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Felipe Origins Sampler Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Felipe Origins Sampler”
My favorite Felipe Gregorio Origins blend is the "Mexico San Andres Maduro. Actually, I love them all, but the "52" green band is so delicious, the wrapper leaf so dark & alluring, that I can scarcely believe they are this ultra affordable. I can smoke one every day. Or three. With no buyers remorse. The Robustos are all different sizes, the "52" being a 4 & 1/2" X 48 stick clock-a-block full of medium bodied goodness. If this is Felipe's idea of a budget line of hand made, long filler vitolas, I'm all in with pocket rockets! The four different wrapper leaves are worth the price of admission, yet they are all crammed full of Dominican leaves that can only be described as "well worth the cost". I'm stockin' up for the Holidays. These aren't perfect, as one was dry & another a bit hard on the draw, but "all-in-all", with just a little care & some humi-time, I have to give this deal serious consideration as CI's "No-Brainer" of the year. You guys & your "Clearance" deals seriously R-O-C-K!
I had never tried any of the cigars Felipe Gregorio makes before but the amazing 8 torpedoes for just under $10 price seemed like a safe bet as I wasn't wagering much and I love to try new cigars. First off I was pleased to see that these are much better-looking than the picture shows with attractive bands and nicely-rolled exteriors. I started with the '53-82' the "Estillo Cubano" and halfway through it I started wishing that I had a whole box rather than just one more remaining. This is a wonderfully flavorful, full-bodied smoke without any sign of harshness. It is my personal fave of the bunch. Then I tried the '203' "Connecticut Gold". I'm not ordinarily a big fan of Connecticut wrappers but I was surprised at the volume of flavor and medium body in this cigar – another hit. Today I have tried the '505' "Habano Nicaragua" and enjoyed its mild but tasty character which leaves an aftertaste reminding me very much of that of a cup of black tea. I have yet to taste the '52' "San Andres Maduro" but now I have some expectations for those being as they are in such excellent company. So now I know that Felipe Gregorio is a maker of top-notch cigars, being as that is what these are, and that price sometimes tells you absolutely nothing about quality.
MA of Vancouver, WA
this sampler group is excellent.these cigars are very well made,the tastes in these cigars are not over powering,,the flavors are just right.the aroma is very nice,,they WONT get ya kicked out of the livingroom so glad i ordered 2 of these samplers.the 53-82 is my fav so far but they all are GREAT. JR
JR of Fairmount, IL
These are some nice, really inexpensive cigars...These cigars prove once again that it is possible to smoke the very best cigars in any price range...All you have to do is keep an open mind, know what you like, and have a connection to Cigars Intl...
DC of Beverly, MA
"WOW" great cigars for the price. I will ordering this sampler again very soon.
JP of Grand Prairie, TX
Picked these up on a whim because they were on clearance, had a churchill size, great cigar. They need to be tended to, as the one I smoked went out when I was gabbing about something. Good taste.
VM of Dunkirk, MD
These are some awesome cigars! I've gotten a few of the sampler packs before and I've enjoyed them all! The "52" is by far my favorite. Thick, rich and tasty smoke comes out of this one. I just wish I could buy a box of just those! The others ones are excellent as well delivering many different tastes and flavors. The "203" wasn't my favorite but I don't like Connecticut cigars, so there's that.
ZO of Reynoldsburg, OH
Bought a sampler because I needed $10 more to get free shipping. Was I suprised. Great Mild smoke especially when you don't know if you'll have time to finish a $10+ stick. I'm ordering more.
The 53's are amazing. I wish I could order just those! Well worth the money!
GH of Albany, NY
Leave it to CI to bring us a sampler that contains quality cigars at a price that defies logic! The Felipe Gregorio Origins sampler is a case in point. I grabbed an 8 pack of the robustos & was blown away at the quality, taste & construction these vitolas have to offer. The 203 Connecticut Gold is a true gem, due to its fantastic taste! I am not a mild bodied fan, but this cigar has so much flavor, that you forget it is mild bodied. I can't wait to try the other 3 blends & expect they will be just as good. Meanwhile I am scouring the clearance area of the site to find & order more of these Felipe Gregorio stogies, before the word gets out & they are gone. Bravo, CI & thanks for another "no-brainer" deal!
Good smokes for a great price.
Really, really nice sample
I really wish I could say this purchase was worth it but every single one of these cigars had splitting wrappers and burned inconsistantly.
GP of Sanford, NC
Not my favorite cigar in the world. Had a big cedar taste to them but over all not to bad for the price.
CB of Mapleton, UT