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Stanwell Pipe Starter Kit Reviews

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Overall Rating 5 out of 5 Based on 1 Rating

Customer Reviews of “Stanwell Pipe Starter Kit”

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5 out of 5
cblack update
all items needed and good quality
Customer Testimonials
What a sweet deal ! Quality pipe and quality tobacco.
Calling this a Starter Kit is really underselling what you're getting. A similar pipe at my local tobacco store is $60 in and of itself, let alone the goodies. The Stanwell pipe lives up to it's rep. It feels solid, draws smooth, and doesn't get hot in my hand. I expect to own it forever. The tool is a big step up from your normal pipe tool, at least in feel. Function is spot-on, but so is every other pipe tool I've ever owned. Still, it looks and feels more impressive. The cleaners are dills, which are my go-to anyway, and work as expected. The tobacco tins are full sized, quality blends, and have a variety of styles represented. I cannot say that you'll care for each and every one. I can promise, however, that you will notice the texture quality and consistency. All-in-all, probably the best value right now in pipes.
Just got mine in! The pipe is beautiful and the tobacco samplers smell awesome! About to go light it up!
Got a billiard. Not my favorite but adequate. Melange was a strong odor, but very likable and smooth. I have smoked cigars for 40 + years and a pipe was a very different experience. Slower, more relaxed. It was a fuller experience; tastes, smells. The warmth of the pipe in my hand. Where my cigar demanded a martini or a red wine, the pipe asked nicely for a cup of strong coffee. Really a nice 15 minutes. I don't know that I would switch, but I could definitely see smoking a pipe after dinner, camping around a fire or on the porch, at sunset or instead of watching TV.
Just a great kit! Very valuable, the stanwell pipe is amasing, and I am about to try the tobacco, but it seems to be just great!
Dear CI nation! What a pleasant intro to pipe smoking. Stanwell melange is mellow yet likable, the pipe bowl shape actually teaches you to pack a pipe, if you master this bowl then you got pipe smoking pat down. I ordered Davidoff Medallions to acompany this sampler, and what an evening of flavor discovery it was. Baconed my tongue for two days but could not have been happier. And I still got Artisans and Red to get to... thanks ci this one is for the books.
I am very pleased with this Starter Kit. The pipe I received was a Bent Bulldog and is very nice looking. It smokes smooth and comfortable and the tobacco in the kit is a pretty decent selection. The Ashton blend was a somewhat heavier, bolder smoke than the other two with its English style blends and Latakia. The Davidoff and Stanwell Melange are both a good bit lighter and the Davidoff could be smoked all day. This kit was an exceptional value but instead of calling it a "Starter Kit," I would be more inclined to call it a "Pipe Lovers Combo". If you are truly starting out from zero with a pipe, you may want to check out one of the corn cob combos and save a few quid. If you are already in with a pipe and want to try something better than the Captain and a Cob (not knocking it), this has your name all over it!