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Gurkha Crest Salomon Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Gurkha Crest Salomon”
Great cigar at a great price - can't go wrong with this purchase!
RL of Mouthcard, KY
Great value when on clearance. Overall decent cigar for the money, I would buy it again and recommend it.
BF of Ames, IA
I bought 2 boxes on a special and I must say they have been , by far, the worst cigars I have ever bought. Out of 20 I have about six left and have had an issue with every one I have smoked. My biggest regret is that I should have sent them back after I smoked the first one . To start with they all have a musty pre-smoke aroma and taste. At least half of them had wrapper issues even before they were lit and the other half almost disintegrated during the smoke. The last one I smoked ended in the toilet (were it belonged) about half way through it. Of the remainders I have left, half have there wrappers split open about 1-1/2 inches from the cap on down I will have to just throw them out, I can't smoke them....All I know is that after years of smoking Gurkha's I am going to think twice (maybe three times) before I order any more. And for those who may be thinking that I had a humidor issue please note that nothing else in that humi (that holds 300) had any issues at all.
LG of Columbia City, IN
I love Gurkhas in General and never had a bad one. Salomon is my favorite style and these don't disappoint. On sale they are a bargain.
ML of Pinson, AL
Absolutely amazing. Great flavor and a nice long smoke just about 2 hours. Really loving the Salomon style cigar. Definitely recommend
KS of Newark, NY
The Gurkha Crest is beautiful in presentation and very smooth. Not a big flavor, has kind of a interesting after taste.
EW of Virginia Beach, VA
Hate to say how good this stick is - might drve up price. A superb 1.5 hour smoke! Wish the accompanying martini lasted that long!
Frankly surprised. A very good cigar at a midpoint on strength. Noticed this morning I had not touched any of the others in the humi. I'll have to slow down if I'm gonna escape a reorder before the end of the week.
MG of Lubbock, TX
I really enjoyed this cigar. Well rapped, good flavor I would recommend lt to anyone.
KS of Loganville, GA
Another blend I love. Never had it in a Salomon before. First time for everything, they say. But would have been goofy to pass up the price on a box of these. Gurkha and C.I., one hell of a team.
SM of Kokomo, IN