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Puros Indios Reserva Maxima 2003 Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Puros Indios Reserva Maxima 2003”
picked up a second box of these the other day at the retail superstore (bethlehem). they had 20 ct maduro media corona boxes for 25$. not bundles, boxes...for 25$ lol. for 25 a box i felt like i would insult a brand that i reasonably like if i DIDN'T buy it! both the natural and maduro are fairly mild smokes, with decent flavor. very earthy cigars with spice picking up in the second half. not the greatest looking cigars but they're a good morning smoke for me.
CE of Milford, PA
Love these suckers...not the darkest Maduros I have ever had but tasty as all heck. For the price you can beat them...I love the Puros they make too and this is another big hit from Indios cigars! Lots of deep sweetness and spices, good draw and even burn...a bit on the moist side right out of the package so no need to age them more. Try these puppies you won't be let down!
Best anytime smoke. Put them down for a 30 days nap. Came out perfect. Nice draw, tons of smoke, and the flavors continue to build from light to finish. A $10 smoke at a wonderful price. My friends are all buying them now as well. What better review then that!
JW of Daphne, AL
Well constructed, great taste and good draw, what's not to like?
BE of Granbury, TX
I got these as a humidor filler cause they were cheap, and the indios puros were rated 90 ish in aficianado, so i figured all give these cut heads a try, not expecting much, but what a suprize. The construction looks a little rough but holy cow what a draw what a burn and the smooth creamy taste.... im gonna order more i hope they stay at this price for a while.
EO of Ridgecrest, CA
Like the thicker ring gauge in the series, natural wrappers. Easy draw, stays evenly lit and the flavor lasts through the whole stick. Can't beat it for the price. I am sold.
TH of Charlotte, NC
This is one of my favorite daily smokes. Smooth all the way to the nub. The description they provide says it all. I tried these a couple months ago and have purchased three boxes since. You won't be disappointed.
I'm a big fan of the Puros Viejo and could never understand the negative reviews of Rolando's cigars. Like loose roll, uneven burn, inconsistent quality...These, unfortunately, have given me some insight. I'll jump on Viejos if/when available but probably won't buy these again.
A very nice everyday smoke at a great price. I will be buying more of these.
OK, I couldn't wait and tried one of these straight off the truck. Gotta say it was better than expected. I can't wait until they age a little and see if they could improve any more.
DC of Sharpsburg, GA
I've been buying the Toro Maduros for a couple of months now & they've been great smokes for the money. I've always loved Puros Indios sticks & am always excited when they go on sale. They've been my go-to daily smoke this entire time. I have one or two whenever I'm doing yardwork, etc., or more recently, scraping, sanding & glazing exterior windows before our next good ol' Buffalo winter. Because of that I don't usually just get to smoke the whole stick all at once. Weird thing about that, last month I bought a bundle of the Robustos because the temperatures were getting cooler. Since I only smoke outside, in the winter I switch to a shorter stick for the sake of personal comfort. I was really surprised that they were not as smooth as the Toros. They did not burn as evenly and if you did not smoke the entire stick at one time, they were really brutal upon relighting. Other than that aberration, these are really nice smokes. I'll hate to see them go off sale. I recommend them very highly.
JG of Sloan, NY
These have great flavor. Reyes Senior must be proud! Another great find at prices I can afford. Thanks again C.I.!
JN of Johnson City, TX
Mild - Not always an even burn, but not bad for the price.
JH of Linwood, KS
I am a fan of all of Rolando Reyes' cigars. They are earthy and favorable and give off lots of fragrant smoke. I like his Cuba Aliados brand, but this one is almost as good and the price is a lot less. At less than 2 bucks a cigar, they are great bargain!
FANTASTIC!!!!!!! Another Gem!!!!!!
JK of philadelphia, PA