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CAO Black Pipe Tobacco Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “CAO Black Pipe Tobacco”

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I have always liked the CAO pipe tobaccos various unique aroma's, but was always disappointed by the bite. I just tried the new Black, and it by far the best CAO pipe tobacco yet! Great tin aroma, lights up and fills the room with a wonderful smoke. Right from the start I could really taste the fruit at the finish. The tobacco smokes good straight through, kinda loses the fruity taste after a bit, but still tastes and smokes great to the finish. If you enjoy aromatics, you need to buy this, you will not be disappointed. And yeah, of course CI has the best price on the net.
Just fantastic. Perfect any time of day.
Fine tobacco, beautiful to smoke, and the ladies love to smell its smoke.
Every once in a while I satisfy my sweet tooth with tobacco. This one fits the bill. The tin note is amazing, mine was not overly moist as others have noted. It burned well with minimal relights - none until I neared the bottom of the bowl. The room note got the "wife seal of approval." On the downside, I wish it had a little more tobacco taste to it and a little more kick. No matter how hard I pushed IT DID NOT BITE. Overall - not a bad smoke.
Nearly two dozen tins on my shelf, and this is the tin I keep returning to. Very satisfying and subtly sweet. Room note is very pleasant and unoffensive even to non smokers. Smokes slow, and very cool. No bite experienced.