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Black Ops Super-Sampler Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Black Ops Super-Sampler”
just a great way to spend the afternoon, with a sample of Black Ops, very nice mild flavor, A +
RR of Yale, MI
Very smooth and a surprisingly good smoke flavor also good. Best paired with a little cold bourbon.
DM of El Paso, TX
Bought the sampler and was happy with every cigar. Originally bought it because of the cool band to hand out to military buddies, but there is a solid smoke under each of those bands. Skull on the label and solid smoke anyone can enjoy. What guy can say no.
WP of Cincinnati, OH
I really like these; I'm biased though as I've become a huge Ghurka fan over the years. Also, I love maduro's so guess which one of these are my favorite. All, however, burn and draw very well and lasted for over an hour. Mine also ashed so well after about 1/2 thru I almost had to beat it on the side of the house to break it off (sign of a well constructed cigar so I'm told) Also I actually had the different noted flavors come thru which is definitely different for my wrecked palate (years of military c-rats & mre's). As of this post you can get some very nice smokes for about any mood you're in for about $2.34 a stick. Pull the trigger and get'um while you can at this price and get a bad ass band to boot!
ZR of Mechanicsville, VA
Just had to try these, being a Gurkha fan and all.... and couldn't lose with the price. I will say that I've only tried one so far and was a nice smooth smoke. And is nothing like their Gurkha counterparts, but in a good way. Can't wait to try all 3 blends. Love having so many blends on hand from my favorite brand. C.I. makes it possible.
SM of Kokomo, IN