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Camacho Triple Maduro Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Camacho Triple Maduro”
Camacho Triple Maduro in robusto is a medium to full bodied smoke. Easy draw with plenty of smoke. Required minor touch ups but seems the cigar wants you to baby it and puff more often. Dominant.flavors was of bitter chocolate wood and a dark cherry raisin. Finish was.long. Overall I liked it a lot, being someone who has smoked a.ton of different Maduros. I rate a 92 in my book.
VF of margate, FL
The Camacho triple maduro is truly a special creation. I was lucky get a 10 pack of robustos with some age (old packaging). There was some crystallized sugars glistening on the rough and rustic wrapper. The stick I smoked appeared to be a bit dryer than normal but this allowed for an even burn throughout. The flavors were consistent but complex...expresso, wood, and bitter-sweet cocoa. I didn't detect much pepper until near the end. The robusto gives only a hint of strenth...the perfect smoking experience.
AG of Greensboro, NC
"I picked up a Ten Pack of these from Joe's Daily Deal to give them a try. Man I Love this Cigar.... Smoke this cigar down to the very end every time love the flavors a perfect smoke after a long day."
MJ of South Amboy, NJ
I'm outside puffing on one of these delicious treats now. I also had got the Joes daily deal of 10 of these. A wonderful cigar with a hint of sweet dark chocolate and a bit of cedar. Haven't got to the nub yet so can't describe that. Hopefully well see this deal again.
Here we have a superior smoke. I get down on one knee to the testimony of the flavor, smoothness, body, burn rate, and finish of this cigar. Truly one of the finest around. Not to be missed and will always have a place in my humidor!
SS of Chapin, SC
Just picked one up last night. Not very well acquainted with the camacho name, but boy is that going to change. When I sat down to enjoy this cigar, I could tell immediately that I was in for a great experience. The cigar was very tightly rolled, and the construction was solid throughout. The cap was able to be punched easily, and to anyone whose going to try this stick, you will enjoy it fully if it is punched. At the first draw, I was blown away by the strong, leathery taste, which i attributed to the cap.camacho triple maduro has an even and steady burn, and a simple draw. Like others who have commented, I was pleased by the earthy and woody notes this cigar has, and was happy that with the burn time, which for me, was about 90 minutes. All in all, this cigar is very strong, but also very smooth,and is the most enjoyable stick I've come across
AC of North Attleboro, MA
A good friend told me about this full bodied treat a couple weeks ago, and WOW... the flavor is excellent. Presented wonderfully, smells fantastic, and tastes like heaven. Definitely going to invest in more.
ZS of Murrieta, CA
Indeed, an exquisite cigar. I mean, I really love this one & it may even be my favorite. But damn, I just can't justify regularly spending that much on them when there are other great Maduros out there. It IS a real treat, though.
PS of Decatur, GA
Big fan of Camacho Triple Maduro, great draw, not bitter at all.
PE of State College, PA
I tried this cigar on my first order because of all the buzz I heard about it. I have tried Camacho cigars before but let me tell you that this one is extraordinary! The flavour the smoke the pull are all incredible!! This is one cigar that I always have in my Humidor. Great smoke for the price! Would recommend it to any full-bodied cigar lover.
SP of laval, QC
Was gifted a Gordo from my friendly B&M guys after my daughters birth. I would never have purchased such a large gauge, as 48-50 is about my size. Considering the talk surrounding this cigar and it's power, I was expecting a workout. Not at all. While it was rich and meaty, it was amazingly smooth and delicious. Strength was on the up side of medium. If you love dark chocolate Maduro flavor, this is your cigar. I'd rate it a 90.
HS of Fayetteville, PA
Good cigar, but not the butt kicker I was hoping for out of this triple maduro. Would smoke again, but can find a much better smoke to buy a box of.
RL of Pittsburgh, PA
Ok. Flavorful but Not as strong as was expected or promised. The flavor is up to par but it lacks in strength.
Bold, Bold, Bold and I love it. Great with JWalker Red.
JL of Jacksonville, FL