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Don Jesus Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Don Jesus”
I gotta say. I was skeptical about it for the price. Not the best. But not the worst. Decent smoke. I enjoy it during my lunch break for a fast smoke with a cup of coffee. I will buy another bundle. Leave it in the humidor for a week before smoking it.
JH of South ozone park, NY
Not the prettiest or fanciest cigar but a darn good smoker. And at this price you can't go wrong.
KP of amery, WI
I didn't go blind after smoking these. In fact they were much smoother than I expected with a rough strong tobacco flavor with a hint of vanilla. I have to admit, they weren't too bad for an ice fishing cigar. Then again, walking out onto a frozen lake in -20F temeratures doesn't say much for my personal preferences. Still, it was nice to know that [Don] Jesus was on the ice with me.
very nice smoke for the price it burns well i just got it today and smoked two of them already and enjoyed them thanksthanksthanks
RA of Martinsburg, WV
I was skeptical, but I went ahead and bought a bundle of these. Turns out I was pleasantly surprised, enough so that I just bought another bundle. Very tasty for the price.
DP of Machesney Park, IL
You can't go wrong with this one. Interesting smoke. Good flavor, stays lit, decent construction. My friends try it and ask where they go to order some. Give it a try. For the price, what have you got to loose?
This is surprisingly good daily smoke. I have purchased two bundles of these and I waiting for them to restock the Churchill's so I can buy another bundle. IT is a very consistent smoking experience.
DP of Machesney Park, IL
Great everyday smokers. I will buy more.
DM of Grand Junction, CO
Just received mine today. For the price I paid it's hard to be disappointed. It is smoking well, taste pretty good actually. At first it tasted too much like a cigarette but after a few puffs that went away. I would not put it in the same class as a higher end smoke. I am a novice, but in comparison to brands that I have smoked such as CAO, Rocky Patel, Gurkha and Puros Indios among others) it doesn't remotely hold up on the same level. The construction is pretty poor. The cigar I am presently smoking is slightly curved and it is definitely not rolled very firmly.The outside wrapper has visible seams and the cigar feels pretty fragile. It is not a tight presentation. Again, this is a pretty good price for 20 cigars and they taste fine. Just don't expect greatness.
JL of Valley Center, CA
decent, but loosely packed, & kinda flimsy,not bad taste but cheaply made..
RA of Nutley, NJ
First off, let me say I paid $9.95 for a 20 count bundle and that included shipping...Now for my review.: the cigars have a homogeneous binder which I can detect immediately. Overall, the smoke is OK if you like these type cigars...probably one of the tastiest homogeneous binder cigars I've tasted. They are NOT hand made...machine made and MAYBE the outer wrapper was put on by hand. The filler is like cigarette chopped tobacco. Flavor is good, and burn is consistent and milder than expected. I got exactly what I paid for. They are better than the La Aurora principles, but if you are use to smoking 100% tobacco cigars, you WILL be disappointed!... Don Jesus...Desperado 2nds...whatever you want to call yourselves...Glad to see you gone as looks like CI is sold out...RIP!
JN of Johnson City, TX
I wasn't sure about this cigar, but I figured that for the price I'd try it. Granted, this isn't a great cigar but it does beat the machine-made 'homogenized' wrapper sticks. The "Don Jesus" label is stuck over the original packaging but it doesn't really matter. They do burn evenly and draw well enough. These are okay for keeping gnats and mosquitoes away while you're fishing, for yard work, or just a cheap smoke (beware mooches!!).
Nice taste, nice odor. Stays lit well. Good all around cigar. Packed just right (not to loose not too tight). Good price. Would order again....
PB of Selden, NY
This was a panic order. My humidor was getting empty and it was between pay days so I didn't have much money so I gave them a shot. Boy was I surprised! They aren't bad. Rolled a little loose, but they draw nice and burn even. Best fifty cent cigar I ever smoked!
WH of Cedar City, UT
I just tried both of these and must say for price I am some what impressed; no bad after taste, smooth, but a mild smoke. I like them for outside yard work and times when I know it might get damaged or ruined by working around house. They are loose rolled, but burn decently; they do not have a binder or binder is the wrapper might be a better description. For the price, worth the try if looking for a cheap smoke.
MI of Winterville, GA
I was very impressed by the way these taste and smoke, that I think CI should get more and sell them.
EW of Westminster, SC
When I bought them, I wasn't sure about the cigar, but it turned out to be a really big surprise. The taste was good and the price is really great. Will buy them again.
SA of hoodsport, WA
Very nice and smooth cigar; great price.
RD of Baytown, TX
For 50 cents a stick, better then alot of machine-mades. Take a chance, you'll be surprised.
JP of Crab Orchard, KY
Wow is all I can say, Great Flavor for the price, as good as the higher dollar ones I have bought, I am waiting to try the others. . nice Maduro wrapper. They are uneven and and a few veins but Nothing Obnoxious.
KF of thurmont, MD