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Casino Gold Reviews

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Overall Rating 1.67 out of 5 Based on 3 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Casino Gold”

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1 out of 5
Cigarfu lies!!!
I bought a box of Casinos Gold Ace Gordo 6X60 from CigarFu's Double Trouble offer. The Offer states that each of the cigars for sale had each reached a rating of 90 four times. Obviously, that is not true. Every one even after several weeks in the humidor they unraveled, head split after punching,. The wrapper is rice paper thin. You can almost see through it. Trying to smoke it is difficult at best. The taste is like bitter air with the added note of ash. I actually submitted a rating and review several, but CI hasn't posted it, however I will keep rating and reviewing untill they do.
1 out of 5
Cigarfu lies!!!
I bought a box off the Cigarfu specials. The offer stated that this cigar had 4 - 90 ratings. As you or anyone can see this is not true. No way this cigar will ever reach a 10 rating. The first cigar I cut the wrapper unravel immediately. So, I put the rest in the humidor. After, a couple of weeks, I tried another. when I punched it, the head split open like a watermelon. Two tries and no cigar. A couple days later, I tried once again. I pierced with thin aul and actually smoked one. It was like smoking air and ash. Save your money, buy some thing else.
3 out of 5
Casino Gold?
Had a few batches of these proof. The construction Quality has lacked the necessary standards so will not purchase again.
Customer Testimonials
Maybe it was a fluke but the one I tried was so creamy and delicious that I'm springing for a box come payday!
Received 2 of these in a sampler. Smoked the 1st a after a couple of weeks in the wineador. Really was not good, slightly bitter with hints of cherry and plain tobacco. Thought I smoked it too soon after receiving it so I waited and gave the other about 2 1/2 months in the wineador. Was as bad as the 1st time unfortunately. Was just as bitter with a plain tobacco taste. Had an overall nice construction with a dense pack and beautiful wrapper. A few minor burn issues on both but no big deal. Unfortunately, this stick meets dog rocket criteria in my book.
this cigar is good, but not great! ....That being said its a nice smoke and had no issues with the 5 packed I smoked, but there was nothing to get excited about at this price point.