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Gurkha Prize Fighter Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Gurkha Prize Fighter”

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So I bought about 3 of the Gordo's sizes a few weeks back. The second one I smoked had...yes you're reading right...a nail in it. Not a tack...a nail. I took pictures of it and sent it to Gurkha. Posted it on their Facebook page and messaged them. They were very quick to respond and reimbursed me handsomely. 20 cigars including the Prize Fighter, Black Dragon Fury, Archive, Rogue, Ninja, Assassin...and even 2 Triads (extremely rare)....and a long sleeve shirt. They more than made up for it! They were fast and friendly as hell! They "nailed" it! But make no mistake...the Prize Fighter is a very good budget smoke. Don't worry there won't be any nails in yours!
Decent smoke, but I was hugely disappointed with the prize fighters because of the construction of the smokes. I had 4 of them unravel as I cut them with my perfect cutter, so in this instance It was not the person cutting nor the cutter. I sent them back!
Just smoked my first one, and it does indeed have a light creamy taste. It burned evenly and the draw was nice and easy. I think the rest will be better after some time in the humidor. I paid twice the price advertised here at a local shop, so at this price, I would certainly recommend.
Good mild to medium cigar. Hints of creamy smoke with premium tobacco. Great even burn and no issues with draw. Construction had no issues and held up well. For the price and a good cigar this is a must have.
lousy cigar, came apart as you tried to cut it. short on flavor, bad burn.
Not an ideal smoke for any occasion. Im a true fan Gurkah, but this is one they should go back to the drawing board with or just let it be done with. The construction of this cigar is very weak, not to mention you spend most of your time spitting out loose leafe filler as apposed to enjoying the smoke. I know they say you get what you pay for, honestly, I would be upset if I got this for free.
This is my favorite economical stick. Creamy throughout, the 2nd third takes on a slightly peppery flavor without being overwhelming. Yes, you will find a few flecks of tobacco sticking to your lip, no big deal.... As a fan of Gurkha, these are a constant in my humidor.
Very nice cigar. I was surprised at how good it was for the cost. A tasty, mild flavored cigar.
No idea how others are cutting this stick...I can say that I have had ZERO issues! Not a single problem and the taste is spot on! I'm a huge Gurkha fan and many of the high ends taste like black pepper...not this one! Very smooth, heavy cream taste and does not turn to crap by the time you reach the nub. I will purchase again and often!
I did not expect to like this cigar so much. I occasionally buy Gurkhas and when I saw the Prize I decided to give it a try. I smoked my first Gordo at the beach on a light windy day and the cigar held the ash for more than two and half inches. Great creamy taste and a lot of smoke. I would definitely buy it again for an everyday smoke.
My New Favorite Cigar! These are Great Cigars and i would Recommend them to anyone!
I bought a BDL of 20 and liked them so much I ordered 40 more. A very good, light, everyday cigar. Not the same construction of better Gurkhas but you get a lot of cigar for your money.
Nice cigar that is fun to smoke.
Good for the prize but was dried when arrived