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1876 Reserve Maduro Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “1876 Reserve Maduro”
I bought 50 of them and they arrived the other day. I found them quite good and I am thus far pleased with my purchase. OK, so it is not a super premium cigar but the construction was good, smoke was just fine and ash was good and the flavor was very good. I enjoyed it more than the regular 1876 Reserve...the Maduro is not so mild without being overpowering. Heck, for a buck a stick (I purchased the Robustos) I will be sure to be buying more in the near future. Next time either the Toro or Churchill.
At last!!! Been looking forward to these. Will be top of my next purchase priority. Been thinking for a long time that CI needed to get ahold of 1876 maduro. More to follow.
I need to buy a truck load of these, because when all the reviews get posted they'll be hard for CI to keep in stock! We smoke a LOT of cigars, & are always on the lookout for something enjoyable in the value line for an everyday smoke. My search may well be over. Got a 2-fer of Robusto Maduros last week. Right off the truck on a chilly winter's day these were really not bad. Unwrapped them & loaded a humidor. Two days later I actually had 2 in one night. Yes, they were that good. Nice burn, nice ash. This stick looks & smokes unbelievably well for a $1 stick. Lots of smoke. Never got hot. Not really complex, but certainly not boring by any means. Slightly veiny, but truly consistent throughout the 2 bundles. If these settle in like I think they will, I'll vow to never run out of them. An hour of enjoyment for a buck makes me a happy guy! Thanks CI, keep up the good work!!!
These 1876 Reserve maduro cigars have to be the greatest bargain I have run across yet. This is my first order here and will be far from my last. Great draw and burn along with an excellent aroma to go with a slightly sweet and a bit chocolaty flavor. My only complaint is that I wish they came in a corona size. I am a rather small fellow and prefer a bit smaller ring gauge. Still though, when I make up the next order these will be included. GOOD SHOW! You have a new loyal customer!
AS of Humbird, WI
I've been on the lookout for a "go-to" bundle stick for several years now. I've never found a bundle worth reordering and, believe me, I've left some pretty crappy reviews on otherwise top-rated bundles. Enter the 1876 Reserve Maduro. I enjoy this stick so much that I'll smoke two in a row. I can't speak for the other 1876.... but the Reserve Maduro is a better smoke than most $5 sticks I've had. It truly is the best stick for "a lousy buck."
CB of Fayetteville, AR
SOOOOOOOOOOO much better then the the regular ones. Very very nice smoke.
JP of Crab Orchard, KY
Someone made a mistake pricing a $4.00 for only a little over a buck. This is one cigar that I will defiantly keep in my box a great everyday stick!
BT of Allegan, MI
Only 3 sticks in so far, but so far, SO good! This has got to be the best kept secret on CI. So far, I've had good draws, great taste, and one of the best mild-medium experiences I've had since those black pearls I burned through a few months back. This cigar smells and tastes like a good $6 cigar, but in defense of my glowing review, I do love mild cigars. This maduro version adds a sweetness that actually contributes to the mildness rather than ruin it with a bump in strength. I'll keep ordering these as long as the deal persists. I don't know about the other sizes, but the torpedo is a home run in value.
MP of Benton, AR
1876 Reserve Maduro is a good cigar, at this price it's a great cigar. I will buy more!
SM of Houston, TX
I agree with JB that this a more medium-full smoke, rather than a mild-medium. I found the wrap to burn a little uneven, but what the heck! At this price what's to complain about?
RW of Hamlet, NC
This is the first time I've been compelled to write a review, but I've found these to be an exceptional value. I'd classify these as a medium to full, with good flavor and construction. Definitely a great "go to" cigar that won't break the bank. I'll be ordering these again and again.
DM of Rogers, AR
Calling all "been smoking premiums 10 plus years" crowd. Truly, this cigar will disappoint you in all the right ways. First off- massive plumes of smoke and a good draw. I've smoked 40 out of my 50 (Torpedoes) now and not a one has canoed. And secondly...well, there really isn't much else to say. If you don't "power-smoke" it, it won't run hot or go bitter. Flavor wise the wrapper hints at a much costlier stick while the cheapo Dominican filler puts you back in your place until you reach the 2nd half then the cigar is acceptable. Wish this company made a Nicaraguan blend as I imagine I could make it that "yardgar" I've been hunting for. However, if you like Dominican and want a "knock around" cigar by all means pull the trigger and just give em' at least a week in the humidor. I will order again solely because the volume of smoke is way out of the price class. Anything more than an "I need a Cigar" cigar? No...But they're also not anything less.
These are a great cigar...took them out on the golf course and all my buddies including one wife loved them. Taste great, burn great and smell great. Also not a horrible smelly mouth after. I recomment these for any cigar smoker or newcomer.
TM of Victorville, CA
Another GREAT every day work cigar. It helps immensely when cleaning the barn. I always keep a few handy.
DF of Clearwater, FL
Excellent cigar in all aspects!
WF of Beaufort, NC
These are GREAT. Please do not let anyone else in on this bargain smoke. I have switched from my usual "mild" cigar to the 1876. It would be perfect if there was a Corona size available.
JD of Casper, WY
Good burn, construction and price. I've given several away and the comments have all been the same. This is not a mild-medium cigar. More medium-full.
JB of Livonia, MI