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Ave Maria Immaculata Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Ave Maria Immaculata”
i did not like this cigar at all, dont waste your money just buy the real ave maria now thats a fine smoke
DL of Sealy, TX
Fantastic cigar. Im relatively new to smokes, but I had been curious about of the Ave Maria line, and this little roll of pleasure did not disappoint. Smooth flavor that ramped up towards the end to a bold, yet smooth finish. Solid construction, even burn and ash, solid volume on the draw, and I did not have to relight it once. Definately going to be a regular in my humidor!
AM of Horizon City, TX
Toro: I enjoyed this mild to medium gar. I found citrus and grassy notes to start and ending with nuts and wood. Excellent burn and smooth to the nub if you watch your pace. Lots of smoke. Watch for a deal and grab them.
JP of Chandler, AZ
Very even burn, didn't go out, draw was excellent, construction was excellent...nice pillows of smoke...all in all, this cigar was made very for the downside...the flavor was lacking a bit and wasn't very complex...not saying it was a bad smoke...I did enjoy the whole thing...but I would maybe find a single, before committing to a large amount of these
BC of Riverside, RI
Great smoke paired with your coffee on a Saturday morning. Great low even burn also.
Picked up some of these in my search for milder morning smokes. I was hesitant because I was not a big fan of the original line, however, I heard good things from some friends so pulled the trigger. I gotta say, these Immaculatas are awesome. Tasted great and burned perfectly. Will be back for more.
In general, Connecticut wrapped cigars don't do anything for me. They just don't agree with my palate. This is one of the rare exceptions. I thoroughly enjoy this smoke.
SJ of York, NE
More on the mild end for my taste, but a fine smoke if you don't mind the price tag. Very enjoyable from beginning to end.
WP of Cincinnati, OH
I bought a gentlemens sampler consisting of Immaculata Gordo and Gurkha Beauty and after 2 Ave Maria's they have become my go to smoke! I had to have 2 to make sure the first one wasn't a fluke! LOL I have 4 humis and 1 is full of these gems! I know everybodys tastes are different but do yourself a favor and give these a try!!!
CR of Richmond, KY
A fantastic mild-medium experience. As a fan of the original Ave Maria, I decided to give Immaculata a try, and it has quickly become one of my favorites. Though mild, it remains flavorful and interesting throughout. There are distinct notes of citrus and a hint of freshly cut grass on the palate. The construction, burn, and draw are all top-notch. As always, Ave Maria's packaging is beautiful, making for a memorable gift presentation. Most importantly, this is a downright delicious premium cigar. I highly recommend Ave Maria Immaculata.
JG of Kane, PA
A fine, superior quality smoke with regard to draw, burn, and construction. That said, it left me yearning for the more robust blessings of the original Ave Maria line. This version of our lady seems void of the rich and numerous nuances of it's full bodied sister, and never develops a singularly memorable character anywhere and throughout the entire smoke. So say your hail mary, but I'm heading for the Templar again.
CS of Ringoes, NJ