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BlendLab - GH-652 Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “BlendLab - GH-652”
Picked up one of these while at the Hamburg Super store off a employee recommendation. I have tried quite a few cigars from the blend lab before and I have to say this is one of the best. Very complex, nice flavor changes throughout the cigar. Very unique and well worth the price. Will be picking up more the next time I visit.
JB of Pottsville, PA
Prelight noticed the oily habano wrapper, first draw a slight sweet citrus note and leather on the retrohale. Notes of pepper and leather hit me as I got further down. Slightly uneven burn but not a huge problem. Overall not a bad smoke, would put them in my normal rotation if they were a little cheaper.....
JG of Orwigsburg, PA
Upon light up got a nice little hint of pepper. Throughout I got nice spice from the sun grown wrapper. I would say this cigar leans a little toward medium. Nice construction, good burn. I got no significant changes through the smoke. Good flavor. Would like to try it in a corona size. All in all I'd like to see it at a better price but would recommend this cigar for a beginner prgessing to more bold cigars.
HC of Hamburg, PA
I just recently smoked the gh-652 and thought that it was fair. some good pepper in the first 2 inches then it mellowed out. all in all not to bad. I do like the blend lab product and will continue trying them. Some of my favorite cigars are in the blend lab. Smoke and enjoy....
TF of Pottsville, PA
I was impressed. This cigar has a pleasant nutty flavor with a hint of nutmeg and a subtle caramel-like sweetness to it. It is very well constructed; flawless wrapper, nice ash, and no burn issues. Definitely closer to a medium-bodied than a full-bodied; I'd consider this one a true medium cigar. The only thing I might do with this one is drop the price by a buck or two. Otherwise, this is a fantastic smoke!
First look at the GH-652 showed good construction. The burn was even at first but slightly uneven in the last half needed a little touch up. The draw was great. The flavor was real nice and had a good pepper finish. The strength was medium plus. Over-all this was a great cigar and I enjoyed it to the last bit I could stand to hold. I'd get one again.
RT of Bartonsville, PA
This is my second GH-652. This one has been in the humidor for months. It had a great pre-light aroma and color. The construction is good. After lighting, the draw was perfect as was the burn all the way to the end. It is a smooth cigar with a medium strength. The flavor was pleasant. I like this blend.
RT of Bartonsville, PA