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Rocky Patel Fusion Reviews

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Overall Rating 1 out of 5 Based on 1 Rating

Customer Reviews of “Rocky Patel Fusion”

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1 out of 5
Fusion confusion.
Received this in a sampler pack. It has been in my humidor and I was looking forward to a good cigar. Unfortunately, this did not hit the mark. I could not even finish this... bad taste from start till I had more than I wanted. No interest in this cigar in the future.
Customer Testimonials
This was a great smoke; one of the better Rockys I've had. Smoked evenly and thickly. Tasted like wood and spice with a hint of leather and it had just the right amount of sting on the lips. It was much stronger than I expected which made it perfect for me. I'd give it an 8-9/10. I'll definitely be buying this cigar again.
I liked the original RP Fusion. I smoked hundreds, may be more. It was my favorite of favorites. The new Fusion, regrettably, is not the same. I still smoke them when I can get a good deal, but sorry, they are just not the same. As they say, "Close, but no cigar!". I have since tried to find find others to replace my favorite, go to cigar, but haven't...So sad!
The original RP Fusion was something else... The best of all cigars... It was it.. My favorite of favorites...His new re-released Fusion version just doesn't cut it... I keep smoking these thinking and hoping they might be as good as the originals, but they are not...Disappointed!!
Unlike my fellow Texan; SP, I was quite impressed with the three Fusions I've smoked. Beautiful wrapper, razor's edge burn, easy draw and mildly delicious. I will definitely be ordering a box!
I puffed my first Fusion the other day. Probably the best cigar I have experienced. Hopefully the next are as good. It started off med-full flavored and finished the same... NICE! Paired well with a glass of red wine.
Got this one out of the sampler pack and I must say it did not live up to my expectations that I usually expect from Rocky. The first quarter of the steak tasted really bad second-quarter it started to get a little bit better but by the time I was halfway through it went back to what it tasted like in the beginning. This is not something I will purchase in the future
Just had my first fusion, very nice smoke no great surprises, just a mellow tobacco flavor from start to finish with maybe a slight earthiness at the end. A good way to sit down with a cup of tea and mellow out at the end a day. This will definitely not be my last fusion, thanks.
“I bought the "Legal Limit 18-Cigar Sampler III" wanting to expand my pallet into the Full-strength cigars and thought I'd write a review from a novice's point of view. I found the 'Fusion' to be very nice, a rich smooth smoke with a hint of spice, that has found a place as one of my favorites.
Never liked the old Fusion cigar a few years ago. The new Fusion is way better, just ordered my second box of robusto, so far only had one or two that had a tight draw; otherwise good cigar that holds a nice ash. Semi-sweet flavors with notes of nuts and cream. Give the new Fusion a shot you might be surprised.
I very much enjoyed this cigar. Highly recommended.
Excellent cigar!!
I feel the need to say that the original Fusion was an AWESOME CIGAR upon release. However, later lots of the previous Fusion.... didn't even resemble the original release - I even returned a box or two. I have my fingers crossed that this NEW Fusion is as good, at least for now.
Definitely a huge improvement over the original Fusion. Delicious!
I got five Fusions with a sampler of Rocky Patels. I wasn't impressed with them, at least not in a positve way. Four were rolled way too tight. I couldn't even open them with a "poker". If I let it sit for more than a minute I had to relight it. One out of the five was smokable, in fact I'm smoking it right this second. It's a-okay, but one out of five doesn't cut it. I'm a real fan of Rocky Patel. I currently have about 50 of the Royal Vintage, several Decades, some Vintage 1990s and 1992s as well. They are all great!
Never was a huge fan of the original Fusion...bought & smoked a couple of Toro 5-packs...that was about it. Found it wasn't a lot of cigar...especially for the money. But I'm about to break into my second box of Toros...the new Fusion finding a slot in my rotation and space in my humidor. Well made, good-looking, smokes and tastes great. A cigar worthy of the Rocky Patel tradition at an awesome price. Looks like I'm gonna be a fan this time around!
I'm another guy who liked the original Fusion, and with this one I've fallen in love...again. They look, taste and smell GREAT! I'm definitely getting more! Rocky, another fantastic job! And CI, another fantastic deal!
I'm a huge Rocky fan. But I can't say that the original Fusion was one of my faves. My first smoke of the reblend shows a lot more promise!
NICE!!! I bought a box of the Toro's on a whim because I have enjoyed other RP creations and once again, an awesome cigar. Nice construction, even burn, a little tough draw at first but not a concern. Very rich and complex smoke. I will savor everyone!
I bought a 5 pack of this cigar because of the reasonable price. I'll be purchasing a box next because of the quality. Very rich and flavorful cigar with great construction and an even burn. One of the better Rocky Patel blends that I've smoked! Excellent cigar and an amazing value when it comes to med-full smokes.
I was one that liked the original Fusion. The new RP Fusion is a very good cigar for the money. A great smoke and an exceptional value also.