Camacho Triple Maduro Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Camacho Triple Maduro”
“Camacho Triple Maduro in robusto is a medium to full bodied smoke. Easy draw with plenty of smoke. Required minor touch ups but seems the cigar wants you to baby it and puff more often. Dominant.flavors was of bitter chocolate wood and a dark cherry raisin. Finish was.long. Overall I liked it a lot, being someone who has smoked a.ton of different Maduros. I rate a 92 in my book.”
VF of margate, FL
“The Camacho triple maduro is truly a special creation. I was lucky get a 10 pack of robustos with some age (old packaging). There was some crystallized sugars glistening on the rough and rustic wrapper. The stick I smoked appeared to be a bit dryer than normal but this allowed for an even burn throughout. The flavors were consistent but complex...expresso, wood, and bitter-sweet cocoa. I didn't detect much pepper until near the end. The robusto gives only a hint of strenth...the perfect smoking experience.”
AG of Greensboro, NC
“"I picked up a Ten Pack of these from Joe's Daily Deal to give them a try. Man I Love this Cigar.... Smoke this cigar down to the very end every time love the flavors a perfect smoke after a long day."”
MJ of South Amboy, NJ
“Ok. Flavorful but Not as strong as was expected or promised. The flavor is up to par but it lacks in strength.”
“Bold, Bold, Bold and I love it. Great with JWalker Red.”
JL of Jacksonville, FL