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Chunktastic Mega-Sampler II Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Chunktastic Mega-Sampler II”
Solid smokes, nice selection, great buy!
TR of Chula Vista, CA
Another great collection of cigars. Contains a little bit of almost everything. Each cigar is packed with flavour, some of which may be too strong for a new spring aficionado. Even so, well worth the purchase.
MB of wasilla, AK
Great sampler. Here is how I break it down. My favs are the Man of War...great, great stick. Then the 5 Vegas...great too. Then the Diesels...not as good as MOW but pretty dang good. Really the Genesis The Project and the Diesel tied. Then, last and least, the Xikar HC. Couldn't finish that one and I'm thinking I'll give the others to one of my free-loading buddies. Still, this is well worth the price and I'm going to order another batch very soon.
SA of Kennesaw, GA
I always order samplers to try different brands so I don't have to pull the trigger on a box of just one. I was pleasantly surprised with this mix as I enjoyed them ALL. Buy this sampler, especially while it's on sale!
TW of Shrewsbury, PA
Really good sampler, my wife even jumped in to smoke a few and she doesn't care for cigars. I did find a few that seemed dry while it's counterpart next to it seemed too moist the next day. After a week resting in the humidor they were good to go. I liked the mix.
I love this sampler! I am a big fan of the 5 Vegas, so I knew what I was getting there. The Man O' War was amazing: Flavorful, great burn & aroma. The Genesis was another fantastic stick - one of the better maduros (damn near oscuro) I've smoked in a while. The Diesel was a nice surprise with solid flavor and wonderful smoke as well. The HC was OK...I think a few months in the humidor will make it a stellar cigar. It's a great value for the variety & quality.
BS of Seven Hills, OH
Not far. I am still trying to figure out this sampler...I love the 60 ring variety. Will try another in order to make a definitive review.
CS of Kansas City,, KS
Can't beat this sampler! It's got all the great cigars and every one of them is great.
EW of Virginia Beach, VA