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Oliva Viejo Mundo Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.14 out of 5 Based on 22 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Oliva Viejo Mundo”

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5 out of 5
Viejo Senoritas
one of my favorites,mild flavorful, and burn evenly,will purchase again,especially if they are sale!!!
2 out of 5
The flavor of this cigar is great. I purchased it as a good short smoke during my lunch break. The pre-clipped head has caused the wrapper to be very fragile. It is not in a cellophane wrapper and does not do well in a 3 cigar case. I have given it ample time in my humidor yet still deal with the wrapper cracking at the head. If you want a good cigar for your humidor I would recommend it. If you want to take it on the road for later in the day, it needs extreme TLC.
4 out of 5
Nice little short smoke
In all, not a bad little cigar. Not as flavorful as other Oliva cigars, but much better than other machine rolled cigarillos. I would buy again.
5 out of 5
Oliva Viejo Mundo Senoritas
Great value for the money. You can't go wrong with these.
5 out of 5
Olivia viejo
Good draw with mild notes of spice and pepper
5 out of 5
good smokes at a great price
These came in fresh (despite the south Texas sun) and are an excellent in-between times smoke, not harsh like so many other short cigars whose names i shall not mention.
5 out of 5
A+++ Love Them!
This is a perfect 20 min gar! Very good flavor everything you would expect from Oliva.
4 out of 5
Hope these stay around
Pretty good little smoke for a short minute of indulgence. I do not always have time for an hour long smoke but do enjoy a cigar several times a day. These little jewels allow me to grab a quick smoke without losing most of a cigar to the inevitable rush of the day.
5 out of 5
Great quality
Everything I order is fresh and inexpensive!
5 out of 5
Excellent cigarillos, full flavor. I
Excellent cigarillos, full flavor. I recommend 100% the Oliva Viejo Mundo Cigarrillos. They are very good choice for any occasion.
4 out of 5
Small But Tasty
While they're not a 90's-rated cigar, these Oliva Viejo Mundo Corona are great for an everyday smoke. They came 10 to a pack and were shipped fairly quickly. The only issue I had w/them is that I had to throw a few of them away, because the outer wrapping was coming off of the cigar. It was probably due mostly to the cold weather that they were having to be shipped through... Outside of that, I put them in my humidor and have been enjoying them regularly. I'll most likely buy them again.
4 out of 5
A good little smoke!
I've been smoking and enjoying cigars for many years and was quite surprised to find these little guys to be a great smoke. Are they 93 rated no, but Oliva never disappoints. They are a nice everyday smoke for someone who likes a nice 30 minute smoke. They are delightful from the first pull to the last. I would definitely recommend these to anyone who enjoys a good smoke. I will be purchasing more in the future. You can't go wrong with Oliva!
4 out of 5
Excellent mild-medium bodied smoke
This is a perfect cigar for handing out to your buddies who just want a mild smoke, but it's good enough for you to want smoke along with them. It's a great value priced cigar.
5 out of 5
Great little cigar
If you are looking for a nice 20 to 30 minute cigar because of time restraints. This cigar is it
5 out of 5
Oliva Viejo Mundo Cigarillos
These are excellent little cigars with big cigar flavor. Perfect for a quick break or a short drive.
5 out of 5
great 30 minute cigar
The Oliva Viejo Mundo Corona is a nice and medium smoke. This cigar is a perfect smoke on the way home, Burns for about 30 minutes. I will purchase these again.
5 out of 5
This is a great 15
This is a great 15 minn smoke when i can get outside for a quick smoke at work
3 out of 5
slow start, strong finish
Tradional tobacco taste, not complex
5 out of 5
Great Cigar
Tried the Oliva from CI. A really great cigar at a great price!
2 out of 5
Not Impressed, Never Again
Very dry. Cracked, broke and fell apart. I lost 7 of 25. Oliva missed the mark on this one, in my opinion.
2 out of 5
oliva viejo
Cigars were extremely dry, lost at least 10 as I unpacked and transferred to the humidor, Lost another three in the humidor
2 out of 5
Thay were good but not great they were rolled a little to loose for my liking... A darker rapper would be nice with a cap. They burned a little too fast, not sorry I tried them but I wouldn't get them again just my personal taste thank you
Customer Testimonials
Let me first say that I am not an expert in cigar construction or blending, I'm just an average consumer who has some experiance with quality tobacco products. This Oliva cigar that I purchased in the "senoritas" size has been problematic for me. Fisrt, upon opening the box the musty smell reminded me of the oder of a flood damaged basement. The moldy oder was a shock. The unlit draw really made the impression that this tobacco had either been wet or wet rolled, or had been stored in a facility with mold. Musty--not in a pleasent way. The draw was restricted and after several attempts to light the cigar, it barely stayed lit during the attempt to draw some air through it. The roll does not feel tight, but the mushy-musty tobacco just doesn't stay lit and no air passes. OK--so this is obviously not of the quality that Oliva has with other products it makes. What happened here? I think I got a bad batch of skunked leaf. I would therefore suggest you purchase some other Oliva product---this one smells funny and doesn't draw.
I too ran into a issue with the packaging of these cigars. 6 of the cigars were a complete dissaster, broken with tobacco all over the shipping box. The Cigar box was unhinged, cigars were everywhere. CI came through and got me a new shipment, unfortunetely the second box was even worse. The customer service rep let me pick out 25 cigars from both boxes that were in decent shape to keep and I RMA'd the rest. If the packaging was better this would be one of the best deals on CI. When I finally was able to smoke one of these bad boys it was delicious, I don't have time for a 45 minute smoke most days so this is a great after work smoke. The customer service reps were awesome and took care of me, I just wish the boxes were wrapped in a packaging plastic to keep the cigar box closed and keep the cigars in one piece.
A very nice every-day cigar, draws easy, nice flavor - BUT - the box they are packaged in is about 1/4" too long for the cigars and they rattle around during shipping. Consequently, the ends get damaged, especially the "pre-cut" draw end. I'll wait a few months before I buy another box to see if this packaging problem gets fixed.
I have only been smoking cigars for a little over 3 years, so by no means do I consider myself knowledgeable. But I know what I like. I personally am limited by budget. 1-3 dollar cigars are my budget. After 3 years I can honestly say I have finally found my everyday cigar! For my taste excellent flavor, draw, firmness, even burn and stays cool down to my finger tips. I just ordered another box.