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Garcia y Vega 1882 Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Garcia y Vega 1882”

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Years (decades?) long Backwoods smoker. Finally fed up by all the holes and bad construction. Tried dozens of alternatives. Then I found the 1882s. Almost identical to Backwoods. The taste is slightly different, but still very mild. Not harsh at all, like some of the other Backwoods imitators. Best news - no holes, no breakage, no cigars wrapped so tight they won't draw. Very well made. Recommended
I have been a backwoods guy for 10 years or so, they go thru good and bad production runs. I average 20-30% bad cigars per pack but I package them up and send to address on package and they replace free of charge except shipping. Then CI sent me some 1882 samples, I just ordered 3 boxes. They are perfect mild cigars with no imperfections yet on the single cigars. So was backwoods though. We will see.
I too am a long time Backwoods smoker, I prefer the "Honey Berry" flavor. I do agree with the consistency of the 1882 cigars being rolled perfectly, as well as the mildness. The only drawback is the flavor is no where near the backwoods. I would recommend these cigars to anyone whom likes the taste of a mild cigar and not being overpowered in the sweetness of flavor. Great cigars at a great price!
If you're a long time Backwoods smoker....then do as I have and try these! Much better quality and similar flavor!
Freaking great taste and aroma! So much so I bought 4 boxes. Great everyday running around little cigar. WOW!
Love 'em; my new Backwoods replacement!