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Casa Magna Dominican Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Casa Magna Dominican”

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As a cigar lover, I normally don't write bad reviews, as they are purely subjective; but this is one awful cigar. The flavor isn't bad, but you can tell that the various ages of the leaves is off because of the uneven burn and constant re-lights. I bought a five pack and can't wait to be done with it....
After reading that this blend was designed to compete on the international market ie. Cubans, I am gladI ordered a Robusto 5 pack. These are hearty full flavored cigars. The wrapper is so dark my first thought was maduro, but it didn't have that kind of sweetness. With the moderate price these will go into my rotation.
This is an excellent cigar!Very earthy, nutty,light spice,creamy-everything Steve said!Oh yeah, almost forgot,delicious aroma as well. Home run again for Sr.Quesada,thank you, C.I.!
Finally got a chance to smoke one of these last night, despite already stocking a box and some fivers at work. Putting the cart before the horse, but the original CM is quite tasty, and a relative bargain these days. The CMD is also a relative bargain, and as it turns out, a good one. Got a blast of pepper and some other heavy flavors to start, but the cigar smoothed out after about the first inch. Not tremendously complex, but a good cigar, and a solid medium-bodied smoke to my tastes. No regrets about having already stocked a bunch, and I will certainly recommend them to customers. Other than the CI description pegging these as medium-full (most cigars run about a half to full step in body as described here and (gasp) other retailers, so not taking issue with CI on this), I'd say the CI description is pretty equal to my experience. A good smoke, and one I recommend trying.
Bought a box of these cigars after reading several positive reviews. I thought the first one I smoked may have been an abberation but after the third I can honestly say this is one bad smoke. In summation, I found the Casa Magna Dominican cigar having the following characteristics: 1) Soft and spongy 2) Irregular burn throughout with "touch-ups" necessary and an ugly ash 3) Most dissapointing an acrid flavor existed during of the entire cigar with no subtle hints of anything else. I smoked all to the last third of the Casa Magna Dominican in hopes of a better ending.....but, no......a bad experience to the last puff. There are much better cigars for the money and I wouldn't recommend this one brand to anyone.......even to your ex-brother-in-law or golfing buddies who generally smoke anything available.
I do like these medium to full strength cigars. The Flight Sampler is the way to go at around $4 a pop.
This cigar got rave reviews and I bought five in a sampler deal. It burns fairly well, has a bit of a spicey taste and over all is a good smoke, not the super smoke I thought it might be. Good stick with a stiff night cap perhaps, would not recommend for beginners or a casual round on the links.
Rich in flavor and a very lovely cigar in presentation.
Back in 2008 Manuel Quesada won "Cigar of The Year" honors with his blend of Casa Magna "Colorado", and it was/is a superb cigar. It has been a regular in my rotation ever since. He may have outdone himself with his latest creation Casa Magna "Dominican". I was fortunate enough to grab five 5.5x52 robusto grandes from CI about two months ago. I put 'em in the humi to rest and "uncorked" this one Saturday night 9/13/14. This is a very firm, well constructed stogie with a slightly veiny Corojo wrapper, triple cap, and a smooth easy draw. It is a medium-bodied smoke that burns cool and slow all the way; a slow-flavor starter in the early burn with just a trace of vanilla and cinnamon. Once you get into it about 1 1/2 inches the flavors start to come on subtly with notes to my palate of spice and cocoa - not harsh, more on the creamy side. A very pleasant mix. (Some of the other reviews talk of a peppery start that lingers throughout the smoking experience. Perhaps that part of my taste buds has died but I didn't even detect a hint of pepper in this stick.) I sent the one inch nub to it's grave after about 45+ blissful minutes and three Long Island Iced Tea's, and look forward to the remaining four siblings that are quietly aging in the humi.