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Casa de Garcia Red Reviews

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Overall Rating 3.9 out of 5 Based on 10 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Casa de Garcia Red”

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4 out of 5
The sweetness indeed. The stick I had featured a loose wrap cap, but that signature sweetness was still present. Makes the entire stick a great after dinner treat. I will definitely be visiting this stick again.
5 out of 5
Casa de Garcia Red Robusto Is a Wnner
Casa de Garcia Red Robusto is a pretty good cigar sugary tipped cigars like Swisher sweets don't have any taste when you star them and finish 'em Bu no the case with Casa de Garcia Reds. They give me a quick smoke when I don't need to spend hour or more puffing away. I like and will order again.
1 out of 5
Poorly Wrapped
I was unable to smoke more than half of these cigars because the wouldn't draw. They were wrapped too tight and I also couldn't keep them lite. A very poor product.
5 out of 5
Great smoke for the price
On my second bundle now and each one has been as advertised. Mild cigar with just a hint of sweetness.Burns well right to the end.
5 out of 5
Great Cigars with a hint
Great Cigars with a hint sweetness, great for the price. I enjoyed them.
5 out of 5
Fast & Great service
Very fast shipping and great products!
4 out of 5
well worth the money
Mild, tasty, decently constructed, I don't think you could or should ask for more in a cigar at this price.
5 out of 5
For the price, you can't beat these great cigars
Starting with their sweet tip, smooth draw and great flavor... these Casa de Garcia Red Churchill label cigars, in my opinion, compete with the best. Cigars are like wine... it's up to the palate of the individual and my palate is delighted.
1 out of 5
I was disapointed in this cigar. The construction was inconsistent. I will not purchase these again!
4 out of 5
Casa de Garcua Red Churchills
Pretty good buy for the money. I buy a brick about once a month. I have found a few that had stems but the vast majority draw well.
Customer Testimonials
Not considering the price, it is a very good smoke. Mild and smooth for the entire length with an easy draw and clean taste. Considering the price, this is a great cigar. I enjoy a mild cigar and this is most likely the best I've had in this price range and most I've paid 2 to 3 times as much for. My only negative - out of the 2 bundles purchased - is the 1-2 sticks per bundle that do not draw as smoothly as the rest. For that reason only I'd give this smoke a 4.5 of 5 star rating. Having said that, I will definitely buy more.
There isn't much I can say about this cigar that hasn't already been said by the other reviews. After about a week in my humidor, it was a great cigar, at a great price. I'll keep buying them; the sweetness makes them even better.
This cigar is a winner. Great burn, flavor and price!
Having purchased several cigars from CI, this is not my favorite, but hold on. Ive paid 3? 4? times as much for cigars that were not half as good as this one. Smooth front to back- no issues. Very light but in a good way, I don't like light cigars that linger on waste of time like cheap whiskey the flavors not there why bother. In that respect, you wont find much better than this cigar for the price. Slightly sweetend tip goes away after 2 puffs or use punch maybe 1/4 in, creamy, slight spice, excellent if you like lighter type cigars. You have to try these.
Was cautiously optimistic about the Red after reading the reviews. Have to say, it quickly has become my 'go-to' everyday cigar! Glad I discovered it and the previous reviews say it all about this gem. Enjoy lighting this one up!
I am a big Fuente fan; however, I found this cigar to be a diamond in the rough. A well constructed, consistently smooth cigar with sufficient spice and sweetness to make it stand out from other bundle cigars. Mild, yet flavorful, this is a great value.
I am a big Fuente fan; however, I found this cigar to be a diamond in the rough. A well constructed, consistently smooth cigar with sufficient spice and sweetness to make it stand out from other bundle cigars. Mild, yet flavorful, this is a great value.
Have tried many mild and medium cigars including 5 Vegas, Ghurka, and Victor Sinclair and keep coming back to the CG red. The sweet beginning just sets you up for a mild and tasty smoke that lasts all the way to the end. What I really like is that it never gets stronger as you get to the nub. That's a great cigar in my book.
Nice smoke for working outside, a good everyday smoke.
Definitely a great smoke. Sweetened tip that doesn't take away from the flavor of the cigar. Must use a punch to keep the sweetened tip, and it's still a great smoke without it. Great smoke for the price, with a strong spiced filler that in no way offends, but rather leaves you eager for the next puff.
This is a great cigar for the price. Pretty well made and good to the nub.
Extremely good buy. One cigar you won't regret trying, and for the price - unbelievable. Just ordered another bundle.
This by far is the best cigar for the price ! The sweet wrap and the lite draw makes it that much better .
A great smooth and light smoke for mild smokers like me.
This is an outstanding cigar for a "bundle cigar". I purchased several other bundle cigars that I wasn't pleased with but this one is a winner! A creamy mild cigar with just a hint of sweetness and burned very nice all the way to the label. Also it did not have that usual charcoal taste near the end which was very surprising. I never had the regular Case De Garcia but can't seem to imagine if that one is better. For a buck a stick, this cigar taste every bit of a $6-$8 cigar.