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Romeo y Julieta RyJ Reviews

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Overall Rating 5 out of 5 Based on 4 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Romeo y Julieta RyJ”

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5 out of 5
Bully Bully!
The RyJ Bully is by far my favorite cigar. It has a nice even burn and the flavor is exceptional!
5 out of 5
Another great Romeo Y Julieta
Great tasting cigar, pulls nice, all around great smoke. RYJ has also been a huge hit with my cigar buddies too.
5 out of 5
Bully grand
Good cigar. My only complaint is that some of the batch seems to be having trouble staying lit
5 out of 5
Great smoke
This is my second box purchase of the RYJ. I love the subtle sweetness and great construction. Deffinately a mainstay in my humidor!
Customer Testimonials
I love this cigar. Fast becoming one of my favorites. sometimes a little stingy on draw, and thus a little hard to stay lit......but flavors and punch are always just right.
Just had my first one today. Pre-light smell was slightly spicy, earthy, and the cigar seemed to be constructed well. Lighting was a problem and the draw was difficult for the first two-thirds of the smoke. The burn was uneven, especially in the last third of this cigar. When I wasn't distracted by the difficult draw or uneven burn, I was able to detect flavors of coffee, a lingering but understated sweetness, and the pleasant tastes of spice and pepper. Still have four left, perhaps they should spend more time in the humidor. Will post another review at a later date in fairness to RyJ.
Tried my first cigar from this line three days ago. Sorry to say, I think it will also be my last from this line. Just not my cup of coffee. I don't have a Romeo y Julieta bias, either. In fact, I think the [Habana] reserve lines is one of the best bargains around, and I have a few with about six years of age on them, and they age nicely (not a remarkable transformation, but a nice slide into old age...unlike myself). I have also loved the Viejo line since smoking my first one something like 5-6 years ago, and they are also a good cigar for the money. I just don't dig the RyJ line.
Can enough be said about quality, Nicaraguan tobacco? I love it. Im not a big fan of Romeo's well known, been-around-forever blends, as I find them a little, well, blah. This Nica Puro however, is a blast of that great Nicaraguan flavor profile that is spicy, tangy, and damn tasty. Love the RyJ puro. Will be getting more, for sure. Also, not overwhelming at all, in my opinion. Med + at most.
i like the wrapper on this cigar and at first the construction felt solid and no irregularities were found but when toasting the foot to an even glow(great aroma!) i was getting little to no smoke on the other end so i checked it over to look for holes or any leak and found none. i came to the conclusion it was the porosity of the wrapper and combustion was terrible and it actually tunneled .having been only a week in my humi @64% it wasn't over humidification.will try again, kinda surprised from these guys they usually produce consistently or at least have in the past.
I received one of these cigars free at a local cigar shop. I was excited about it because at the time (1 month ago or so) CI didnt even carry these and i couldnt find any info on the web about it, except from RyJ's website. I didnt think this cigar should be labeled as FULL it was more of a Medium-Full. I was upset w/ this cigar because i felt like it was rolled too tight. It seemed very hard to get a good draw out of it, however im gonna order a box of 5 anyways. I believe i might have just received a bad stoogie.
The RyJ in toro size is a medium to full bodied smoke. Dominant flavors are of cocoa, creamed coffee, a little bit of toffee and nuts. Initial draw demonstrated spice which did disappate. Finish is a semi long creamy powder cocoa and but. Draw was good with optimal smoke output. Construction flawless with even burn. Smoked this cigar one day after delivery and was very pleased. A very different experience from your classic Romeo y Julieta mild flavors of cubanesque tobacco. Overall a very pleasing cigar. I rate a 92. Can't wait to see how much difference with humi time will do to these cigars
Just smoked the first of the 5-pack delivered 2 days ago. RyJ (particularly Reserve Maduro) used to be one of the brands I cut my teeth on, before discovering the great Nicaraguan variety CI delivers (especially offerings from AJ, Pepin, etc.) Despite having to "speed-smoke" it in 25 degree Chicago weather, I came away very impressed. This was not the RyJ I recalled. Definitely complex, but very smooth, lots of espresso coming through and not as spicy as some of the fore-mentioned brands. I would also rate this as med-full, not full, but I'll reserve full judgment until I can smoke one in a more relaxed (i.e. warmer) environment! Pick up a 5-pack to try, I think you'll like this new RyJ offering.