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Victor Sinclair Overruns Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Victor Sinclair Overruns”

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Great everyday cigars at a decent price...
Nice smoke for the price but a little hard on the draw.
Best cheap stick available. You do have to deal with a dud, but most burn as well as a full price Sinclair. I've had the robusto and toros, and the toros have been perfect so far. The robusto is still worth a try.
I smoked 3 of the Victor Sinclair Overruns (Torpedos) this weekend and I wanted to finish the whole bundle. It ws a very smooth smoke and smooth draw as well. The price is right and I truly enjoyed each one.
Good everyday smoke!
A daily smoke to wind down the day with.
An affordable and solid evening smoke to help wind down a long day.
The VS Overruns may be the best "deal cigar" I've bought from CI. Very smooth, good draw, a lot of smoke. For the price, they can't be beat. I will hastily order more. Thanks again CI!
What an awesome deal! At this price I have to fill the humidor. Quality smoke, good draw, with an even burn and excellent flavor! Don't let this one go without a try! Thanks again CI!
Ordered these for Christmas guests. They are great cigars, everyone enjoyed them. Very smooth with nice smoke and good aftertaste. Thanks CI, I'm developing into a raving fan!!!
Very good. They're not very strong, but they smoke well and the taste is pretty good. It's a great everyday economical smoke.
A very nice smoke that tastes great and is very consistent in its quality. A solid every day stick that you can't go wrong with. It does have a tendency to burn somewhat unevenly, but will correct itself if you take a minute or two to let it do so.
Great smoke! Some are harder on the draw but definitely worth the price! Great cheap stick to smoke with friends that bum off of you.
Good sampler; it lets you know what is out there. All were good, but some were outstanding!!
This is my first purchase from CI. I'm very satisfied with this stick; good burn, good flavor and great price!
I like this cigar as much as any banded Victor Sinclair I've had; more than a lot of them. Very tasty, mild stick and all I've smoked have been very well built.