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Man O' War Ltd. Edition Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.91304347826087 out of 5 Based on 23 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Man O' War Ltd. Edition”

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5 out of 5
man of war
execellent cigar enjoyed every second of it nicholas turturo
5 out of 5
Orange special
My 1st 1 was very good,the flavor was spicy and tasty and burned good,going 2 fire up another 1 tonight,a very contender in the MOW line
5 out of 5
Smooth full body!
This was an outstanding cigar!!! Very smooth for a full body! Will buy again.
5 out of 5
Another Stunner!
Another incredible blend from the master of blending, AJ Fernandez! Like other limited edition gems he has brought us, Man-O-War Ltd. Ed. Orange County Chopper Toro will disappear at some point. I intend to purchase as many boxes as possible, before that sad day arrives. Everything about this tremendously full bodied vitola screams out quality, workmanship & an unequaled dedication to bringing us the very best tobaccos Nicaragua has to offer. I suspect part of the tremendous flavor profile brimming with hints of cocoa, caramel & espresso is due to the inclusion of leaves from the USA. Pennsylvania Broad leaf perhaps? Whatever the secret is, MOW Ltd. Ed. OCC Toro is my new absolute favorite cigar at any price! A bold statement for a bold blend destined to be talked about long after it is no longer available. My heartfelt rating is 95/100 for a spleef as outstanding as Prensado, Tempus, La Herencia Cubana Core, Oliva Serie 'V' Melanio & Torano Exodus '50 Years'.
5 out of 5
Simply put amazing
Amazing cigar full of flavor burns evenly definately worth it. This is one of my favorite cigars
5 out of 5
One of the best full-bodied cigars I've ever had in my life
This cigar is unbelievable! I had 1 of them less than 24 hours after being delivered with a friend of mine and we were both blown away. So much spice, so much flavor, yet so smooth for a full-bodied cigar. I bought him a box for his birthday, and 2 boxes for for smoking...and one for aging for at least a year. They are so good that I'm thinking of buying 4 more boxes before they are gone forever since they are a limited edition release with only 5,000 boxes ever being made. Do yourself a favor and buy this! You will NOT regret it if you enjoy full-bodied cigars. Easily a 92 out of 100 in my book...and I've smoked hundreds of cigars before.
5 out of 5
Top notch smokes
At this price I have already purchased 10 boxes of these. I smoked and gave away 4 boxes and I now have six boxes left in my cooler. And now I am considering buying a few more boxes before these are all gone now that the cats out the bag. Worth way more then there being sold for. Buy some and try to let them age if you can hold out.
5 out of 5
Best of the Man O' War Line
I just can't say enough good things about this cigar. Medium to full body but super smooth and extremely flavorful. This has to be the best bargain at CI. Please keep this gem of a cigar in stock.
5 out of 5
Man O' War ltd.
These stocks are amazing. They are consistent all the way through and have a good, full flavor. Can't wait until my next order arrives
4 out of 5
Too bad this is a limited edition
Master blender A.J. Fernandez delivers again with this smooth yet complex beauty. With a slow and even burn, it's good to the nub. For the price, an unbeatable value.
5 out of 5
Got to have
You have got to try this excellent with red wine
4 out of 5
Ltd. Edition Smoke at Great Price
A limited edition smoke with an affordable price tag. Another gem hand crafted by the likes of master AJ Fernandez. An initial blast of pepper in the nose followed by notes of cocoa and chocolate. A long and slow burn with a perfect draw while the body enhances from medium to full. Enjoy!
5 out of 5
My go to smoke shop!!
Love you site and expound it's virtues on a regular basis! Two times just yesterday!
5 out of 5
Very good
the cigars were excellent. They were packaged neatly. They arrived when they were supposed to. The best buying experience is one with little worries.
5 out of 5
Worth every cent
Worth every cent
5 out of 5
Great Smoke
Is on of my go to sticks, you can't own enough of these.
5 out of 5
The Best
CI has the best cigars at a discounted price and fast shipping!
5 out of 5
Man O War
Great cigar! with a great price and great shipping time.
5 out of 5
Very enjoyable!
5 out of 5
Fan o Man o War
excellent smoke! I have purchased 2 boxes and would not be opposed to a third box.
5 out of 5
Very awesome smoke
deep notes of multiple different flavors and lasts nearly an hour. Great with an IPA
5 out of 5
I'm a huge fan of AJ Fernandez and MoW Cigars. This is much different than most of his offerings. The Sungrown Habano wrapper is just so flavorful and sweet but balanced with savory flavors. Wonderful spices, sweet chocolates, cocoa and coffee, creamy buttery textures that coat the palate. Enjoyable from start to finish. I like them so much, I bought 4 boxes. Will buy more before they are gone forever.
5 out of 5
CI Outstanding
I love doing business with CI. If I order early afternoon My cigars arrive next day.
Customer Testimonials
Really nice cigar!!! I think price is pretty reasonable... Just smoked the first one, and man oh man, what a nice, delicious enjoyable cigar!!! I can say it's almost a full body smoke but VERY SMOOTH!! nice creamy, espresso after taste with consistent chewy/nutty taste through out the cigar... with very slight hint of spice... definitely WORTH IT!!! it's a WINNER!
When I first ordered these the website showed as in stock but by the time the page refreshed from ordering I was put on the Back ordered list. I waited a long time for this Gar but man was it worth it. Nutty with that slight hint of spice and a smoke you can chew. I love Man O' War cigars and these are perfect. Keep it up CI!!!!
Let's see...I ordered a box at full price. Loved 'em, so when the opportunity arose to buy another box for a discounted price AND receive five additional sticks for free, I jumped on it. Now there's an AJ Fernandez special going on, so I can get 15 at a deeply discounted price, plus get an additional 20% off with a promo code. Yes that's right...I'm getting 30 more. To say I love this stick is an understatement. Thanks CI; you're the bomb daddy!
A beautiful stick! This is a full flavored gar that is complex. It grows in taste. Not for the faint of heart or stomach. Well worth the price.
.... AJ hit a super home run with this cigar. Deep, dark and rich, plumes of heavy bold smoke. Cocoa, coffee, dark flavors all the way through! These sticks will also age nicely, 2 years from now: oh my!
I love this cigar! This smoke is so complex and enjoyable I wish it was not a limited edition.
I bought a box and smoked 1, extremely impressed by the coffee/chocolate spice flavors. A very complex array of flavors and aromas that are balanced. I decided to buy 3 more boxes. Considering buying a few more for aging. This is a top notch cigar and my first encounter with AJ Fernandez and Man O' War.
My introduction to Man O' War, man was it baptism by fire! These are one of the most flavorful cigars I smoked in a very long time. Complex flavors that are well balanced. Full flavor, full bodied and pushing full strength. These are a total steal. I smoked one from my first box and was blown away. I got back on CI and ordered 3 more boxes. I see myself buying a few more for safe keeping. Once these are gone, that's it! It will be a sad day!
Very good flavor and even burn. Very satisfied with price and service. Highly recommend.
Impressive flavor with a cold draw. Plenty of body with the smoke and full of flavor. Cocoa, pepper, a brown sugar taste and coffee. Other flavors I cannot identify. The second half of the cigar is WONDERFUL. I got one box, hope they make more.
Fantastic cigar. You will not go wrong with these. Nice bold flavor, but smooth and great draw.
Wow what a great cigar. Really wasn't expecting this considering it is on clearance. The Man O' War LTD Edition is better than the regular Man O' War line and on par with the Ruination. Just ordered another box. Hope these stay in stock a while longer because I definitely want to order more. Samuel Nelson Chicago, IL
I picked up 10 boxes based off of the Katman's glowing reviews and couldn't be happier. It's a shame these are a limited release.
A limited edition smoke at a great price. Complex cigar filled with spice, pepper, some chocolate and some nuts that round out this full body gem.
Smooth taste and great flavor. Beautiful presentation with the box and label. Taste great and a great price too. CI is the best cigar web site ever.