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Sons of Anarchy by Black Crown Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.63 out of 5 Based on 57 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Sons of Anarchy by Black Crown”

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5 out of 5
Wonderful cigars
3 out of 5
S.O.A. all the way
S.O.A. all the way
5 out of 5
Not just novelty
I was pleasantly surprised starting with the first draw. Smooth full taste, even burn a very good smoke right down to the last draw. I hated to put it down. So, yes I would recommend the SOA Black Crown Toro. Great look. Great taste. I plan to order more.
4 out of 5
Great but misleading
Customer service was great. Cigars are amazing. But the ads are misleading. I was expecting a small box with the 5 cigars that I could display and ended up with 5 cigars in a zip locked baggy. So I was a little disappointed there. But otherwise great.
5 out of 5
Good smoke
Good cigar with a strong finish. Not for the faint of heart.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
No Hype
A new favorite! Everything promised, nothing held back. The Ecuador Sumatra wrapper is oily and dark. Full mix of leather and woods. Smooth nose, perfect burn and easy draw. I am impressed. Have already reordered.
5 out of 5
Try it
Great smoke, I'm going to try and always have them on hand
5 out of 5
petit coronas
very smooth cigar will buy more
5 out of 5
I really enjoy the smoke from start to finish this is my second order is the sons I will be order more for sure
5 out of 5
Nice stick
Nice stick
4 out of 5
Great Cigars
Great Cigars
5 out of 5
Awesome Place
Awesome place to buy cigars on line, and if your lucky enough to go to the Hamburg, Pa. store your in for a real treat and total child in a candy store syndrome.
5 out of 5
love um
love um
4 out of 5
Cigars themselves tasted great
I felt the overall Taste of cigars are great will definitely be purchasing from website again
4 out of 5
Sons of Anarchy torpedo
I would give it 3 1/2 stars but I rounded up. A very good strong cigar with good flavor
5 out of 5
Great small cigar same quality as larger sizes
4 out of 5
Great Little Smoke
I honestly got these because I am a fan of the show. I never expected them to taste as good as they do. Will purchase again.
5 out of 5
Skeptical at 1st
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit hesitant to try this cigar, felt like a cash grab with the coupling of the t.v. show, I could not have been more wrong. The cigar is brimming with flavors starting bold with hints of nut and leather. The cigar is amazingly constructed and the flavor profiles challenge your pallet in each rem. This will be a go to stick for many orders to come.
5 out of 5
Great cigar and great show
Great cigar. Flavors were amazing right from the start and continued until the finish. Great burn and draw too.
5 out of 5
Excellent cigar very smooth
Excellent cigar very smooth
5 out of 5
My go to cigar!
Great smoke....burns and smokes well consistently. Priced right. I highly recommend them!
5 out of 5
Good cigars but the lighter
Good cigars but the lighter that came with works at best 1/3 of the time
5 out of 5
Buy them by the box!
Love these cigars. Especially the Toro size. A fantastic value also! Pick up some, you won't regret it. These are not a gimmick!
5 out of 5
First Smoke
Being new to cigars I must say for my first smoke loved em . Nice flavor I will be buying a box next!
5 out of 5
black crown's SOA
Black crown s soa is a great every day smoke and if you grab it though make me an offer you won't break the bank.
5 out of 5
Sons of Anarchy
These are a big seller for me at he events that Woodhull Cigar Shop attends. The new little tins with the floramones are flying off my shelf.
3 out of 5
Decent cigar
Great show, decent cigar but not a cigar that I would smoke on a regular basis or buy again. I was hoping that it would be as good as the old CAO Soprano cigar but it doesn't even come close to being that good.
4 out of 5
A Nice Addition
A very nice medium to full-bodied smoke. With the "Chibs" size, I noticed a lingering sweetness and a combination of maduro flavor and spicy notes. The draw is similar to the CAO Mx2 Daggers, noticeable resistance but it presents no problems whatsoever in regards to the experience and overall smoke output. I found the aroma to be very pleasant. Whether it's one of the smaller "Chibs" or a bigger brother, these cigars are a nice addition to the humidor.
5 out of 5
While short in length; it's not on flavor. The smoke is bold and attention getting. The rich mundro wrapper, the taste on your lips, the smoke caressing your tongue. all but; punches you in your face and steals your girlfriend. This Wild Child Chibs is a rebel ride for your mouth.
5 out of 5
For my husband for Christmas
He loves the cigars I picked!! Made him very happy
5 out of 5
got these for my boss
he started reminiscing as soon as he opened the box. got a homerun with this one. thanx
3 out of 5
black crown chibs
not bad if you like the smaller cigar. not my type but smokeable.
5 out of 5
SOA cigars
Smaller than I expected but shipped/received it fast! Perfect favors for my bfs 30th birthday party.
5 out of 5
My NEW favorite
Needed something to fill my order, and they where on special, so . . . WOW, great smoke! Great Taste, smooth smoking. You have got to try them! Great size for in the Leather, or Vest & while Riding!
5 out of 5
Excellent cigar
Excellent smoke with great construction, burns better than most cigars that cost much more. Great taste too.
5 out of 5
Chibs awesome
These are a great tasting ,perfect burn and draw and holds an ash well . slight hint of pepper and awesome wrapper .You folks at CI did it again great taste at a good price.good 30 min to 45 min burn time (watch your fingers youll smoke these to the nub )great thick smoke !!be getting these again for sure!!
5 out of 5
Great Product
Awesome Flavor. Will highly recomend.
5 out of 5
Great daily smoke
These have become one of my go to smokes. They're one of the best value cigars that I've found, after many years of searching. I recommend that you let them sit in your humidor for at least a week and I think you'll enjoy them a lot more. I would give them 4 stars for taste and 5 for value.
5 out of 5
Great little stick
Very good cigar love soa will but again and again
5 out of 5
Sons of Anarchy by Black Crown
One of my favorite cigars and I've tried almost everything...Tastes great, doesn't flake which really bothers me, and is not too hard to draw like some...what more could you ask for, except maybe a lower price. Enjoy!
5 out of 5
Sons of Anarchy by Black Crown "Chibs
I love your smaller version of the Sons of Anarchy cigars.
5 out of 5
As always, I an greatly
As always, I an greatly impressed 28th CI's customer service.
4 out of 5
Very good flavor
Good cigar - one of my Go-To's now. Great flavor. Good draw in my 5-pack. Great price. Moist flavor. I love the Diesel Habano - these compare well to those at less cost. I'll always have these SOA's in my humidor.
5 out of 5
favorite cigar
I have enjoyed the Black Crown (Sons of Anarchy) cigar not just for the TV series but the fine taste of a truly elegant cigar. Easy draw, long lasting and very enjoyable.
4 out of 5
Great little smoke!
I really enjoy the full flavor of this cigar. It's not high end and it's not low end, it's just right. Perfect everyday quickie for those on the go individuals. Highly recommended!
5 out of 5
great smoke
5 out of 5
My favorite stick!
I initially ordered the SoA by Black Crown because my wife and I like the show (I know, but I fell for it). Much to my surprise they have now become my favorite stick. Good flavor, hint of pepper, they burn well and the Prospect is the perfect size for me.
5 out of 5
I really favor the "Sons
I really favor the "Sons of Anarchy". The are robust & full of flavor. I would recommend them to anyone that prefer a even burn & full flaor cigar
3 out of 5
not bad for the price
Tasted mainly a pepper threw out the cigar not bad for the price
5 out of 5
#1 Smoke
One of my very favorite cigars I must say !!
5 out of 5
I found these to be a very nice smoke. I am a novice to the cigar world but I know what I like.
3 out of 5
Good taste but hard draw
I've had 3 out of the 5 pack I purchased and though the taste was pretty good, I prefer more mild/medium but these not bad, the draw was very tough. The front quarter of the stick was rock hard and the rest of it was perfectly fine. they came out the box that way, had them in my humidor for a few weeks to try and soften but still the same. So when smoking them I had to hit it so hard for a small draw. I tried loosening it up with my fingers but didn't work. Because of this I have now purchased a Draw Enhancer tool for this type of issue. unfortunately i'm still disappointed at the way these cigars were especially for the high price I paid.
5 out of 5
great cigar
good for morning or afternoon
5 out of 5
Great little smoke
I really like these sticks. Smooth and tasty. Just the right size when you don't have time for a full size smoke but not too small where it's too quick of a smoke. I recommend them.
5 out of 5
Chris sanford
Great cigars!!!
2 out of 5
Sons of Anarchy Black Crown Toro
Good cigar for the price. Smoked evenly all the way to the nub.
Customer Testimonials
Awesome smoke for its size. Plan on getting more of these little gems!
I'm another of those who do not pick apart a cigar. I've never eaten dirt, never eaten hay, don't chew on cedar and my belt is for my waist and not my mouth. So with that said I know when I find a cigar that I enjoy. I enjoyed this cigar and continue to buy them. My favorite is the Prospect and I think I am on my sixth or seventh box. I can't say you will like them but I sure do. But then don't just go by a review, buy some for yourself and give it a try.
....After smoking them they are one of the best cigars I have smoked. I have turned some of my friends on to them and they loved them. I smoke some other brands also, but I smoke 2-3 a day and usually the Black Crown. The Torpedo's are my favorite. Keep them coming, but do kind of miss the free cutter that came with them. Made excellent gifts to friends.
A nice, consistent, everyday smoke.
WOW, I loved the show and bought these as a novelty....but have stocked my humidor with them. Give them a try, you won't be disappointed.
Did some research about the brand Clay was smoking on SONS. Found out about Black Crown. Wasn't sure it would be much of a smoke since it might be considered a product promoted on TV. Was very pleasantly surprised. Smooth, easy draw that burned long and even. Hint of cocoa and pepper. Would think there would be a wee bit of bitter since it is cocoa, but this smoke had none of it. Not sweet, but not bitter. Neutral. Will definitely purchase again. Hope cigar continues long after the Sons of Anarchy.
Not just a cigar with a fancy label. Black crown is a top five in my book, this cigar is full flavor powerhouse!
These cigars have to be one of the best tasting I've had ever. Was wrapped just right for the perfect draw. I just had to reorder more. Don't hesitate on trying these SAMCRO sticks.
Being a fan of the show and also it was on sale, I bought them and did not expect much because I expected a gimmick. Blew my mind and cannot wait to finish this box and would not mind paying regular price if I run out before they are on sale again.
Very good cigar with perfect draw and burn. Very reasonable price too.
Love these cigars, now my number one!
I thought I was just buying a novelty cigar since I like the show. I was way wrong. VERY GOOD! If you like a real cigar with a little spice and not some sissy piece of candy, this is a great stick. I'm ordering some more right now.
This was a pleasant surprise if ever there was one. I got one of these in a sampler, threw it in my humidor awaiting the season premier of the show. Figured I would enjoy it for the gimmick it was. I was pleasantly surprised. Whereas it wasn't the best cigar I ever smoked it was actually very good. I was able to enjoy this cigar all the way to the nub. Now I'm no aficionado, I don't know if it was woody or nutty. But it was GOOD!
Great smoke regardless of the gimmick names. Great taste and consistent burn all the way to the nub.
Two words. Love It
Great cigar. I loved it, so did everyone I shared them with. The box is awesome as well.
I've smoked my first 'Sons of Anarchy'. A very pleasant surprise! Enjoyed all the way to end. Good draw,Great taste, and I love the Large ring size. If You are not a Fan of the TV Show, "For-get-about-it". Take the Band off, Enjoy a Great Cigar.
Great sticks, great price. Highly recommend
Ok, I was scepticle about this cigar? You know, a novelty. Let me say, it's built great, flawless, almost too perfect. A little hard but this thing is a thing of beauty. I had to clip it twice, first clip the draw was tough so I clipped it about another 1/8" , 1/2" total, draw still a bit slow but the warmer it gets the draw loosens up to a medium draw. I like to double and triple my hits you know to really get the full effect of the body and flavor of a cigar. This stick starts real woodsy, spicy and stays that way through the meat of the body. Black pepper fills your nose along with nutmeg, your pallet picks up suttle hints of Carmel mixed with cedar. I believe that after this cigar rest for a few months in my humi. It will only get better. I'll give this stick an 83 -85, not bad you won't go wrong on buying 5. The last 2.5" gets even more intense with the spices and wood. I like a bit more sweetness on the final leg of a cigar but I still enjoyed it. Might not be a finger burner but close. Burns fairly sharp but burns cool and you have to constantly warm it up with lighter, or match if you prefer. All in all thumb and a half up.
Here is my breakdown on this smoke. Quality construction, quality tobacco, loads of flavor, tight white ash, needs no attention. Forget the name. They could call this cigar "Gilligan's Island",but the fact is, it's awesome if you like the med-full smokes with Nicaraguan tobaccos. This exceeds all my expectations of an enjoyable smoke. Going on the daily deal right now to order 10 more. This is a nice venture by Black Crown.
Solidly built, well crafted. Has a nice even burn to the end. The taste was good but i did not care for the aroma. The wife liked the aroma. Have a couple left and will smoke. But to me not a full box "worthy " to buy. But i can say i would recomend.
I hoping for better - yes it looks impressive and the packaging is top notch- but I was disappointed in the flavor. Lots of smoke - but I was very disappointed - shucks! Sorry - I wish I could recommend - but no - I can't .
Bought these because i like the show. Was very suprised how much of a pleasure it was to smoke. Really looking foward tothe summer so i can trulh enjoy this beast.
Picked up a 5-pack of Robustos and this is, to me, the epitome of the term "stogie". A well-constructed, well-burning, short, chunky cigar that doesn't taste bad, but whose burning aroma and smoke are rather stifling. Decent enough to smoke (outdoors or in a very well ventilated area), but probably quite offensive to others nearby.
One of the best cigars I've ever smoked. Good Taste and burns nice. I will be ordering a box set. Well worth the money.
Negatives: This cigar was given to me by a friend who bought a box. I'm glad it was free because I would have been ticked if I had paid for it. I expected alot from this cigar based off of the solid construction, prelit aroma, and smooth draw, but I was mistaken. The first few draws were filled with hay, paper, and tobacco. I kept smoking expecting the flavors to evolve a bit, but never did get much in the way of any distinguishable flavor that would set this smoke apart from other forgettable cigars that have become lost in my repository of "cigars I've smoked that suck". Positives: The cigar produced a good bit of smoke that smelled better than it tasted. The burn was incredibly even. Great construction. This would be a great gift for a friend that is a bigger SOA fan than a cigar smoker.
Im not a cigar pro i dont pick apart every cigar i smoke, but when i find one i like i know it and im surprised to say im smoking an soa right now bout an inch in and its actually a decent cigar - i fig they where made just to hype the show for a quick buck but id buy them again --- pretty tasty -- they could be a tad cheaper but so could everything in this world haha
real good smoke got to get some more of these
Had one form the big sampler special they just had, a Robusto. I let it sit in the humidor for a few days since I was anxious to try it after reading the reviews. It was firmly constructed, had a nice preborn flavor and draw. I lit it and found it not to be as peppery as some said but that is ok. There was cedar, earth, a bit of pepper and some other flavors that just weren't as distinct. It burned evenly and slow. The draw was ok, no billowing smoke but it didn't make you dizzy puffing on it either. It was a good cigar but nothing outstanding. I too have had better cigars in a lesser cost range. Don't misunderstand, it was good but nothing to shout about. I wouldn't buy one on its own. If it were in a sampler, I would take it. If someone gave me one, I would smoke it. I enjoyed it but it did not have that, "have to get some of these" effect.
Purchased the Robusto 5.54 box. Not sure what I was expecting, but being an SOA fan, I had myself looking forward to the smoke. When they arrived, VERY QUICKLY I MUST SAY, I vowed to be objective. I adjusted my expectations to the low level due to the economical price. No need however for you to do the same. Free case with purchase is very well constructed as well! At the start, the cigar had a very nice appearance, firmly wrapped, nice draw and evenly colored maduro wrapper. Mid way through, the taste was as good as the start. Even burn ring around cigar. At the end, still....just as nice as the start. Medium-Full bodied, more towards Medium+. Definitely a cigar that you'll have to remove the band from because you'll want that part of that part as well. I'm very glad I made this purchase. I was smoking this when Clay was shot, so it was not the cigar that had me choking, but the mere surprise.
Well constructed cigar. Pre light draw hinted at the strength of the cigar. First third was smooth, rich, almost creamy flavor. Burned evenly down to the final third when I had to clean it up a little. Honestly I bought these cigars for the box and 3 finger travel case, but they are MUCH better than I expected. Not just a novelty item, The first of the bundle was on par with cigars I've tried that were much more expensive. I was pleasantly suprised, thanks again CI for an awesome deal with decent cigars!
These cigars are great.. Nice taste and a nice wrap
I too expected this would be a cheap marketing gimmick Cigar. I was pleasantly surprised. Although I didn't have high expectations for the money I did expect some resemblance of a moderately decent smoke of handmade quality. What I liked the best was they had a smooth and easy draw, hint of pepper and very mild aftertaste, yet giving me a nice 45 minute moderate quality smoke. I just ordered 5 more.
Like many here, I expected this to be a gimmicky endeavor. After studying the construction of the cigar, I pulled the trigger and bought a box. Let me just say, it was a HIT at the Marine Corps Ball in Waco, Texas last weekend! Great tasting smoke!
I figured as most...just a gimmick, right??? How good can it really be? I know, just another company following in the footsteps of CAO and their Soprano's line. BUT, honestly I've enjoyed this cigar. I bought a 5 pack of the toro (6x54) and not disappointed by any means. I like cigars with a fairly open draw, TONS of smoke, and great construction. I did get some sweetness and pepper as well. The Sons of Anarchy has it all...and more!!! The burn was a little wavy, but not needing any attention or re-light. I will definitely buy again!
I was a little skeptical thinking it was just a just a cheap cigar being sold with the SOA label on it. But I was wrong! I know the reviews were good but still I was not sure. I got the box yesterday and took a few for some of the members in my MC club to try and they all loved them. Good draw, great taste, almost like they are slightly(and I mean very slightly) infused with a cognac or something similar. Even burn, not harsh at all. I will be buying more. All the members in my club really freaked (they are all SOA fans) when they saw them, they all loved the box. A very good purchase.
Really enjoyed this cigar, love SOA and was not disappointed. Will purchase again.
Had the pleasure of trying one of these last night at the CI Super Store. Very well constructed with an easy draw. Was an enjoyable smoke and I didn't want it to end!
I got these kind of as an impulse thing because I've watched the show. I was pleasantly surprised. Great draw, great burn, great ash. The aroma was pleasant with a touch of cedar. The taste had a hint of chocolate. I'm planning on adding this to my everyday list.
Was expecting an overpriced gimmick cigar when my son gave me one to try...very nice surprise...smooth from start to finish...medium bodied smoke....smoked it til I burnt my fingers...just ordered a box of Toro's !
I was really expecting a cheap cigar, but because I am a SOA fan I tried them. Getting ready to order more, I was so surprised with this smoke, it blew me away.
Not a bad smoke, very peppery on the lips, smooth draw, even burn, had a peppery, earthy flavor throughout. I will be making this stick an addition to my humidor more frequently.
Love the nostalgia aspect of these smokes, as Sons of Anarchy is one of my favorite shows ever, but I can almost guarantee that Clay would not let one of these touch his lips, let alone puff. This is a boring cigar, not horrible, but VERY average...even for the price...I have smoked many cheaper cigars that are better. This smoke is gimmick driven, but as a collectible I bought five. But the remaining 4 will probably never leave the humidor. A true cigar lover that is not smacking up will avoid this with regard to smoking. For fun, not reality. Thanx...
Cigar smokers and SAMCRO fans alike, you can believe the hype on these smokes. Solid smoke. Rich, full body. Like everyone else mentioned, there's a taste of pepper throughout. Bought 5 just to try, will likely be purchasing a full set.
Bought a box of these on a whim not really expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised. For under a Benjamin a box it’s a nice smoke, well-constructed, even burn. I would say a med bodied with a little kick in the end.
What a awesome smoke!!!! Highly recommend!!
Good smoke, great flavor. This bad boy has nice burn, takes about 45 minutes. I will be ordering more soon!
Tried one today; it was a great smoke. Smooth and with a hint of pepper. Smoked well to the end. Tasted like another. Thanks Steve!
This cigar is well contructed with an easy draw....between medium and full bodied you get lots of flavor. Hints of pepper on the back end, but nothing too harsh. Cigar burned even through out with no touchups. Nice cigar for the price.