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Montecristo Monte Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Montecristo Monte”
Nice flavor, but burned a little funny due to the double binder. Overall a good smoke, nice finish.
The Monte No.2 is presently my favorite smoke. Im a newbie so I havent been exposed to a plethora of top end smokes but this cigar fits the bill for me. It burns well draws great and really opens up about a third of the way through. Great to smoke when you have a hour and a half to enjoy a good cigar at a good price.
RT of Nottingham, MD
Amazing smoke. Burns evenly and the spice notes are great. It is a velvety smooth smoke. The wrapper hides the gem of a cigar that the Monte is. I bought a box and already have smoked through it all and will be buying more. Get these while you can. This is my #1 smoke right now.
Excellent spicy notes. Nice robust medium-full bodied stick with plenty of flavor. Highly recommend the Monte if you like a nice complex cigar with a good rum.
This is a damned fine cigar. For me, that's surprising. Before trying the Monte, the only Montecristos I cared for were the Platinum line and some of those that are off-limits to us 'mericans. Simply put, I really like this cigar. You should try at least one....
TP of Freeland, WA
I received this cigar for Christmas from my sister-in-law and well....she knows me! For one thing, I'm a huge fan of Montecristos as they are reliable and consistent. If I don't want to try anything new and want to spend time with an old friend, Montecristo is the place to turn. This was my first box-pressed cigar and the double binder was a bit hard to get used to as the flavor gets a bit wonky, however I brewed a fresh cup of locally roasted coffee from the Senoia Cafe in Senoia, GA (black of course) and all the notes evened out perfectly. The ash hung on for a good 2 inches, it burned perfectly even, and the You won't be disappointed! Spend some time with an old friend and take some time with a Monte!!
AJ of Albany, GA
Outstanding smoke. Definitely more medium bodied, not so much medium-full until the last third. The wrapper has a chocolate color and appearance. The odor of chocolate is definitely present prelight. Cigar has a good draw, perfect tightness. It produces a fair amount of smoke in the beginning. Pretty smooth smoke, almost kind of silky and rich. In the first two thirds the main flavor is chocolate and slight spice. It leaves a very pleasant after taste. Pretty sweet finish. The burn line is perfect, razor sharp. Required no touch ups. The ash lasted for about an inch or so before it needed to be discarded, consistent light gray color. The cigar finishes out more spicy than sweet, not overwhelming in the least bit. More generous amounts of smoke were produced after the first third was gone. This paired very well with a cup of coffee. Burn time was about an hour. Maybe a little longer. I tend to stick with more full bodied smokes, but I'll definitely be buying a box of these.
JR of Reston, VA