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Gurkha Status Salomon Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Gurkha Status Salomon”
I was disappointed with this cigar. The draw was very tight, had to work hard to get a mouthful of smoke, and the flavor was among the most bland I've tried so far. I'll take a Mark Twain over these any day...
GD of Valencia, CA
You guys r I was going out of town and I needed my cigars.and they was on time and they r all very good too thanks I will order more thanks. A very happy customer.
RJ of Whites Creek, TN
Was looking forward to this one but was terribly disappointed x2. The draw was sooooo tight I had to abandon two in a row. The wrapper was lose too. Maybe after 3 or 4 months in the humi at 65 degrees will help. I opened both unfinished cigars and they smelled amazing. Smoked a Titan alternately and was only a slightly better. It's like whomever was in charge of QA was on holiday.
WA of Webster, MA
What a great flavor profile, not one to go into detail, simply put a good tasting cigar is a good tasting cigar. Now the question is why the drop from $290 a 10 pack to $29 ? I think it is because the cigar is wrapped too loose in most cases making for an uneven and fairly quick burn, the flavor is there, but the wrapping technique was not Still at 3 bucks a stick it is worth the price easily just for the flavor profile..
Just placed my third order for the Gurkha Status Salomon's. Great smoke, super value! Keep em coming, you can nitpic about loose wrappers. When I am flying down the fairway on a cart, don't care about a bit of loose wrapper. What a taste! I will keep on smoking them until the are priced outside my reach.
RW of San Antonio, TX
Overall pretty good cigar! I smoked about half of them myself and gave the other half to friends. The flavor of these cigars are more mild than I thought they would be, but no worries there. A few things to keep in mind: The draw is pretty tight, and I would recommend letting these sticks sit for a while in your humidor before you enjoy them so that you won't run into any issues. Other than that, give em a try! It's a great chance to try out some top-of-the-line sticks for not too much cash.
JM of Plano, TX
Excellent cigar. Nice smooth flavor. Easy draw and even burn. 2 thumbs up!
JJ of Burleson, TX
Great cigar, you really cannot beat this deal!
JF of Alexandria, VA
Overall, a good experience for the CI price (not MSRP). I enjoyed all but 2 in the box of 10. The box did not last much longer than a month in the humidor. Well constructed with an even burn at a good rate, with mostly white ash throughout. I did not have any issues with the draw. The mild flavor and taste could be described as smooth, earthy, sweet, and peppery. The well constructed Salomon shape along with Gurkha's band provided great presentation. I'm not sure where the sour perfume like taste came from in the 2/10 that I did not care for. There did not appear to be any issues with humidification, so possibly some inconsistency in the manufacturing process.
JS of Saint Charles, MO
Love the Status.Great mild cigar. Usually get in XO, but for the price, I had to grab a box of Salomons. After they make a pit stop in the humi for a while, I will chime in and tell how they compare to XO. Thanks again, nobody come even close to C.I.
SM of Kokomo, IN
excellant ...nice cigar...great price...very good
LD of Philadelphia, PA