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Mayimbe by AJ Fernandez Reviews

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Overall Rating 4 out of 5 Based on 1 Rating

Customer Reviews of “Mayimbe by AJ Fernandez”

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4 out of 5
smooth and strong AJ. does it again
TigHt roll with a perfect draw and perfect even burn reflecting its superior construction. Nice peppery accent running throughout the creamy smoke. I was smoking one for Christmas exactly when I was asked to comment. Treat yourself to another one of A.J. s finest. Thanks again CI. Warning: not for the faint palate.
Customer Testimonials
Not very well known, but it is a very nice full body smoke...lots of flavor.
This is my favorite AJ cigar, and I've smoked them all. Basically, put the core flavors of the MoW Armada into the body of the MoW Ruination, and you've got the Mayimbe. This is something special and to me, worth the price. If you like stronger cigars but are craving more than just your standard ligero strength bomb, this is a no-brainer to try. And if you're also an AJ fan ... just stop reading this and try one already! I like most AJ stuff, love some of them (Armada, Pinolero, San Lotano "The Bull," Puro Authentico, some Diesels, and of course my first love, the Ruination), but this one is the best by far. From the first puff, it's AN EXCITING CIGAR. The flavors are fairly complex, though it's not that dynamic of a cigar (i.e. the profile doesn't change a whole lot as you smoke it). The only downside is the price, but the 10-count boxes help that. I probably prefer the robusto, but I've had several churchills and they were great too.
I try everything that AJ puts out. Some I really like, some I can do without. This is one that I really like. In my humble opinion, this is hands-down the most refined stick that AJ has released. It is very good. Is it 10$+ a stick good? I'm not sure. Then again I'm a cheap bastard. I do know that I will thoroughly savor and enjoy the rest of this 5-pack. When those are gone it will be a real dilemma on whether or not to shell out the bucks for a box.
NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! Listen, forget what you think you know. Forget what someone has told you. Forget what I'm saying right now! Get the Mayimbe. It is so powerful, I literally had to decide whether I wanted to finish it or wave the white flag in defeat! Unfortunately, It got the best of me. It is everything described: peppery, complex flavors, cocao, but it packs a whallop! Very smooth and robust. Next time I have one, I'll make sure I have more on the tummy! Excellent stick.
Mayimbe... What can I say. High in strength, average in flavor/complexity. I'm not alone in this general review, look around. Just like the previous reviewer, I've had basically everything AJ has put out. Everything that he's put out has been good, but I'd take a core before a Mayimbe and save about 1/2 the $ (and that's being generous, these are very pricey). Just my 2 cents.
The AJ Fernandez Mayimbe. Now, is this the BEST cigar I've ever smoked? I've smoked some pretty fine sticks, including many genuine Cubans. They all have unique characteristics to fit my mood and the situation. When first told of the Mayimbe, it was described as a ; "Pepper bomb, loaded with spice and flavor." Yeah, I hear those touts all the time. But I'm a big AJF fan. Pinoleros, San Lotano's , La Herencia Cores, Nica Libres, these are all big favorites of mine. So it didn't take much for me to try the new kid on the block. WOW! WOW! WOW! Anyone want to trade 100 Cubans for Mayimbes? These sticks are outstanding (but not for sissy smokers). The very first draw was like having black pepper shot to the back of my throat. And it just kept getting better. It's like the tobacco was cured in Tobasco Sauce. VERY spicy and full flavored. It mellowed out after the first third, then picked up again in the final third. It ended very smooth and satisfying. Well made (of course it IS an AJ) nice sheen, and even long lasting ash. This a GREAT cigar!.... I'll snap these up every chance I get. AJ knocked it out of the park on this one.