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The Log Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “The Log”
Just had one of these, didnt even let it rest. Great!! hint of chocolate and earth on lite up. Coffee and wood during..NOT harsh at all very smooth. Easy draw, tons of thick smoke, A cool smoke all the way thorough, I never put it down. Ash held to about half way, Puffed it down to around 2" or a bit less before it got a bit stong with tar. Love big ring sticks, this one is a winner and very reasonable thanks to CI !
LS of Naugatuck, CT real flavor.... when i punched the cigar it cracked a inch long down the side , then tried to cut that off and the whole cigar cracked....
no flavor whatsoever, great construction , great smoke out put but no flavor
SO of Brentwood, NY
If it were any bigger in girth, it would be like smoking a softball! It is a fair smoke and it burns well. At least it isn't coming apart when I smoke it. 5x70 yielded an hour of watching a storm roll in and the smoke no extra drama, and for that I am glad. I might buy some more, if the show back up I on MMAO!
RA of Forney, TX
Wow, read some of the reviews here and find it hard to believe no one else loved these as much as I do. In our cigar club, we usually enjoy full flavored stogies like, Diesels, Genesis, 5 Vegas maduros and these LOGs can be placed right up there with the very best. These smokes were the bomb. Listed as a medium to full flavor, it should be redefined as "full-flavored" as these sticks pack a punch, no doubt. Albeit, hokey packaging (with the lumberjack on the band) but what did you expect with a 70G cigar? It's like sticking a magllight in your mouth! Smooth, silky robust flavor with hints of chocolate and coffee, yet with subtle earthy notes. The construction of the cigars are well worth noting as with its girthy ring, the cigar burns the very last centimeter. I suggest this cigar, and maybe will get hmmmm and hawwws from other reviewers when I say, these babies will smoke NUBS any day. Look, for $25, you get 7 can you lose? You have to try these LOGS to believe it!
AL of Los Angeles, CA
5 out of 5 stars! I was shocked how great this cigar was. I purchased some stumps to try out. The cigar was smooth and smoked easily. I could taste earth, oak and a hint of coffee. By far one of my favorite cigars. I would definitely recommend this cigar.
WA of Pawnee City, NE
An absolute pleasure to smoke from start to finish. I couldn't help but share with friends, and we all agreed this cigar is worthy of future purchases! Flavor and burn were perfection, and I could not put it down. The best 90 minutes I've experienced yet. Well done!
TO of Houma, LA
Absolutely love this cigar. Great smoke from start to finish. Just picked up more
LC of Fresno, CA