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Torano Hogshead Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Torano Hogshead”

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okay folks, walk don't run to get your order in on these! Wow! This is by far the best inexpensive cigar I have smoked in years!, I am a daily smoker. Enjoying the likes of Tatuaje, Nuca Rustica, Liga, Padron and Ashton, just to name a few. I have smoked Torano cigars for years and love Charlies work. If you like a med-Full bodied cigar with lots of character that smokes like a champ get some!
WOW. Just received 2 days ago and right out of the box, great smoke. These will not last in my humi long enough to see how good they could be. Just a nice med-full solid cigar.
These have the flavor profile that I associate with a high quality medium-full cigar. This is a good looking cigar with a perfect draw. The only complaint I have is that the ash doesn't hold long.... Still, these smokes are simply delicious and I just received a second bundle of these to hide away and age.
A pretty good smoke for the money, not a disappointment but not one of Torano's top tier offerings. I would put this in the same category as the Coliseum. If you are looking for a well made, great yard cigar, you'd be hard pressed to beat it for the price.... If you are going to spend a couple hours out on your lawn tractor or at your favorite fishing hole, take a couple Hogshead Gordos with you and have a nice day.
This was a nice surprise. Looks good and it's well made. Burned even and it's pretty darn tasty. This one is easy on the wallet, so when you get home you can smoke a couple of em. Don't expect it to replace those premiums that you might pull out for the weekend, but it is a great smoke for the money. You won't be disappointed for ordering a bundle or two.
Somewhat harsh. Not a whole lot of flavor development. I guess I was expecting more from this name brand manufacturer. It is what it is for the price. Consistently smooth draw though.
No matter how many you buy you'll wish you had ordered more. One great value.
I have smoked many Torano cigars, most that I have smoked cost many more dollars than the Hogshead....but this is by far the best cigar I have smoked from Torano. Most of the line I find bland, I want to taste pure pleasure, I want a kick, THE KICK, and what some reviewers have described as harshness, I find to be refreshing, and good for my soul. GIVE ME MORE AND MORE....AND MORE... You are beginning to learn how to make fine cigars, Mr. Charlie Torano!!....Excellent idea on the packaging for the Hogshead, by the way.
I'm a Padron guy, X000 series, but always looking for a good smoke. CI had a deal going so I grabbed a fiver. Fired one up upon arrival and did a double take. This is a kick butt smoke. Could not believe how good it is. We all taste different, but you really have to give these a try. It's a sleeper and most of you will fall in love. Don't miss out. WTG Torano!
Good blend and consistent from one mazo to the next, with excellent construction. Even burn, great draw. Only one plugged stick in 7 mazos.