn't think much of it. However, I saw the "two-tone Dublin" and thought it was a nice looking pipe and at the sale price it seemed worth the risk. I have to say, it stands up well so far next to my much so that I've even been considering buying a second...even at full price! Anyway, the Kaywoodie is rapidly becoming my favorite pipe. I would recommend it to anyone.
Like any new briar you will have to break it in. It doesn"t matter if it's a 100.00 pipe or a 500.00 one. The more you smoke it the better it will preform.
What a beautiful pipe! Just got it in and had to smoke it right away! It holds a lot of tobacco so plan on buying your favorite bend in bulk if you don't already. It has no filter and no restrictor in it so it's a bit different for the draw on it. Feels loose to me, not restricted like my other pipes. It's also a bit difficult to keep lit. Over all I like it and I'll get used to the draw but the looks of it far out weight the cons of how the pipe smokes.