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Garo Double Maduro Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Garo Double Maduro”
Excellent smoke, excellent price! This is a brand that many sleep on. Never sleep on an Armenian cigar maker (AVO, Garo, etc)! Buy a box, and save yourself on shipping. If you like Diesel, and some of AJ Fernendez's other bold blends, you will like these Garos. Enjoy - anoosh ullah!
SA of Waterford, MI
I enjoyed Garo as one of my every day cigar brands, but no longer Now my everyday smoke will now have an Addition...Garo Double Maduro. A price you can't beat and a Smoke that is smooth,slightly creamy and woodsy with no bitter taste or bite at the finish. You get more that what you pay for here. For a Brand most look down on it's a hidden delight
Just enjoyed the Garo I received with the humidor special, I may be new to this but I know what I like. Best of the 10 and well worth the cold night air to smoke it!
AS of Manitou Springs, CO
Just finished one. I never pick up all these nuances of flavor in cigars. I kept thinking that something had to be wrong. I kept getting a flavor that was bursting with chocolate all the way through. Both chocolate bar & dark chocolate flavors. I am not talking about a hint of chocolate. I am talking a very strong burst of chocolate. Plus a bit of an oily creamy finish. Perfect draw. Perfect burn. Awesome. I can't wait to try more of my new bundle. They can't be that good for that price. Or can they?
Just finished the toro in a bundle of these I won on a bid. These are definitely smokes I can recommend to anyone. The wrapper was toothy and oily, and only one touch-up was required. There was this nice oreo-esque cocoa, that oscuro sweetness I know and love, and a savory earthiness common in Honduran tobacco. Some pepper and a hint of leather on the retrohale. Whilst the last inch was becoming harsh, I'm sure that, with a few weeks sitting in my humidor, my bundle of these will turn out just fine.
Outstanding Cigar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DL of Eugene, OR
Love this Maduro just as much as the Habano. Garo is by far my ATF everyday smoke. Placed on my CI auto ship so my all of my humidors are stocked with Garos!
FR of annapolis, MD
Not a beauty queen but an excellent cigar at any price. I like the Diesels and keep trying other maduros, but for taste alone I cant't beat this Double Maduro. I smoke about 4 cigars a day and can't speak to all the subtle flavors like angel's breath and butterfly farts that some can discern in the upper crust brands, but for my bucks these can't be beat.
MM of Gaffney, SC
Let me start by saying by no means am I a cigar connoisseur. I only know what I like and don't like. This cigar I like. With only one day in the humi I gave it a try. The draw was a little tight but a poke took care of that. The hint of cocoa intensified into chocolate and coffee mixed with cedar. At the halfway point (with the ash still hanging on) it turned to espresso and leather. Buy them!
SS of West Haven, CT
The Double Maduro is an awesome cigar, and don't forget the Double Habano! It also has a quality that's not found often in these price ranges!!! Check it out you'll be glad you did.
DL of Eugene, OR
Excellent medium plus cigar, consistent and dependable!
JB of Friendswood, TX
This cigar was not what I was expecting when I took my first puff. It is a FANTASTIC tasting and smoking cigar. Evenly burns, not too hot burning, GREAT taste during and after each puff. 45-55 min cigar. WOW!!! Definitely a keeper! I am adding this one to my "humidor for cigars for enjoying and relaxing" with a good cognac or bourbon. "Special relax time". This humidor I keep under lock and key.
DF of Clearwater, FL
Garo Double Maduros arrived today. I found them to be a medium-full rich satisfying smoke. It burned evenly with a very good draw {well constructed]. Noted a rich chocolate flavor with a hint of spice on the finish. The flavor was consistant throughout the whole smoke. I am very satisfied with my purchase and plan to order them again - An excellent cigar at a great price :-}
Just got my maduros and wow they're just what I expected and more, I use to buy my cigars elsewhere but CI has nailed it when it comes to cigars! I have since started buying my cigars from you. I've never been dissapointed at any batch I have gotten thanks CI for a good smoke!
MM of Mayking, KY
Ordered some after reading the reviews. Even burn, plenty of smoke, on the fuller side as described. Well worth it, just as advertised.
JH of Linwood, KS
Great cigar! Great flavor!
BK of Warwick, RI
Best cigar I have ever smoked.
MM of Springhill, FL
Best tasting cigar I have ever smoked.
MM of Springhill, FL
These cigars were very nice for the most part. The flavor was very nice with a deep cocoa and earth and the burn was also very nice. The only criticism I have against these gars are the fact that almost every one I smoked had issues with the wrapper unraveling at the mouth end. I had to keep the wrapper on most of them just to keep it together. Besides that very good smoke.
VV of Bisbee, AZ
The draw on several of these was a little tight, but otherwise great taste and an experience far better than the low price suggests.
MP of Benton, AR
Great taste, great burn, and great price. Get them now before they're gone just like the Double Habano.
Great everyday cigar! Good draw, good flavor. Not exciting, but does the job.
Loved them, but they have a REALLY bad habit of the wrapper separating from the binder. Wasn't able to find the best cut. 1/8 inch wasn't enough to get a good draw, 1/4 caused unraveling. Fix that, and I could easily see these as my go-to humidor smoke.
GG of Aliso Viejo, CA
Very good stick for the money. Finishes on the strong side.
MS of Muncie, IN
I'm a 100% Double Maduro cigar smoker, and there are really only two brands that will satisfy. First is this Garo Double maduro in the Robusto as I'm a local trucker and the Robusto is the perfect "on the go" cigar. These little cigars pack some awesome, rich flavor, and also go great with a drink. The other double maduro I like comes in a 6X60 Alicanti; smooth, but not as rich as the Garo. I highly recommend the Garo Double Maduro for smokers that prefer not to experience a leathery or soapy taste like in the lesser fermented tobaccos, but a rich almost coffee like flavor for real enjoyment.
GT of Miami Gardens, FL