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Customer Reviews of “Brick House Maduro”
“While walking with my wife down the beautiful coastline village of La Jolla,CA, we past by this quaint cigar shop. I usually smoke maduros, the shop owner asked what I was smoking at the time of entry, I don't remember what it was but he said the smell reminded him of a popular cigar of the past. I smoke 3-4 cigars a day while mixing in a pipe regularly. He asked if I ever tried a brick house? I laughed because of this was the title of a song by Rick James. It has become one of my favorite now. If you haven't tried one yet, that will change into one of your top 3 cigars. Promise. Jake”
“....Eclipsing the Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary. Once I got home, I ordered another 5 pack to get me by while the wineadore is being finished. Just smooth and good strong complex flavors without the overly peppery finish.”
KF of Arlington, TN