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Militia Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Militia”
Thanks to CI I received a Militia sampler with my last order. The first thing that caught my attention was the first class look of the dark Habano Euadorian wrapper with one of the best looking bands I've seen in a long time. The construction was flawless on the 6x52 Toro, creating the look of a cigar on the front of a high class publication. This is a cigar with a wonderful presentation producing huge amounts of smoke, great draw, even burn, and plenty of smoking time. The Militia is a bold in flavor, yet smooth and creamy, producing hints of coffee, spice, white pepper, and earthy undertones. It is my feeling that the Militia will please most mid to full flavored smokers, and I suggest you purchase the sampler. A must try for those who are always looking for new cigars with top notch flavor.
DM of Hixson, TN
First off. Delicious cigar, well made. Burns even. Everything a top notch Cigar should have. Taste starts off Good and progresses into the delicious Zone quickly. Checked price and they Are very affordable. Excellent job. Leonard in OKC
LL of Oklahoma City, OK
So i ordered my first gargantuan cigar order from CI in order to get eligible for the free cigar sampler. I didnt expect much to be quite frank. Just straight out of the package I decided to divulge on these cigars first and I must tell you all that i made a horrible mistake. These cigars were just too good! Even right out of the usps delivery box the cigars were perfectly moist with a rich and oily wrapper!So much flavor on the get go so you realize its a stronger full flavored cigar. Then suddenly the cigar transforms into the smoothest mellow cigar I have ever tasted. Im smoking the final third right now and it seems to have lost most of Its flavor : ( the flavors are getting quite dull and although it is smooth it is overly mellow. I miss the first half of the cigar. Definitely worth a try the last third though... I don't know what happened... Sorry im a bit of a noob and this cigar is confusing me. Please advise. Someone tell me what it is im experiencing towards the final 3rd of the cigar. The flavor seems mute?
JL of Los Angeles, CA
Great Cigar only problem the are rolled to tight.
I bought a sampler of the double toros. What a pleasant surprise from a brand I've never seen before. A formidable looking stick, it burns well and changes character throughout the smoke with never a harsh note. It starts off with a pleasing light peppery flavor fairly rapidly developing a rich, smooth and complex smoke that was never overwhelming. I'm not so good at teasing out the individual notes in something this complex, but I thought I detected some aromatic woodiness, a bit of cream and some earthier flavors - not exactly leathery, but in that ballpark. It finished up with aromas best appreciated in the nose rather than the palate. This one is a special occasion cigar.
These are decent sub $3 smokes and shouldn't be ignored. They aren't top notch by any means, but will be worth every penny spent on them. Right off the truck I smoked one and it was pleasant enough that I know with a bit of rest they will become a welcomed addition to my cheap smoke drawer in my wineador. Don't hesitate on trying a sampler (4) which can be had for less than $10 bucks shipped. Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to convince you to buy these, but all of us regular (1 a day+) smokers are always looking for a decent smoke to have between our primes, and this to me at least is one. Hi5 'gents
I received the free flight sampler on an order and a ten-pack of robustos for only $29.99 as an add-on to another order. I don't know who makes these, but they sure know how to make a great cigar. Beautiful wrapper, excellent construction, slow (smoked a robusto earlier today which lasted 100 minutes) burn, and a wonderfully full-flavored, med.-full bodied smoking experience that will keep you interested from first puff until when your fingers and lips get hot enough to make you reluctantly decide that this cigar is finished. Even with the slow burn you get an easy draw and plentiful clouds of pleasantly aromatic smoke. Love this cigar!!!
TS of Elkhart, IN
I received this cigar in a sampler that was suggested by one of the phone reps at CI. I`m a big fan of 6 x 60 and I really don`t care for Maduros, but I must admit this is a very good cigar. Thanks for the recommendation, CI; keep up the good work!
LR of Chicago, IL