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Fallen Angel Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Fallen Angel”
This cigar is amazing. I will not call myself the most technical cigar enthusiast, or say I have smoked every cigar ever, but I have smoked quite a few, and this is one of the cigars that I would say is up there on my list. From when I first saw the box it was beautiful. It had a modern take on a classic look (I am going to turn it into a jewelry box once the cigars are gone) and my smoking buddy and I had trouble taking out the first cigar from the box. Once we got passed that though, there were no regrets. The flavor was very smooth and went very well with my warm mountain dew. The burn was very even and coned perfectly. The Robusto cigar lasted a good hour and was worth burning the tips of my fingers. My smoking buddy and I were ready to go long into the night smoking these, but wanted to save them to be enjoyed. I don't usually use a rating system to 100, but based on price, and I would say this cigar was easily worth $11 a cigar retail. Seeing a box for only $100 is a must buy for me, even though it is the smallest size. I will keep this in stock as long as I can smoke a cigar, and I have quite a while left for that.
MP of Davis, CA
I recently picked up a 5 pack of Toro's on the Jam and have smoked two of them already ... what can I say, I absolutely love this cigar! I am a huge AJ fan and have tried about everything he has ever released, current and some of the discontinued blends, and I can't exactly find a comparison in terms of how to describe it ... which is what I love about the cigar. The toro is well packed with nice firmness and some weight; there is no tooth to the wrapper, but you are greeted with an oily-sheen box press, and it just feels "right" in the hand. The strength profile I would recognize as medium, but the flavor is full. Upon lighting you are greeted with mild spice and that infamous pepper in the back of the throat that AJ is noted for, but slightly toned down. Espresso mingles with the spice and leather opens up after the first inch. The cigar seems to remain one dimensional, but the flavor profile provides more then enough enjoyment and makes up for that aspect. Retro reveals a pepper blast which opens up the sinuses. I am very impressed overall with the Fallen Angel and would recommend this to not just a fan of AJ, but to Nicaraguan tobacco. Thanks CI!
ND of East Vandergrift, PA
I recently picked up a 5 pack of the Torpedoes and tossed them in the humi for a couple of weeks and couldn’t wait any longer. What an impressive stick. I’ve had A LOT of AJ’s offerings and am quite the fan. All I can say is WOW about this stick. Construction is beautiful. Slid it out of the cello and first sniff was slight bitter un-sweet chocolate, slight leather, clean earth, and premium tobacco. Flavor was slightly leather, creamy, earthy, slightly peppery (that slowly builds throughout the burn but never overpowers), chocolate, hints of cedar, coffee and some slight notes of brown spice. Draw and burn was flawless. Strength starts off medium and builds to a solid medium-full. Smoke was constant with a creamy white smoke that added to the experience as is danced off the burning end. What was so impressive was how smooth the stick was through the smoke…it didn’t get spikey and just was a really pleasant and enjoyable smoke. I am really interested to see what letting them lay in the humi for a few months will reward. I certainly will be buying more of these…a permanent rotation addition for me. Great stick AJ and Thanks CI for bringing them to us.
EB of Ephrata, PA
Fallen Angel is an excellent cigar and the price is perfect. Some spice, leather and mocha are predominant flavors which evolve through the cigar 2-3 times. Perfect burn and most certainly a tasty stick!
Wow!!! Aj does it again. Got a 5 pack of torpedoes and they are awesome. Leather tobacco with a sweet dry finish. It paired great with an imperial stout.. I will admit that I am a little partial to Aj cigars and this cigar shows why. The man is cranking out some great stuff right now.
TL of Hilliard, OH
I am so ashamed...I have no willpower. 10 Fallen Angel robustos arrived today and I couldn't wait. Awesome smoke. Definitely full bodied, in the AJ Fernandez way. Kind of tastes like a cross between a MOW Ruination #1 and a Diesel Unholy Cocktail to me. Great shape; normally I'm not big on box pressed cigars, but this one just feels comfortable. Incredible amounts of rich smoke, much to my neighbor's chagrin. It's the first time I've ever set off her smoke detector. Construction is outstanding, and it burned slow and even to the nub (well over an hour). I will certainly be buying a box with my next order. That should make my neighbor happy. Try some; they're wonderful if you like AJs powerful blends.
Does it really matter that I'm outside freezing my taters off right now? Not so much! Why is that? It's because I've got a Fallen Angel keeping me nice and warm on the inside. This a just another phenomenal creation by the master AJ Fernandez. I will definitely be purchasing a box as soon as the Christmas money rolls in. Don't hesitate on this one, it's a gem! SH of TRENTON, TN
After reading the reviews for the Fallen Angel I picked up a robusto and gave it a go. The wrapper was not nearly as dark or oily as I had anticipated from the pics I've seen. It had a spongier mouthfeel that didn't worry me too much as I like tons of easy drawing smoke. The initial draws were nothing but pepper and as it burned I got alot of wood and pepper flavor. The smoke was plentiful and it burned extremely even. At some points during the smoke I tasted what I can only describe as a "cigarette" taste which was a bit off putting but I soldiered on. I never did get the complexity that I expected based on prior reviews, but I didn't pair it with whiskey which has a way of bringing out some nice notes in the full bodied smokes I typically enjoy. I would like to give the Fallen Angel another shot once I have one that has spent time in my humi and I can enjoy a nice glass of bourbon with it.
SB of Oak Ridge, TN
Bought the A.j's. Kitchen sink and for $5.00 more you received a five pack of robustos. This stick went straight to the top of one of my favorites. Coffee,coco & other sweet flavors. Don't take my word on this one, try it I think you'll agree.
I am on my deck at 5:40 pm doing this and in NC it's about 50 degrees. I should've let them settle in a bit longer in the humidor, but it's still a good smoke. Nice aroma, easy draw with the box press, and pretty flavorful. I wouldn't call this his "best work" but it still hit the spot. This early out of the humidor, to me it tastes like a little stronger Nica Libre, not in a bad way either as I enjoy that cigar as well. I bought a box of the 6X60's and will let them sit for a while. But I will say this is a definite keeper.
JM of Hickory, NC
This came in a nice sampler pack...I'm now a fan! I smoked this down (outside in Chicagoland winter weather) until it burned my finger tips. This will be added to the "go-to" selection for sure. I wish it wasn't box-pressed, but oh well. Good full flavor stick!
JJ of Montgomery, IL
One of the best at any cost. Nicaraguan - check, Box pressed - check, Full bodied - check, AJ - check, Can't go wrong with the Fallen Angel at all. Try one or 20.
AM of Freemansburg, PA
Love it!
EW of Virginia Beach, VA
The cigar is absolutely amazing. I have yet to find a cigar that will be part of my rotation every single week. This is just that. I will continue to buy these cigars especially from Cigars International on a regular basis. I also will continue to come back to Cigars International because their customer service and knowledge of cigars in general and how to care for them is second to none. AJ Fernandez has done it again! Side note- if there is a deal, GET IT! Rumor is that this is a limited time cigar. I hope not, but don't take the chance on waiting.
JW of Johnstown, PA
Absolutely an awesome cigar. Great construction, burn, flavor. I get a little spice on the back of the throat and tongue, but not an overwhelming amount.(just enough to make you want to go back again for another puff right away) I really enjoy this cigar and would highly recommend trying them.
MC of Milwaukee, WI
Excellent construction and burn. More "creamy" than I'm used to in A.J. blends. I prefer the "in your face" spiciness of some of A.J.'s other blends like Pinolero, MOW, Diesel. Would pick up a 5 pack from time to time as a change of pace stick, but it wouldn't be in my daily rotation.
These are one of the best cigars that have come out in a long time. Very tasty. I'm not one for box pressed and will stay away from them at all costs. Considering there are ONLY boxed pressed of this kind, I had to buy a 5 packer to see. You won't be disappointed. I smoked the first one OTT. Very good. The second one I smoked a week later. Most excellent. So good that I fired up another one right after I nubbed the first one....